Doin’ it for the gram…

Instagram account: _jpanteado_

This Instagram famous location is the beautiful Pedro Do Telegrafo in Guaratiba (a neighbourhood/locale of Rio De Janeiro) Brazil.

It’s stunningly beautiful. I mean, look at it. People from all over the world flock to this location to take dare-devil’esque photos ‘for the gram’ and claim the clout. And they come in droves.

If you search this location on Instagram, you’ll see thousands of photos posted within the past week alone. I took a few screenshots of photos that were posted to Instagram within the past couple of days just to show how many people love to come here.

I know what you’re thinking (perhaps it was just me) – these people are either stupid, adventurous… or maybe both. Either way, I wouldn’t be casually hanging off a cliff for an Instagram photo.

Oh, but these people aren’t hanging off a cliff for an Instagram photo.

In all of the photos I’ve ever seen of this place, I’ve only ever seen one Instagram account post the truth to what this location actually is. Enter, photos from the Instagram account: explorerssaurus_. This couple travel the world taking photographs at Instagram famous locations and, they’re the ONLY people I’ve seen who posted the actual view of what this location is… reminding the world that Instagram isn’t always reality, and also showcasing the power of a good angle and good cropping on a photograph. Here are there photos:

First, Raquel and Miguel’s photo for ‘the gram’:

Instagram user: explorerssaurus_

Talk about a stunning photograph. The view, the scenery, the sheer adventurous spirit of putting your life in your partner’s hand and hanging off the edge of a cliff, and being willing to do so in your best bikini. The photo is stunning and absolutely ‘Insta-worthy’.

Here are Raquel and Miguel’s behind the scenes photos:

You can clearly see that Rauqel is just inches from the ground when she’s hanging, and can actually touch the ground. You can even see the photographers head in the bottom corner.

The power of a good angle, am I right? And the power of a good crop job.

Everyone who’s ever been ‘hanging off this cliff’ have been just inches from the ground beneath them, making sure to crop the photo just right so they can be the daredevil for the gram. Not so adventurous after all, if you ask me.

I guess this is just a little bit of reminder that you shouldn’t always believe everything you see on Instagram. Sometimes it’s a cliff, sometimes it’s just a rock on a hill, along a popular hiking trail.

Note: All Instagram usernames for the photos I used in this post were included in the captions of the photos. None of the photos are my own, which is why their Instagram usernames were included. Please feel free to follow them if you would like. I just borrowed their photos from Instagram to prove a point, but in doing so, still wanted to ensure they got credit.

65 thoughts on “Doin’ it for the gram…

  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Hold up there, sister. Next thing you’re going to tell me is that my friends from high school posting on Facebook DON’T have the perfect families that they display in their photos.

    Don’t kill the magic. We need more Instagrammers who can’t see through this stuff to be trying this kind of stupid shit. It’s called natural selection.

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    1. It is really sad. People are actually hanging off cliffs, diving into toxic lakes, posing with tigers and poisonous snakes. It’s sad that people have lost their life for an Instagram photo.

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  2. As soon as I saw those photos of cliff-hanging in Brazil, I knew it had to be an optical illusion. While it’s cool to get that shot to remember your trip by, posting it to EVERY SINGLE social media platform for the fame is annoying. I admit, I’ve “done it for the ‘gram” before, and I’m not proud of it, but what I’ve learned is that scaling back and not posting every single photo online is the way to go. Share some to others, and keep the best ones for yourself. And of course, always enjoy the travel experience itself!

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    1. I think people get too caught up in sharing all of the photos because it makes their life seem more amazing and glamorous, etc… etc…

      Honestly, there are so many people who do this, I bet if they didn’t get photos for the gram, they probably wouldn’t go… smh.

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  3. WOW! When I started to read this blog all I could think of was these people were crazy! The behind the scenes is truly an eye opener. This is a fantastic reminder that there is only a snapshot of a story on social media.

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  4. This is a perfect example of why I shake my head and roll my eyes when my kids are convinced I’m wrong about something that they have no clue about. There’s no point in arguing with them. They’re just believing what they’ve seen and heard; they don’t have the whole picture.

