Will you be my Valentine?

I love Valentine’s Day. I do. I’m a sucker for any day that allows you to scream from the rooftops just how much you love someone. Thus, it baffles me when people tell me they don’t celebrate it… To each their own. I guess, I just… don’t get why not?

I’ve heard the arguments.

‘It’s too commercialized.’

‘Why do I need big business to tell me how to tell someone I love them?’

‘It’s a made up holiday for girls to force unnecessary gifts out of the men in their lives.’

And so on and so forth.

Honestly, when I hear arguments like those, I can’t help but feel like people might have the wrong impression of what Valentine’s Day is supposed to represent.

Sure, the commercials tell you that this run-of-the-mill diamond heart pendant is something she’ll absolutely love! And, that Fossil Chronograph Stainless Steel watch is definitely something that will make his eyes pop! It’s true. Spending exorbitant amounts of money on someone you love for February 14th is what the commercials would lead you to believe the day is about. I hope that everyone knows Valentine’s Day isn’t just a day for women. Valentine’s Day is a day for love.

I beg to differ, though.

It’s not about the money. It’s not about the gift. It’s about the love. It’s about reminding someone that with all the things that go on in this cazy life ‘I choose you’ to do it with.

I’m a hopeless romantic, I’ll admit. I love love. Love letters are a quick, and easy, way to my heart. Oh and food. But we’ll save that for another time. To me, Valentine’s Day is a perfect day to remind someone that hey, no matter what this world throws at us, no matter what we go through, your existence makes my life better. You don’t have to spend a single dollar if you don’t want to. If you do want to spend on gifts, I do believe that’s a wonderful way of reminding someone you care. But, if you don’t spend a single dollar, you can still do just that.

I’m sure that Knight would love the Chronograph Stainless Steel Fossil Watch. Though, I think if I were to spend any money on him, I’d likely trade in the token ‘flower bouquet’ and create him a custom bouquet of all of his favourite protein bars and cookies. Because, much like me, food is an easy way to his heart. I didn’t take that route this year, and though I wish I could have, I’m certain he’ll be appreciative of what I sent. Because it’s the thought that counts. It’s the reminder of love, even in the smallest ways, because their existence matters.

There are plenty of stories that you can read about how Valentine’s day came to be. And honestly, whichever one you do choose to believe, I hope that you use it as a reminder of the importance of love. Of the importance of reminding someone just how much you love them. Of the importance of gestures, whether small or grand, and what they can mean to someone.

Yeah, it’s commercialized. Almost everything in life is commercialized these days. So, in the grand scheme of things, is that something that really matters, or are you using it as an excuse? You can spend zero dollars or a million dollars, just remind someone that you love them. You owe them that much. It’s a day, one day, per year that’s a bright shining opportunity for you to remind them their existence matters to your existence. So take the opportunity, whether you’re buying flowers or not. Take the opportunity.

I read a story about a girl who, last year, woke up on Valentine’s Day to find post-it notes on objects scattered throughout their house, each with a different reason for why he loved her on them. It only cost him the price of post-it notes and it might just be one of the most romantic and loving things I’ve ever read. And I’m a sucker for romance.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of this day. If you have someone you love, let them know. It’s not just for women, it’s for everyone. Write a letter. Bake a cake. Give time. Buy plane tickets to Antarctica. Get the flowers and the chocolates. Whatever you do, just make sure it counts.

50 thoughts on “Will you be my Valentine?

  1. I’m ok with it – it’s about celebrating love. Sure, it can be done every day, just like cherishing your mother, yet not one complains about that holiday.
    At any rate, in my case it’s all academic. “Thanks for playing, Galby. We’re out of parting gifts, so…just go?”

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    1. And, Mother’s Day is heavily commercialized as well. I guess it’s all in how you look at it. Do you let media and society dictate your thoughts and feelings or do you determine how you feel? I’m just speaking out loud here.

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      1. I can’t really participate in the debate. I’m from the US – where it’s not about right or wrong or facts or opinions. It’s about who yells loudest…end of debate.


      2. For years I’ve gotten gifts for my children on Mother’s Day 🙂 They made me a mom and I’m proud of that! Perspective is everything

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      3. I love that!!! I always thought it was weird when my friends would complain that their kids and husbands didn’t “honor” them on Mothers Day. I honored the ones who made me a Mom and then did what I felt like doing for the day 🙂

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  2. I keep telling people all the time that I love them 😍 But Valentines Day is very special for me : It is my mother’s birthday. She was all love 💕
    Lots of love and all the best to you Vee 💕🤗💕

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      1. I have never been, no. It’s definitely on my bucket list. My bestie is a research scientist who actually spent two semesters working as a tour guide teaching people about the continent, penguins and other creatures that live down there and the effects global warming will have on their habitat. The tours usually happen during the summer in the southern hemisphere. So like… October to end of February-beginning of March.


