Blogging Tip: Stay True to You

Blogging isn’t about picking the right topic; it’s about finding the right voice. Your voice. What matters, what people really resonate with, isn’t so much what you say, but how.

People are going to tell if you’re being inauthentic. People are going to be able to tell if you’re writing for attention. People can always tell. Believe me when I say this, if you’re blogging well, people will know the motives behind your words.

My advice? Write from the heart. Speak your truth. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Not everything has to be polished, but everything should showcase who you are and what you stand for. The world, and the blogging community does not need more mindless drones pumping out the same thing over and over. People need creativity, words that speak from our innermost desires and pictures so beautiful that they make us stop in our tracks.

When you sit down to create your next post remember the fact that there is only one you. What piece of your personality are you going to bring to your brand, your blog and your readers? What piece of your story will bring people to your blog? I’m not talking about having the perfect logo, a beautiful title, the perfect formatting or any of that, I’m talking about creating content that speaks to who you are and why someone wants to read what you write. For example: anyone can share a product review so how are you going to make your review of that product different from everyone else on the web?

While I’m here, let’s also talk about the fact that too many people believe finding success comes from a high follower count. Finding success isn’t really about finding a lot of followers. Finding success is about finding interaction, about finding people who resonate with what you’re sharing. Whether that’s five people, five hundred people or five million people, be grateful for every person who takes time out of their day to view your content.

If you saw a YouTube channel that had one million followers and averaged ten thousand views per video and you saw a YouTube channel that had one hundred followers and was averaging 90 views per video, which would you deem more successful? Stop looking at follower counts and start thinking about your message and your reach. I encourage you, when you look at your blog posts, to look at something in the most positive light. It’s easy to say ‘Nobody liked my most recent post’. It sounds lackluster and can make you feel defeated. It’s also really easy to say ‘250 people read my most recent post’. 250 people stopped, took five or more minutes out of their day to check in with you and see more of your story. That’s HUGE!

Lastly, while I have you here, I just want to remind you that not everything you post is going to be a hit. Sometimes you’ll make killer content and sometimes it’s going to flop. That’s the trials and tribulations that happen when you’re building a brand… your brand. If something doesn’t work, take note, improve upon that the next time. If you’re smart though, you won’t let those flops speak for you. Improve upon them. Focus on making your blog, your brand and your content better each and every time you hit publish.

Be You. Find your voice. Fall in love with your creativity. And then, just do it.

“Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” I actually don’t know where this quote is from. But, it’s pretty relevant.

100 thoughts on “Blogging Tip: Stay True to You

    1. It gets really easy to get wrapped up in numbers and forget about what really matters – what you’re doing to make a difference in the blogging world. You got this!

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  1. You are so right my friend, truth booms sprinkled all throughout this post! I told myself at the end of 2020 that I would push myself more and more this year to really showcase who I am. I’m finally in a space where I haven’t been to since probably high school. Little bits of me and bits of my writing. I really appreciate what you write here. You know what’s up V and it shows 😁

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    1. Thank You ❤
      I think it's so important to be authentic in whatever you put out. It's easy to grab attention if all you want is attention, but that attention is fleeting. When you're true to yourself, people will appreciate you for exactly who you are, know who you are and you will be able to know that. That, it means everything.

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  2. I do my blog for myself … it’s for me to learn how to not be silent.

    But I love the part of this post talking about finding your voice ❤️ I am finding mine in my life currently ❤️ you touched me with that part tonight ❤️

    You are right though … both in blog and life… find your own voice and speak from the heart… is ok to make mistakes and sometimes cry. I am sad myself tonight but I did love that part of the post ❤️

    I never think about who reads or not… I read other blogs for myself – what interests me… and then I write for myself so I can learn and figure things out.

    I never thought anyone would ever see my blog to start with… I just needed a place to write things down … I didn’t know how this worked. (I stay away from internet and online things usually) I’ve been silent when comes to myself – I can stand up for others, and I can public speak with confidence … but my things make me cry – so I have stayed silent

    This helps me learn to speak – and lets me tell my story… this week it helped me to not be so silent when it comes to myself in real life.

    I can release here, speak … and then once that flood gate has opened … I can speak a little more in life. ❤️

    Thank you for this post tonight – I just needed to hear the words you said… almost like you knew someone needed that ❤️ I did

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    1. I think it’s really amazing that you can use your blog as a place to release your thoughts and feelings. It’s so important to note that you don’t have to be afraid of your sadness. Sometimes the sadness is the best thing you can share. It gets it out of your own head and might even make a difference to someone else. You really never know.

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      1. I agree totally… I do love to help others – however – two things that hold me back are the intense emotions… after everything else it’s a lot… very overwhelming – so it’s hard to allow it to come out. I am trying to stay level headed and stable. “Keepin it together” … to speak and let it out makes me cry and it’s intense after so many other things. But again starting with writing this blog is helping me “slowly” unscrew the cap and let it out. And the silence is burying me – so at this point – I have to learn to not be silent.

