Search Engine Results

Just to share the random ways in which people can find you and your blog, I’m sharing some of the searches people have used to find me via Search Engine over the past year. (If you don’t know, this means someone has gone to Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, etc… and searched these things and my blog has come up in their search results)

  • Ice Carving at Lake Louise
  • Natalia Grace
  • Life in the Rocky Mountains
  • Grow through what you go through
  • The Struggles of being Male
  • Vitamin B12 Deficiency personal stories
  • Yolo so you don’t waste your life
  • What causes people to do bad things
  • When your day is a shit day
  • How to decorate inside a teepee tent
  • Job hunting rant
  • Natalia Grace bone density
  • Natalia Grace on Dr. Phil
  • Another year around the sun
  • Millennial Job Interview
  • How do you spell milenial?
  • Feeling the need to call HR
  • Natalia Grace still has baby teeth
  • Whats it like to be homeless
  • Amazon

I hope this serves as a reminder that you really can’t fathom the extents to which your posts can reach. You can implement SEO and try to be strategic about it, but sometimes people are going to type a random sentence into a search engine and somehow, your blog will appear. I mean… I’ve never written a darn thing about teepees on my blog but somehow that’s how someone found me.

What are people typing to search engines to find you?

70 thoughts on “Search Engine Results

  1. I think I’m getting most hits from the reader or suggested blogs to follow. Mostly food and cooking probably. Doesn’t look like there any searches. I don’t have the business plan as I’m too cheap to buy it.

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  2. Random things on my end. When I turned 21 a few years ago I wrote a post about it, and someone typed in “I turned 21 today” and they must’ve found my blog. I hope they had a good birthday whoever they are!

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    1. That’s really cool! You were able to connect with a complete stranger on your birthday, someone who shares a birthday with you, without even knowing it at the time!


  3. I did learned the basics of SEO techniques when I started up my blog, back in 2015. But now, I don’t remember them at all and I’m happy with what I publish on my blog because people do come over and check out it, if what I’ve written is of their interest.

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  4. I am mystified by something else. When they find you by search engine but “no search terms recorded” even though (In my case) 5 people found you by Google search that day.
    I don’t understand how search terms are not recorded if they searched.

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    1. Oh, I have quite a few ‘no search terms required’. If someone is searching via VPN, or has security on their computer beyond what us normal kinfolk have, then it could be unknown.

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  5. Interesting results. Haha The most views I’ve received from search engines is from people searching for “self worth isn’t determined by likes”. My site has popped up under random things as well.

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      1. No yer don’t, you need to know you. So, here’s something (((starts to giggle}}}: Patient says “So Doc, what’s new?”, Doc says “Well I’ve some good and some bad news. The good news is you only have to take these four pills, but the bad news is you will have to take them one a day for the rest of your life”. {{{laughing}}}


    1. From the looks of the list, the majority of it is coming based from titles of posts I’ve made (minus the teepee comment, that was left field for me). These subject matters also happened to be some of my most popular posts, and posts that others shared/reblogged to their blogs.

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  6. V, does this mean because you have the paid WordPress account? I still am not able to afford the premium accounts and am still running on FREE, although I would be love to be able to do so. I am not sure if or where my link will show up besides WordPress.


  7. I find myself at the end of totally random search terms rather seldom β€” but sometimes I wonder how people got directed to my blog, or what they were searching for in the first place:

    naperville dance cage (thanks to this I’ve learnt that Naperville is either the fourth- or fifth-largest city in Illinois, USA)
    richard shagrin (2x, yet I still don’t know him)
    […] mom fights bitch […] (you go, mom!)
    girl shoulder holster leather silencer pfft woman kiss stories (that’s specific)
    […] magic ovaries […] (the magic of fertilisation, I reckon)

    … and my favourite:

    small metal splinter lodged in urethal [sic!] canal


    1. small metal splinter lodged in urethral canal? HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN????????? Wait, I don’t want to know….

      People really do google everything.


  8. Which search engine did you get the keywords from? Being an SEO consultant I love it when other people post analytic data such as search queries. You have a large variety of keywords which is not a bad thing, although focusing more on one topic will increase the relevancy of your blog, which in turn means more targeted traffic. Anyways, if you’d like to promote your blog for free I recommend the backlink builder and submission software that can be used to create over 100 backlinks at no cost, both can be found here:

    PS: I usually don’t add links to my comments but since your post is about the search engines I made an exemption I hope you don’t mind. If it bothers you please let me know and I will refrain from adding material in the future. Warm Regards, Debby Winter


    1. Thanks for the tip. Honestly, I’m not really interested in focusing on anything. I don’t run this blog for the purpose of gaining traffic. I appreciate your suggestion, but it’s never been my intention to run this blog in hopes of getting attention or landing on search engines. As for where the search engine results came from, a variety. Largely from Google – more than 60% from Google. But also Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo and a Chinese search engine called Baidu.

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      1. Yes Baidu is a mayor player in China, the people over their don’t have Google or Facebook due to a firewall being in place, but they have their own local equivalents. Another curious fact is that in China there is no copywrite as we know it in the US and material can be freely shared. I was wondering about your traffic, because I adore your writing style and think that you could make a living if only you focused on a single topic to increase the blogs relevancy. Obviously this would need to be something that you really like as you don’t want to feel that you are working, but rather sharing an experience. People will notice this and pickup on your positive vibes the same way as they do right now. You can still write on different topics but you simply have to open multiple blogs and post to the blog that most relates to the topic in question eg mental health, cooking, gardening, photography etc, By doing this you will greatly increase traffic from search engines and you will eventually be able to monotize your traffic. Just an opinion not trying to sell you anything. Be well. Love, Debby


      2. Thanks for sharing, I always appreciate advice and opinions from others. Honestly, right now this is just a place for me to pour out my thoughts so they don’t take over my brain. I’m already having a hard time with the traffic I’m getting. I don’t want to overwhelm myself. Hope that makes sense.

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  9. Wow I never have the spelling check and I haven’t been getting much sleep, I just now notice that I wrote words like their instead of there and copywrite instead of copyright.. oh well you know what I’m saying πŸ˜‰


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