The Story of Jack

This is Jack, the aforementioned rottweiler who I am babysitting for the weekend. Some of his favourite past times include barking at his own shadow, using his tail as a weapon and jumping into the highest snowbanks he can find.

My brother found Jack wandering a remote part of highway just about two years ago. He picked him up and put him in his truck because he didn’t want him to get hit by a car. He tried to take him to the local animal shelter and they wouldn’t take him because they didn’t have enough room. (Being that we’re in a small town, the shelter asked him if he could take the dog home/find the owner on his own, or the dog would likely be shipped to a shelter in Vancovuer) My brother told the police and bylaws enforcement that he found this dog in hopes that someone would claim him and then took him home thinking he’d be keeping him for a day or two until someone came to claim him.

No one came to claim him.

There were no missing dog signs. There were no missing dog notifications on Facebook. Worried someone was out there missing their dog, my brother continued to call the animal shelter, the police station and the local bylaws enforcement for three months after he found Jack. No one ever called in looking for a missing rottweiler.

And that’s how we found Jack.

He’s the most protective, most loyal, most loving dog. I’m not sure what happened to his previous owner, if they lost him or they just left him. I’d like to hope that people aren’t out there just abandoning dogs… but at the same time no one ever claimed him. No one ever even looked for him. So a piece of me feels like he might just well have been abandoned.

He falls asleep at the foot of your bed every night. If you get upset, he tries to curl up onto your lap because he’s unaware of his massive size. He’s never met a cat that he doesn’t absolutely love and, he’s just always happy. Always. To be honest, I could probably learn a lesson or two from him.

So, I’m sick. I know I say that a lot – the benefits to having a sucky immune system is that it’s true each time that I say it. Jack got here around noon yesterday and he has not left my side. I kid you not. He doesn’t even want to go outside. He just wants to lay at my feet, or sit on my lap. The sweet, kind, wonderful neighbour offered to take him for a walk last night because she knew I was sick and she wanted him to get out for a walk… and he didn’t even want to leave my side.

I often see memes, photos and videos around the internet that exclaim ‘we don’t deserve dogs’, dogs are too kind too us. Jack makes me think of those memes and photos and videos. Dogs are such a gift.

48 thoughts on “The Story of Jack

  1. I love gentle giants. One of the friendliest dogs I ever met was this massive 120lb(?) German Shepard. Before I met him, I thought all German Shepards were viscous. My parents’ old neighbor used to have German Shepards that would chase ppl down the street. One even bit a kid. I think that dogs are a good reflection of their owners.

    The guy who raised the gentle giant is my cousin. He is really good at taking care of pets. He used to volunteer at the animal shelter, owned an iguana at one point, and my uncle had a pet alligator (when he was a kid) that lived in his bathtub one summer because his teacher couldn’t keep him and nobody else in the school wanted him. The alligator was his teacher’s pet. I wish I was making this up but I’m not. My uncle also rescued two rabbits from becoming someone’s dinner. Those rabbits became my pets when I was little because my aunt wouldn’t let the rabbits stay at her house. And yet she reluctantly let my cousin keep an iguana. Eventually he was forced to sell the iguana, probably because of my aunt.

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    1. A pet alligator? That’s like… yeah I would not… yeah that’s kind of odd. lol
      Pet rabbits would be really wonderful though. They’re so fluffy and cute. If I ever had a farmhouse, I’d probably love to have little bunnies hopping around.

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      1. I wish I could tell you the pet alligator was made up but it’s 100% true🐊 As for the bunnies, there were 2 angoras (one male, one female). The male was neutered but the female was not. She was wild and didn’t live very long (1.5y). The male lived to be 6y and I was so sad when he died. They’re both buried by the side of my parents’ house in the garden.

        My cousins had originally named them cookie (female) and Pepsi (male) but my parents said absolutely not. So we ended up renaming them Bonnie and Thumper. Then a couple years later this girl from my class got two bunnies and gave them the exact same names (Bonnie and Thumper) which was weird, annoying, and flattering. Mixed feelings have never felt so strange 🙄


      2. I feel like it should be illegal to have a pet alligator. Though now that we’re talking about it, I remember a few years back hearing a story about how a woman in Hamilton, Ont came home to find an Alligator in her walkway to her back porch. She called the police and they didn’t believe her. Maybe the pet alligator got loose?

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      3. The pet alligator would have been long gone by the time he reached Hamilton. This was many many years ago when my uncle had the alligator. I’m not surprised that some people might keep them as pets. Like lizards and other reptiles, alligators probably don’t like to be kept in captivity.

        My pet lizards would escape whenever they had the chance. My poor mother had to catch them and she was terrified of reptiles. 🦎


  2. My dogs give me far more than I can hope to return to them in terms of love and attention. They are on instant alert when I arrive in their company – always looking to see how they can make me happy – no other human in the world can give you as much love as a dog. I adore them.