        The other reason I have kept silent is because of my ex and the court case. That’s a hard one. He’s brutal. I just want peace. I was with him since I was 17… I am 47 now… I just put all my trust and faith in him always – so when he broke that I left. Now he seeks revenge because I left so I just have ghosted and stay quiet. I don’t want any problems.

        But the more I stay silent the more problems he makes.

        I have been trying to heal myself with peace – from the loss of my parents and grandparents and cancer and this divorce and peace helps me – if the asshole would stop. But he doesn’t … so now I’m at a point where … I can not have peace right now… I have to speak.

        So anyway – the blog has helped me start to speak. When I release it here, I can slowly start releasing in real life… which I have been doing.

        It weird though cause when I am quiet – I have peace to myself and peace is healing to me – I want that so badly. Been through a lot… it allows me to realign and adjust, accept and process…

        But the more I have been speaking in real life – and beginning to tell my story … the more my world brightens. It’s intense but I think it’s bringing good things when I can freely speak.

        I do know speaking freely and honestly is good… when I had the cancer – I spoke very honestly with all of it – because I wanted to help someone else who may experience that… or bring awareness. That was a medical issue so it was easy. And everyone held my hand (not the ex he continued his attacks through the cancer) but others jumped in and held my hand – even complete strangers who I had never met… they comforted me, walked me through it, explained it… and where there in my darkest moments – all because I spoke.

        It’s just this is a court matter and relationship thing… it’s different… divorce happens all the time. Not usually so brutal but I don’t know?

        That first lawyer left with all my money and did nothing so my ex took full advantage and now here I sit. Once again I have to fight for my life – so I’m exhausted and I just felt like I had to be silent for safety …

        But now I no longer have that safety – so I have to speak. Dammit 🤨 I fricken want peace lol

        But yeah – I am a little afraid of the intense overwhelming ness – and then it’s about to go down… so I’m scared but ok – finally speaking. 🤨

        Bleh lol … but I think life has already taught me to let go of things … that’s part of life. You have to accept and move forward best you can. So I got that part down.

        Now I have to learn fight … I hate fight! I want peace!!! Part of fight is that I have to speak up for myself … I am not good with that.

        I can fight freely for others, I can public speak without any issues, I am strong – but with others issues – it keeps me away from mine

        With this court/divorce/ex stuff this I am not strong. It makes me scared and panic… and I feel so exhausted for fighting for my life with cancer – now I have to fight for my life with this!! And the only way to do that is learn to speak for myself.

        What do I want? I do desperately want peace… meh… I can not have peace yet!!!

        So basically I am starting to speak and just letting it come out … the blog has helped me – I usually ignore or hope will end or the courts would care…

        But you really do have to speak up sometimes. By speaking, people are hearing me for the first time since cancer… and they are all jumping in again so far. So ok. It’s not so bad… just hard. I am very private with my personal life.

        I am becoming a voice so gonna see how that goes with this 😳 nervous and scared but whatever… facing the fear – I do not want it always haunting me. But it’s terrifying. ✌️

        Thank you for your words ❤️ it does make a difference

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  3. This has really inspired me! ✨ So often I get caught up in what I think I should be posting and I should really just write from the heart and allow that to shine through hoping my words will resonate with someone and bring a smile to their face like your post has done with me ❤️

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  4. Great post. Slightly off topic question regarding followers. I’ve noticed an increase in followers who seem to be random businesses fishing for return follows. Is it bad taste to remove them? Or should I just leave them?

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    1. You can remove them if you don’t want them. Usually I don’t really worry about them. I’d tell you not to worry about it either, but honestly, you have to do what’s right for you!

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      1. I just removed a bunch. It pisses me off. Especially when I see companies trying to sell me bed bug dog sniffing services and lawn cutting equipment (to name 2 of the most random). Every post is an advertisement. I’d like followers to be genuine, but maybe that’s just me.

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      2. I get a lot of comments asking me to check out properties for sale in North Carolina and George and Tennessee. Obviously they get flagged as spam and never see my page – but, I jut look at it like they’re helping improve my algorithm with both wordpress and search engines. lol

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    1. There are far too many blogging tutorials out there that are taught in ‘cookie cutter’ style. Trying to make every blog just like every other blog. I think of it like.. instead of trying to be the perfect cookie, you need to be the mismatched ends of the dough thrown together in the pan. That’s the cookie everyone’s going to want to eat first.
      This is a weird metaphor. I’m hoping it’s not idiotic.

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      1. Yes!!! Or overshare xD. My mind’s never been so creative as now lol. Yes it just comes so easily. I just took your advice totally to heart in my latest post 🤣.

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      2. Lmao xD. It’s more that I just like making people laugh 🤣. It’s so infectious haha.


