52 thoughts on “5:19 PM

    1. It’s not too bad. I think I should be okay. I just haven’t eaten in a few days because my throat has been so sore. I figured it was time to do something about it.

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      1. Do you gargle?
        As a singer I found that it helped.
        Also, when I knew about drinking dairy that it affects how I sang I stopped using it.
        I would just use water with lemon, or a slice of lime. Both cut down on the phlegm.
        Try it, it will calm your throat, cut the phlegm so that it doesn’t build up in your chest.

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  1. Been there, done that.

    I once went to the ER with an anxiety attack; I’d never had one before and didn’t understand what was happening.

    Despite the fact that I was basically freaking out, the staff told me there was nothing wrong with me and sent me home. They all but heckled me out of the hospital! Oh, and they gave me NOTHING to address my symptoms. I did, however, receive a $1200 bill a few weeks later.

    Never again.

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    1. $12,000? Are you kidding me? You’re making me so thankful that I’m Canadian when I read that comment. Knowing I can go to the hospital for free, when I need makes me grateful.

      Also, I’m very sorry for what you went through. I can’t imagine trying to go to the hospital not knowing what i was dealing with was anxiety. That must’ve been very scary for you.


    1. I will be. My throat infection has just reached a point where I haven’t been able to eat for several days so I decided I should go get checked out. They gave me an IV, which was much needed and much appreciated.

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      1. Ugh, the other associate at the boutique I manage has a constant reoccurring infection because she has enlarged tonsils. I know she doesn’t want the surgery but I have advised her to have them removed because my nephew had the same constant issues when he was younger. Once he had them out, it never happened again.
        I’m glad that you have the IV because you definitely don’t want to become dehydrated and then start vomiting, that will be pain you don’t want to bear with an infected throat. I will be sending you healing vibes from my part of the world my friend😊🙌🙏

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    1. It’s always the worst when it’s like ‘Where did this even come from?’ I don’t know I just have to deal with being sick now. lol. I mean it’s not funny but I can laugh at how stupid it is.


  2. I live in a house with three teenagers – two of which are still at school. Therefore one or more of us is sick ALL the damn time. Especially this year, it seems. Fingers crossed your throat is better soon.

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    1. Thank You!
      Have you every seen the show Pretty Little Liars? All the notes and messages on that show came from ‘A.’ When I saw your comment that’s immediately what I thought of.

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