Waiting for word.

Every time my phone beeps, buzzes or rings I think ‘this could be it, this could be the news I’ve been waiting for’.

Nope. Not yet.

Still waiting. Still applying for other positions. Still wishing, hoping and dreaming for something to go my way for a change. Still writing essays for ‘pre-interview questionnaires’. When did pre-interview questionnaires become a thing? Because they’re a giant waste of time.

You don’t realize how much your phone beeps until you’re waiting for news.

Come on universe.

I need this one.

I really need this one.

True story –> At my last place of employment, whenever they were hiring for a position with ‘Management’ in the title, they would automatically delete/throw away any resume of someone who’s name sounded like it could be female. My former boss was of the belief that females weren’t qualified to work in management. If he somehow selected someone to move further in the process who was female (for example if he selected a Jordan and Jordan turned out to be female) he’d simply ghost the candidates because (and he used to brag about this very openly) ‘ain’t nobody got time for that’.

I know that when I apply for a job it’s a number’s game. I know it’s not necessarily about what’s on your resume. Sometimes what’s on your resume matters and sometimes it really doesn’t. I’m just wishing, hoping, dreaming for the opportunity and hoping that this time around, what was on my resume really mattered.

48 thoughts on “Waiting for word.

  1. V, I am with you as well, hon. I am also seeking employment. I actually have an interview this Wednesday as a Residential Aide working with people that have mental illnesses (I’ve received special certifications for this position). I hope that we both get something that fits out true passion.

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  2. You must be sooooo tired of all this!!! Gosh you need a break. 💙💙💙. I so admire your drive to keep going till now and your resilience, even if you may not feel like that now.

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    1. I could use a holiday, that’s for certain. Actually, if someone could just leave me a billion dollars so I could start my own company and holiday as I pleased, that would be cool.

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  3. Oh my god, we are in the exact same situation, although mine also includes checking my email seemingly every five minutes because that’s how most of my communication with them has been. I even put their phone number in my contacts so I’ll know who it is if they call.

    Sending good vibes from the eastern U.S.!

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  4. The absolute right opportunity is going to come to you. 2020 is the year for great things, this is what I keep telling myself. I have faith in that. It’s coming, V. Don’t be discouraged. 🙂💚

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  5. Thinking of you, wishing you all the best. Will pray you get that job you want and will hold you in high regards.

    Media marketing? Is that right? Sorry I’m old-ish and have a lot on my own mind too.

    I have a girlfriend who always tells me to be positive and think the things I want… 🤨 lol… I make that face because … well just because if I want a million dollars just thinking it isn’t going to help me lol… so that’s why I make a face every time she says that lol

    She says putting things out into universe can effect you … if you put out positive you get positive … I suppose somewhat there is truth to that – so stay positive

    Make sure you believe in yourself – and what an ass that former boss of yours was!!! That be a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    Does Canada have laws regulating that kind of behavior? Sexism? I would not want someone like that running any area of my company and choosing my employees.

    I take it you have a very girl sounding name … me too… own that shit

    Show them what you made of…

    And also remember every failure is a chance to learn … learn what works and what doesn’t …

    Not always easy and rejection or ghosting 🤨 (I really don’t like that guy) can be a hit to your confidence for sure…

    Ignore the stupid chatter like that – it will get in your head … focus on you and what you want – how do you get that?

    I have to do the same in an area of my own life.

    Forge ahead and keep trying – you gonna get it!! Believe that!! ✌️you can do it!!

    Maybe one day you be that former boss’ boss lol
    Wouldn’t that be pretty bad ass lol – like the cherry 🍒 on top

    But anyway – thinking of you – keep head up and charge forward – don’t listen to negative – go hard for what you want

    I will try to do same myself 😘✌️

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  6. Sending all of the positive vibes out to the mother universe and hoping they all find their way to you, along with the call you’re waiting for. It’s high time someone saw the awesome in you and employed it. 🙂

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    1. Oh, they would here in Canada too. But, no employee on the inside is going to admit to it. And, anyone who’s a former employee is required to sign an NDA when they leave. So, who are they going to believe? The CEO who would never admit to it publicly, or a former employee who was forced to sign a legally binding agreement saying they wouldn’t tell anyone for fear of getting sued? Yeah, it’s a tangled web he weaves.


    1. There are laws against discrimination, but if the employer never admits to it publicly, who’s going to believe him? People who no longer work there are required to sign NDAs and no one on the inside is ever going to admit to it… so they get away with it.

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      1. I’ve mentioned the HR Manager a few times (but that was a long time ago). He was the type to tell the females in the office to ‘wear something that show’s a little cleavage’ when he knew men were coming to the office for meetings, he ranked the females in the office from hottest to not hot and liked tell the females in the office that the only reason we were there was because we were so bitchy no man would tolerate ‘taking care of us’ so we had to work… So going to HR wouldn’t have done much good.

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  7. I feel for you and I wish you the best and that you get the job or a job that’s even better then that one. I know how it feels to play the waiting game, I’m currently doing this with a job I’ve been at for three years.

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  8. I am there currently! I jump every time my phone rings. I’m paranoid about missing a call because what if this is it? I am constantly on edge and trying to talk myself down because hoping too much is just a recipe for disaster and trying to talk myself up at the same time because the universe gives you what you think is yours right????????

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  9. Hopefully you have found the job you’re looking for I can relate to the waiting game been there before and It is truly no fun. One thing for sure is trouble don’t last always it always has an expiration date, that’s your hope. When you have hope you have something to look forward to.

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    1. I have found a really incredible job. I just started my third week on the job. It’s been a real blessing given all that’s gone on this year

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