      3. See, I think that’s where we’re polar opposites. I’m the type of person who’s chronically miserable, and even if I am not miserable, I’m likely pretending that I am because I don’t like people being happy around me. Happy people want to talk and I prefer when people ignore me. I’m one of those peeps you’d walk past at the mall who was looking at her feet with gigantic headphones in her ears.

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      4. I never said that I had disagreement with it. I just didn’t want to have a conversation about it in the public comments section of my blog over and over and over again because you kept leaving comments about it over and over and over again…

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      5. You’re right. I’m so sorry I get so caught up in trying to help and get so ahead of myself sometimes and forget what I’m actually doing :\. I AM overbearing sometimes. Thanks for telling me how it is, honestly.


  5. You are a humble being. Explanation is quite necessary to describe the issues, so people can understand the core. Else only resumé will exist….You are a great & authentic writer!

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  6. That is so true. I takes me a while to find my voice but I feel when I need to write about my experience and sometimes I write about a survey or a theory. It still speaks to me but it is a bit further from ‘me’.
    It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking at the numbers but i guess you’ll be demotivated quickly and maybe burned out.
    I’ve never thought that I was working on my ‘brand’ that one is funny to keep in mind. I see my blog as my opportunity to be me because I need that search. I guess everyone has his own motivations behind their blog. But what you write about finding your voice is such a gift, when you find that voice, you can sing!

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    1. You are your own brand. It doesn’t have to speak in a business sense. People equate the term to making money, but the truth is, your brand is how you present yourself on your blog, to your friends, to your family, in your world. Some people perfect the asshole brand, some people perfect the kindness brand. Some people perfect the ‘I’m not like anyone else on earth brand’. Whatever you do, whoever you are, that’s your brand.

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  7. SO TRUE. I took a month off from blogging because it felt like I lost my authenticity… now I’m back and I’m ready to keep going with my true voice.

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  8. This is the best advice. I’m always looking for authenticity or a genuine voice on people’s blogs. I don’t want to hear teh same parrotted ideas. I want to feel like I’m connecting with someone on a human level. When I’ve blogged for likes or views in the past it felt hollow. Now I blog because I enjoy writing I’m connecting with so many more people and it’s far more fulfilling!

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  9. This is a great post I try to be true to myself when writing. I just had my 1yr anniversary and I was so grateful for anyone who read commented on my blog. I especially enjoy when people compliment in person it means the world and I truly appreciate their support. Have a great weekend!

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  10. This is great advice! But, I’ll be honest, my real reason for commenting is to give the answer for where the quote, “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose,” comes from. It’s from the Friday Night Lights TV series, which is brilliant and worth a binge if you’ve never seen it. I scrolled through the other comments and didn’t see anyone else give the answer, though I may have missed it and someone beat me to it! 🙂

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  11. Ahhhhh I love this 💚 I follow blogs that I read and not for a follow back. I don’t care what my numbers are as year one year I chat with Amazing bloggers who touch my life. Keep on writing and keep on being you

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  12. “Clear Eyes, Full Heart Can’t Lose”. A song by T. Powell. It’s from the movie “Friday Night Lights”. I do not know if it originated there.
    But it’s been on my go-to motivational playlist for years!

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  13. I really needed to read this today. Been coughing up blogs lately. Lots of inspiration but much less views. It is really devastating and i dont want to post for views but i feel hurt when my posts doesnt get much attention. Am i making any sense?

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    1. You’re definitely making sense. I am sorry that I am just seeing this now, but I have been following your blog the past couple of months and it seems like you’ve found your groove?


  14. Great post, I knew from the start it (blog writing) was about craft, message, connection, and impact for me, but most of the advice was about making sales, higher sign ups ext, this is such a helpful post towards content driven bloggers (opposed to follower based bloggers). Not that I don’t love interaction with followers, but sometimes we speak out truths for ourselves and if no one like it, that’s fine, or sometimes we speak to someone in the future who finds just what they need to connect some dots in their journey. A lot of the best posts I’ve ever read, I read when I wasn’t at a place to comment or like, so the author would never know how much they helped me move forward through my darkness. 🕯

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    1. I’ve definitely felt that feeling before too. Sometimes you read a post that hits so hard or it feels so close to home that you don’t want to comment on it. That you might be afraid to, or not even afraid you just… feel to raw reading it. That’s when you make some really deep connections with people.


  15. Love this! It’s about the creative journey. I am falling in love with my writing one post at a time. I love that it never ends the way I intended it to at the start. Thanks for this great post.

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    1. Thanks for reading and stopping by! Sorry I am just noticing this now. Hope you are safe, well and healthy in this crazy world.


  16. Wow! Your post really made me realize that when I published my next post it should came from heart. Thank you for the great advice because I’m new in this blogging world. Such amazing to read post like this to help me grow more.

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  17. I totally agree with you. Starting a blog is something which i wanted to do for myself. My blog is definetly small and just in a phase of getting on track but i love to write and will do so.😊


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