  3. I put Valentine’s in the same category as Christmas: It means lots of things to lots of different people. The only important thing is that you and your Valentine know how the other feels, which is kinda the point anyway. And if you don’t have one, be your own Valentine. Nobody knows how to Love you better than you do.

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    1. I take it from a lot of the comments that I got that it sounds like I’m shitting on people who don’t celebrate. Which I wasn’t trying to do. But just curious, why wouldn’t you celebrate it? Also why wouldn’t you celebrate Christmas? Just wondering because I’m nosy.

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      1. Oh, I didnt think you were shitting on people who dont celebrate it, just giving your reasons as to why you do.

        I think it started by having a boyfriend whose birthday was on the 14th, lets face it, that is almost as bad as having a birthday on the 25th December.

        The reason why I wouldn’t celebrate any of them, is because they are all hallmark holidays and with social media, it has become 1000 times worse with people trying to outdo each other with the how generous they are. I think Christmas should be about spending time with each other, not about gifts, but due to social pressure that is becoming almost impossible and if I didn’t have my son I would not celebrate it at all and just spend the time on the sofa with my feet up with my partner.

        I think all the other holidays are also going the same way and its a bit like booking a wedding. You say you want a party in a hall, they give you a price, you say you are celebrating a wedding they give you the price and double it. Valentines day, mothers day and fathers day everything becomes more expensive straight off. £3.99 for a fucking rose, not to mention when you give flowers to declare your love, you are basically saying here is something that is going to die in a week, bit like my love

        I think that is my rant over, I welcome questions 😉

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      2. Not questions. I get it. I really do.
        I guess I’ve just never been bothered by the whole commercialization of these things so it hasn’t mattered to me. I mean, I’m not the hugest fan of Christmas, but even when I wasn’t with family I still celebrated in my own small way. But I do get it. And having a kiddo can make it harder.
        Me, I’m a big fan Arbor Day.
        I go plant a tree.
        People say it’s a silly exercise to do, But dang. We need to plan more trees on this earth. And Arbor Day feels like the perfect holiday to do that.

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  4. Like so many holidays, Valentines day was usurped by Christians (thats not meant as a negative BTW) from the roman celebration of Lupercalia, which was dedicated to Faunus the god of fertility. The celebration pre christian was sexual in nature, hoping to promote fertility for the coming spring. “Hallmark Holiday” is just its evolution and an often cynical way to look at a very natural celebration of hope.

    Your pagan friend,

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    1. Hmmm, I’d never heard that background of it before. I’ve heard stories of Martyrdom in the Roman Empire and marrying people though he wasn’t allowed. That being said, there’s tons of stories going around as to how it came about. So, your story could very well be right and I’m just learning this at 31!

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  5. Happy Valentine’s Day to you sweet friend! I love Valentine’s Day. Last year I did the same thing with the post its all over the house telling my husband why I loved him so much. I even drew corny pictures on them. He loved it and we laughed about it over dinner we made together. We didn’t go out, he didn’t buy me a diamond, and yet it was a great day. Show someone you love them tomorrow even if it’s a perfect stranger because everyone deserves some love. Celebrate with your girls or guys if you aren’t in a relationship. Nobody said it has to be all gooey (unless you’re doing strawberries in chocolate fondue, then it should be gooey). If your friends are busy, show yourself some love, take a long bath, read a book, cook something new for yourself for dinner. Just have fun and don’t be bitter ❤

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    1. I love that! Sounds like you guys had a really nice Valentine’s Day. Honestly, it sounds perfect. Perfect just the way it was.

      And you’re right – to anyone not in a relationship – celebrate with your girls, or your guys depending on who your crew is. Making adequate celebrations shouldn’t be hard. It’s a day for love. And in a fast past world when we can often take people for-granted, why not take every reason we get to remind them of their importance?


  6. I’m with you V…I love love!! Three years ago I painted a small canvas for my man. I think I’m going to do the same thing this year, an evolved piece from the 1st. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your love too. Enjoy yourselves❤🙌

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  7. Love this post! (Pun intended). The girl with the Post-It notes… this is my favourite thing ever (to receive). It costs virtually nothing other than a little thoughtfulness. So many good memories of mine are tied to receiving thoughtful little Post-Its.

    Wishing you well. ❤

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