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    1. Honestly, if people didn’t know any better, looking at the instagram pages of any of the people’s photos I borrowed for this post, it looks incredibly glamorous and wonderful. In reality though, I bet it’s probably not nearly that nice, or even remotely noteworthy…

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    1. People get to be Instafamous by being beautiful. And if you’re beautiful, you wear minimal to be ‘body goals’ or to attract the opposite sex. Average looking people don’t get Instafamous because society is a beauty worshiping pit of vanity. True Story.

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  5. I had not heard of this place nor knew this was a thing (though not surprised) but I knew before I got to the end of your post there had to have been some fakery to it. The a_ratao one clued me in. No way a sane woman would allow herself to be dangled one-handed by a guy wearing flip-flops.

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    1. I’ve been doing some research on Brazil since I was a teenager. If you ever make it to Brazil, let me know ahead of time and I’ll tell you some WAY better spots to take photos. lol


    1. This is a very good question… for 90% of Instagram. There are now entire websites dedicated to just telling you where the Instagram famous spots are in any city/place around the world so that you can find them when you’re on holiday. We’ve reached a point where people go… solely to get that photo and then leave. lol


  6. These types of photographs are amazing if you can accept it for what it is, a beautiful photo. This is not a symbolism of strength, courage, or lifestyle. It’s a shame when people interpret these types of IG photos too deeply and try to imitate the experiences. 😢


    1. I mean, it’s a beautiful photo, but how many people are going to Brazil just to hit the instagram famous spot and then leave? With websites dedicated to finding the ‘instafamous’ spots around the world, people are missing the true culture and beauty of countries and only showing up to get their photo and then leave… which kind of bugs me. As someone who’s wanted to travel the world my whole life, the fact that they get to and don’t seem to do much more than take their photos and go, I get sad that they’re missing the true experiences.


      1. That’s true. I’m from Hawaii and it’s funny to watch tourists take pictures next to completely random things for the gram. They would be doing photoshoots right by a random meaningless statue when they could be enjoying more meaningful things without taking pictures.

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      2. And I bet, being from Hawaii, you’re aware of all the meaningful things deeply rooted in Hawaiian life and Hawaiian culture!

        If I ever make it to Hawaii, I’m finding someone like yourself to give me the lay of the land and find out where I need to visit! Instagram famous spots or silly tourist stands don’t mean much to me…


  7. What’s that saying about small minds talking of small things and an intelligent mind about concepts …?
    I am a writer so Insta doesn’t appeal to me much, too much smoke and mirrors. I care little for the people that believe in everything they see however I still think the photos are amazing and it’s still kinda cool that so many have visited the spot as it’s beautiful. Let’s just hope they also ate the cuisine, befriended some locals and left their clothes behind for the poor.
    Keep on kicking it Jackie Chan my friend ✌🏽

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    1. hahaha
      Are you saying I have a small mind? I just find stuff like this fascinating. How people will travel to a country to specifically go to an instragram famous spot and then leave. I think people are fascinating how they do stuff like this. lol

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    1. It has nothing to do with age and everything to do with a desire for notoriety.
      For me, though, notoriety would never come from hanging off a cliff – whether it real, or fake. lol

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  8. This was laugh out loud priceless! Seeing the ground right below her feet 😂😂😂love it! So glad that they are posting the real, I think I’ll follow their account now! Thanks for that tip. I saw lots of people taking risks at the Grand Canyon and I was speechless and scared for them, but this made my day 😂😂

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    1. Yeah, I was shocked when I actually saw what the place actually looks like. It’s crazy how so many people obviously know this but none of them are willing to share the truth.

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  9. I actually prefer fake over the cliff hanger enthusiasts. I seemed way too many posts where the location is not only real but extremely dangerous, oftentimes resulting in actual deaths :/ The gram is def not worth it


    1. Possibly. I think instagram culture in general is a little toxic and could be done without… but since that isn’t happening any time soon, I guess you’re right in that fake cliffs are better than real ones.

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      1. It is absolutely toxic in so many ways but this comes down to a matter of …what is the lesser evil? Granted, I’ve started to see some accounts posting Instagram vs Reality on their pictures to bring awareness that Instagram is meant to be make believe etc.


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