1:46 AM

The only thing that I want in this world right now is for you to reach your arm across the bed to wrap around me, feel you kiss me on the shoulder and to hear you continue, ever so effortlessly, snoring in my ear.

You never know just how much listening to someone snore can mean to you until you’re falling asleep alone. It’s the simple things in life…

27 thoughts on “1:46 AM

      1. haha don’t be sorry at all. I just thought it was kind of funny when I read your comment and thought – dang, that could have been read a lot of different ways from a lot of different people. You brought some insights to my life.

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    1. I set my sights on Calgary ten years ago. He just has said that when I move there, he will to. Itll be like meeting in the middle in a sense… not quite the middle though because hes a few hours closer than I am.


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