Things I don’t understand…

While I fancy myself a somewhat not-stupid person, there are still plenty of things in this world that escape me. There are so many things that I do not know, that I do not understand, that my simple mind cannot grasp.

  • Chemistry – No matter how hard I try, I cannot grasp this subject… in its entirety
  • Why no one wants to hire me! I’m competent, confident, have a degree and skills. What am I doing wrong?
  • Why people do bad things. What makes a murderer a murderer? Likewise for other heinous crimes.
  • Why Gluten Free anything costs at least $3 more than it’s counterpart, sometimes up to $10 more…
  • How on earth the peel of bananas gets thinner as the banana gets more ripe
  • Why it’s 2020 and we’ve yet to find an alternative to single-use plastics
  • Why an Octopus has eight legs… why not seven? Wouldn’t a septopus be just as cool? Why does it have eight legs?
  • Why someone who cleans your teeth makes twice, and often triple, the salary of someone who can save your life in an emergency
  • Why people don’t vaccinate their children
  • What’s the best song to listen to when you’re sad?
  • Why someone always knocks on the door the moment I answer the phone
  • Why Teen Mom is still a thing…
  • Foot Fetishes… I just… when I think of the attractive pieces of the body, feet are not high ranking for me.
  • Why people build glass homes on the sides of cliffs in earthquake prone parts of the world (I’m looking at you California and Vancouver)
  • Why Old Town Road was considered a good song
  • What is the appendix for? Why does it burst in some people and not in others?
  • How someone can justify spending an entire mortgage payment, or more, on a pair of shoes, or a handbag.
  • Why people lie?
  • Why do people watch the Bachelor?
  • Why does the United States use Fahrenheit as a measure of temperature?
  • And soooooooooooooooooooo many more things

59 thoughts on “Things I don’t understand…

  1. I want to take this as a test, but I’ll spare your comment section xD. The answers to half of them are ‘capitalism’ though lol.

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    1. 7. An octopus with 7 legs would be an amputee or have a congenital defect that led to him being born with 7 legs. Perhaps a predictor got one of his legs. Therefore, its theoretically possible for an octopus to only have 7 legs.

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      1. I meant in the evolutionary sense… like why was it created with eight legs, why not seven? Not like it was an amputee, but why isn’t it a septopus? Do you think any octopi born with birth defects get made fun of because they don’t have enough legs?

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      2. Honestly, I think that most animal mamas will abandon their young if they are “defective.” It’s horrible that they do this, but lions will eat their young. Dog mamas won’t breastfeed their babies, and let them starve to death… terrible eh? It’s likely that a baby octopus born with seven legs wouldn’t survive because of natural selection.

        It’s more likely that it became an amputee later in life. Perhaps some predator ate the 8th leg for a snack or the poor thing got its leg caught in something. That’s a good question. Im not sure if it got accepted by its peers. If not, anti-bullying really needs to be implemented into the octopus curriculum 🐙📚 After all, there’s already a school of fish.

        I guess this is like saying, why not a pentapus? We have starfish, so why not a 5-legged pentapus? Or a 6-legged sexapus? Except that sounds dirty and wrong. Okay, I’ll stop now.

        BTW, Happy Caturday! 🐈

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  2. I love this post, and might do a version of my own!! Also I have a half-answer to the appendix question. It was originally used to help filter particles (like sand, dirt, etc) out of the foods we ate, back when humans ate things directly from the field/environment. In today’s world, the foods we eat don’t have dirt/sand/etc stuck to them, so the appendix is basically a useless organ. But I don’t know why it bursts in some people and not others!!

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  3. Re gluten free, don’t bother unless you have a gluten allergy. It’s a fad not taken seriously by doctors and nutritionists. Why octopuses have 8 legs? Why do we have two instead of 1 or 3? Nature loves symmetry. Why someone knock on the door the moment you answer the phone; same as people calling the mobile when on the landline and vice versa, or phonecalls and people knocking when on the toilet. Re glass homes on cliffs in earthquake-prone areas; the answer is more money than sense. Re mortgage-worth sums spent on fashion items; obscenely rich scum buckets who also have more money than sense living off the fruit of everyone elses labour.