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  3. Awwwww rescues are the sweetest and YES….you are so blessed yo have such a sweet faced boy😍
    I have had pets both dogs and cats my entire life. I’m a Pug lover, having owned 4…2 at a time respectively. The “married couple” Princess and Pugsley and then Daisy May and Duke. It’s been ten years since I have had either a dog or a cat and on my 2020 vision board I have, get a dog. I miss my furry friends dearly just for the sheer unconditional love they give. I hope he is adding some comfort to you while you are under the weather my friend😊🐶


  4. Wow, that sounds so precious!
    Dogs are amazing creatures. My dog has a personality that I have never had in a dog. Her heritage goes back to the Australian dingo.
    I once saw a news article about they are finding that dogs can detect cancer in people.
    There are some that can tell a diabetic when their sugar levels are low.
    Just look at the countless ways that they help the authorities, sniffing out drugs, bombs, etc.,
    I have to admit though, I am sort of fearful of big dogs.


  5. I didn’t grow up with pets. I very faintly recall us having a dog until I was 3 or maybe 4, but when more kids came along animals were gone. I never had any after I became an adult until I met my ex-wife, who had two cats. I realized after we split up how much I’d gotten used to it and had missed them after we divorced in 2015. A sister got my mom a cat a couple years ago; she hadn’t had one in 60 years. She wanted a lap cat, but that never happened. I took the cat when mom died last year. She kept her distance for months. Wouldn’t make a peep, hated me picking her up. Now she jabbers all the time and is in my lap (uninvited) nearly every time I sit in my recliner. I can’t imagine not having a pet again. I’m considering a dog after I buy a house.


    1. Awe! I think you should get a dog. I think it would be good for you and that unwavering love might provide you some much needed support!


  6. Aww dogs are just the best! I’ve been wanting to get a dog for a long time but everyone in my family works and we decided we’ll get a dog only when we’re sure we can properly take care of it. Also I’m highly allergic to many things so my mums worried about any pets haha.

    I relate to the sucky immune system part! I fall sick very often as well. Hang in there, friend.


    1. Awe, that’s a really great outlook – wanting to make sure you have the time and resources to properly love it.

      Fun fact: If you’re looking for a dog that won’t affect your allergies – poodles and anything that is a poodle cross – IE Golden Doodles, Cockapoo, Labradoodles, Schnoodles, etc… are all hypoallergenic. Their coats don’t shed so they carry less dander than all other dogs, and because of that, people who typically have allergens to dogs are totally fine with poodles and any cross-breeds of a poodle.

      Soo if your mom is worried, get some form of a poodle or a doodle or a schnoodle…


    1. I love cats with attitude. You know when you find a cat that just has this ‘I’m better than you’ aura about them? I love those kinds of cats.


  7. I love dogs! I adore them! I’ve always wanted a dog and this year that dream will come true 🙂 Till then I also ‘dog sit’ a lot and play with the dogs that are already in the family. I agree that we can learn so much from them. Like how to relax 🙂


      1. It is extremely exciting! I wanted a dog since I was 16 and today I’m almost 40 (!!).
        It will be a rescue dog, so the more street brand I guess. Good genes you know 🙂
        When that is a whole story. I’m currently moving houses on a slow pace (due to depression and fatigue) but when I live with my partner (he has a garden), we can apply to adopt one. We want to give him/her a family so first we’re going to become one.
        Painting the home starts next week, then the big move and then the dog. It’s a whole plan as you see! I will post pictures and the story on my blog!


  8. I totally grasp that dogs can be terrific pets, however, if an individual is psychotic, which you are most definitely not, I think cats can be better pets. When psychotic cats are these completely free beings who unconceal the very forces of nature while dogs seem slavish. From a currently non-psychotic individual the Rottweiler sounds like a terrific pet.

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  9. Rotties have a bad reputation for some reason, and honestly Jack looks like he might be a Rottie-mix – but they ARE pullers and they are also absolute loves. We had a Rottie-Keeshound mix (don’t ask). My husband named her Laverne and she was just the sweetest dumbest dog I have ever met. She was afraid of her own shadow and LOVED everyone, except drunks. Oh the funny stories I could tell about Laverne….

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    1. He might be a mix. I’m not too sure. My brother took him to the vet to get him checked out shortly after he found him and the vet just said ‘Rottweiler’ so that’s what we’ve stuck with ever sense.

      Also, Laverne is an interesting name for a dog. lol! I bet telling stories about Laverne sounds like you’re starting to tell stories about your grandma and then people catch on to it not being a grandma and get confused.

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      1. A full-blooded Rottie would have a much squarer head and shorter muzzle. But his coloring and fur pattern are definitely Rottie – but none of that matters because all the counts is that he is a sweetie!

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  10. I love your post and so happy that your brother found Jack. Dogs are truly a humans best friend. I have a dog and she is my world, always by my side. She follows me everywhere. I am so happy Jack grew attached to you, this is beautiful. The part about him being possibly abended is sad. I hope you kept him. 🙂


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