Least popular posts of 2019

I’m not going to lie, these were hard for me to go through because a lot of them come from the beginning of this year, when I first started this blog and was in a horrible place mentally and emotionally.

Thinking back to where I was at the beginning of this year, thinking how sad I was, how ready to give up I was, how I thought the world had crumbled around me… I really don’t think I smiled the first two months of this year at all.

I’m still not in the best place in life, but I at least can see these and see how far I’ve come in the past year.

A moment in February when I was feeling hopeful about what was ahead.

The importance of being selective with the people you let into your life.

I was sad, lost and talking about why I was sad and lost. (Ironically, 11 months later and I still, to an extent, feel the same)

A reminder that we are all simply human and we all have our struggles.

Much like the title says, this post is tips and tricks to make the airport as painless as possible.

Ranting about some serious topics.

24 thoughts on “Least popular posts of 2019

  1. Hi V, thanks for revisiting these posts! I’m glad you did because I’m enjoying reading them. “Day 29: A Rant” especially resonated with me. Cheers to you– I wish you health, prosperity, and happiness as we head into the new decade ❤

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  2. My least popular post is still the one why I started blogging and is still the dearest to my heart. Maybe sometimes things are a bit more personal and readers don’t pick up on it or the topic doesn’t resonate with everybody. It’s still you and maybe we all have some ‘less popular’ posts in our character.

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    1. I’m with you. I have some posts back from when I started that, I’m pretty sure no one will ever see. Sometimes you jut write things for you and others won’t understand that’s just fine. Maybe some posts are just for ourselves!

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  3. There’s a song called “Resilient” by Rising Appalachia……….Crank that shit up V and dance around the room……except the last line says “I’ll close my mouth and learn to listen”…..Please don’t close your mouth 🙂

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  4. Great idea to revisit your least popular posts. I’ll try that tomorrow. But I completely agree with what you said above, that some posts are just for you! And that’s fine.

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    1. YES! Revisit the least popular posts. Just because it didn’t resonate with others doesn’t mean that it doesn’t matter deeply to you! And it mattering deeply to you is what is most important ❤

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  5. Did you remove the post about going to visit the ice sculptures? I thought it was in this thread, but I’m not seeing it now. And i cannot find it. Some popular lake in Canada featuring ice sculptures, quite beautiful! I was impressed.
    It made me miss my native home in Alaska. You had also said something about *possibly* revealing yourself to us upon gathering courage. I have to say – and do forgive me ahead of time for my rudeness, I know how many creeps you deal with on a regular basis but I’m me and I can’t help it – I have a feeling you’re a peach! I look forward to seeing you… then I will have an excuse to flirt with you the way I do poor Geneva. =) Be well.

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