35 thoughts on “Forever searching for a cure

  1. Check inside. You won’t be able to stop these emotions from coming in, but control over them can come with time. No matter what, each moment is a new one, each day, a new day, a new you. Best wishes to ya, V

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  2. Unfortunately, I don’t think anxiety can be cured 😐 Anxiety be managed however. As for fears, we have 2 choices: to let fear define us and hold us back (what majority of people do) or to it as fuel and let that be the fire that ignites us (the hard option). As for tears, I think tears are a part of being human. Some humans have the inability to cry which is quite painful. Imagine having dry eyes ALL the time. Tears are necessary to keep our eyes healthy. So whether we see tears as a burden or a part of what makes us human, it all starts from within. 🙌

    Finally, emotions do not make you weak. They make you human.

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    1. This is quite the little pep talk you’ve provided me tonight. If nursing doesn’t work out for you, you should consider psych. Seriously.


    1. If you’re referring to my previous post, I did mean ‘I cannot respect you’. It basically says ‘I cannot respect you if you choose to belittle, be rude to or beat up people for not agreeing with you’.

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  3. Well sadness – no one gets to escape that… but in essence – knowing sadness makes happiness that much more appreciated.

    The fears – well that’s a tough one… I struggle to face my own fears too… but if you believe in yourself FOR yourself – you can face those fears… sometimes you win and defeat that fear, sometimes you don’t but you learn what doesn’t work – don’t give up… I do believe that if we don’t face our fears they will continue to haunt us… like a bully – a bully won’t stop until you stand up to them. I look at fear the same way. Fear is the bully. No one is ever comfortable facing fear, but everyone has fears – I have a major fear coming up in next few weeks – I am terrified … but I have no choice BUT to face this fear… all I can do is hold my breath and believe I am going to get through this. And I will … I don’t want to face the fear – but I do have to. I also have fears that prevent me or hold me back from things in life – I don’t want that so currently I am learning how to not fear those things and maybe let my guard down a little and try new things 😳 lol … makes me nervous but whatever – I’m learning

    And tears… depends on what causes those tears… is ok to release – for me sometimes I have to release the tears to feel recharged and ready to be me again. Try not to let heaviness take over your life… also make sure you live for YOURSELF – live in “your own little world” for a moment here and there- obviously be respectful and kind – but make sure you also are respectful and kind to yourself.

    Keep good people around you too… that helps incredibly … my grandfather used to have all these sayings 🙄🥰 one that used to make me laugh before I understood it was … before you go thinking “you’re” the asshole, first make sure you are not surrounded by assholes… (sorry for the swear but that was the saying) and it’s true…

    Make sure you surround yourself with good people. It helps

    Also… just know you are not alone. You are human, it will be ok.

    Also remember – it’s winter … always way suckier than all the other seasons lol (sorry I’m a summer girl – winter is depressing!) we are ALMOST to spring and new energy!!

    You got this – blogging really helps to release too! ❤️ it has for me

    Accept the sadness to enjoy the happiness, face the fear to squash it and know you have that strength, and let the tears flow – it’s a release. You will feel better when you let it out for a moment – just remember to pick yourself back up

    Love reading your blogs always… keep going – I can sense your strength through them, so you can do it. ❤️✌️

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    1. I’m such a summer girl too. Winter is a long, hard, cold and dark season to try and get through.

      I agree with you – it’s important to keep good people around. While I know I have good people in my life, none of them are within a close proximity to me to just… go for coffee or have a chat, so that makes it tougher. Your pep talk does mean a lot though because it’s a reminder to me that people care even when I am telling myself they don’t. Thank you ❤

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      1. You brought teas to my eyes. If I was in your proximity I would have welcomed you each morning and evening for coffee or tea or whatever u like and we could have shared our thoughts and every pain. Wish you and i both can find that peace.

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      2. Yes totally! – always remember there are people who do actually care!! I totally do!!

        I myself have had people jump into my life at my worst moments – people do care – not everyone and not everyone knows how to… but there are people who do!! They seriously saved my own sanity and life in my darkest moments – I completely believe in human kindness and compassion! I have seen and experienced it myself ❤️

        You are very welcome and always here with an ear (or eyes lol) or kind word 🥰 have been through things myself ✌️

        Hope things lighten and brighten for you soon ❤️

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  4. Disrupting the flow of anxious thoughts and the outpouring of tears is the name of the game my friend. I do however believe in letting tears flow and not holding them back. As someone who lives with CPTSD, I have learned that when you don’t process your feelings properly it does more harm over time bc it gets stuck, if you will, in the body. I have loads of tools if you want me to share them let me know. I have been living with intense and extreme anxiety up until recently. I have finally rid my body of that hold, that feels like I run on a motor by fear sensation. It’s possible yo overcome them, I’m living proof my friend, hang in there💜😊


  5. To be strong cos you didn’t have a choice is one thing and to choose to feel strong as that’s the only way you would want to lead life is another.
    I wish you choose to feel Vee 😊
    I’m giving my best at it.
    Do not lose hope. You are never alone.
    Sending you so much love and strength ❣️ 😘

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  6. A fine cure is this expression. Not least, this interaction with others. The commonality of such pain relieves some. Perhaps, search for the cause, instead of the cure? Sometimes it’s our own minds that keep us locked in bondage.


  7. Sometimes you gotta cry. But, sometimes when we are in a situation that we don’t want to be in, and are forced to be in, it causes us pain .

    If at all. we should try to see the best in the situation even when we dont like it. I got made redundant just before xmas from a perfect part time job. And the chances of me landing that again are 0. And if I let it get to me, it is depressing! So… I just focus on other things and keep myself busy with volunteering

    Anyways I hope this is helpful.


  8. From one who deals with an anxiety disorder, you can do things that help a little and they start to add up. I take an ssri medication that helps some. I do deep breathing, mindfulness, cbt, visualization. I break large tasks into smaller pieces. I accept help when it is offered. A lot of it is stress management. Sorry, if this is unrelated to what you meant.


  9. I do not have a cure. Help, maybe. I recommend the iChill app (yes, an app for that) to everyone I can. Great information and some simple things we can all do to feel better and build our own resilience. If you get a chance, let me know if you find it useful. Peace to you.


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