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    1. RE: Gluten – I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in Sept 2018. I had the blood test, and the following TTG test that did prove gluten basically attacks my insides.

      RE: Octopi – Good point. Why do humans have two legs and not three? Why don’t octopi have six legs they could be sextopi?

      lol at Knocking when you’re on the toilet. That seems too happen a lot too.

      LOL at more money than sense.

      RE: Obscenely rich scum bags – my friend is not wealthy. She barely makes enough to pay her mortgage and in December she decided to buy some Laboutin shoes, forgoing her mortgage payment. That I don’t understand.

      I agree though, the rich live off the fruits of everyone elses labour.

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      1. I know gluten is a health risk to some people with certain conditions (being a factor for celiac disease is something new I’ve learnt). There’s been misleading hype about gluten-free foods being sold as a trendy cure all superfood. It is important to label products for the sake of health conditions (such as celiac) or an allergies.

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      2. I do agree. It’s become a ‘trendy’ thing for people to just be like ‘I’m going gluten free!’ Those are usually the ones who are gluten free in front of people but scarfing it down when no one is around. lol.

        In my case, sadly, I get really sick when I eat it. And it don’t feel good… 😦


  4. Perhaps the reason you are unable to get a JOB is because you are meant to create an online business and blog for yourself that makes far more money than a job would make. Is that a possibility? It just sort of downloaded —Those are powerful messages from the universe. I was going to say, give it some thought but now I’m going to say go feel within and check in with yourself as to how you are feeling. Stop thinking so much and start feeling Does that make sense? Find a way to feel good about it and then feel your way there.

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  5. Why do the leaders of some affluent countries (I’ll leave you to guess which ones) assume they know more about the causes of climate change than hundreds of scientists who’ve spent their whole careers studying the subject?


  6. If you ever want to meet up to discuss your job search strategy, I’m game. I promise I won’t hit on you. =). You got a passport / you ever go to seattle? I just helped my co-worker’s Mama get a job. Now she (co-worker) is looking to leave us and go somewhere else, and I just helped her.
    Just to get the wheels turning in your head, I’ll ask this – what sized employers are you applying to? All different sizes, or just big ones? What kind of roles are you applying to? In HR there’s a whole shitload under the one HR umbrella and since marketing and HR are so similar I bet it’s the same. Marketing coordinator, digital marketer, marketing assistant, outreach coordinator, Events Person – I’ve seen the titles here and there and I bet there’s more I don’t even know about.


    1. I was in your neck of the woods last May! I do have a passport, and honestly, would probably consider coming down there, if I could afford it right now. I just, life sometimes. Nobody wanted freelance work in January so my bank account is very tight right now.


      1. Well, this bitch over here could stand to get out of Olympia and has funds. 😊 Maybe I’ll look into getting a passport. Been wanting to check out BC anyway. change of scenery good sometimes.

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  7. Old town road! My god, i remember being obsessed with it. There’s just something about it that was so catchy and fun to sing. It sucks that I’m terrible at remembering lyrics or I would have recited the whole song all day long but sadly i only knew the main verse 😦

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    1. I have cousin’s – a brother/sister, the brother is an EMT and the sister is a Dentist. They’re considerably older than I am, so the discussion has been one circulating my family for many years now. She openly admits that his job is way more difficult than hers and that the requirements of his job are way more demanding and the essential skills he needs to save lives and work in stressful environments is a lot more than has every been required of her. Just… food for thought floating around. Not that I’m ragging on dentists. Dentists do something not a lot of people want to do. It’s just something I’ve always been curious about.

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  8. I don’t know if this helps, but to the question “What’s the best song to listen to when you’re sad?” – I listen to Landslide, Fleetwood Mac.

    I hope everything will be okay to you.

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  9. This is a great list! Some funny–some sad. I can relate to it all and I’m FAR from being a millennial. Great writing. Great grammar. Keep asking the questions. Sometimes it takes a while for the answers to show up. Don’t go to Seattle and meet a stranger for career coaching. I watch the bachelor–ugh–it’s like snuggling on the couch watching a car wreck…I can’t help it. Chemistry–meh–look up the answer. Go kick butt my girl. I think you’ve got what it takes.


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