My own worst critic.

Of all the people in this world, no one can beat up on me in the way I can beat up on myself.

I keep trying and somehow keep falling short. Maybe one day I’ll get my life together. Maybe one day all of this effort will pay off. Maybe one day, I’ll feel whole again.

Maybe one day.

41 thoughts on “My own worst critic.

      1. You should do something special, something thoughtful, for your valentine. As you have pointed out valentine’s gifts do not have to be expensive. In a valentine’s gift thought counts a lot more than dollars spent. Maybe doing something thoughtful for your valentine would get you out of your depression.


      2. I definitely did something special for him. He reads this blog though so I haven’t shared it yet because it hasn’t been delivered to him (supposed to be this afternoon). Didn’t want him to accidentally read it before he got the surprise.

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  1. That is so true. Recognizing it is the 1st step. I have learned, very much the hard way that the only person who can take the best care of me is me. Love is the highest frequency from all things flow. All love must start first with self love. No matter what, you are the only one who can give that to yourself 100% and V, you deserve it❤🙌😊

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      1. Understandable my friend. It’s a mind shift. I loathed myself for 41 yrs….no exaggerating. Now I absolutely adore myself!! My partner jokes around that he is with a new woman lol😉

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  2. As I said earlier, no one knows how to Love you better than you do. The opposite is also true. No one knows how to be hard on you, cause you anxiety, or stress you out better than you do (for better or worse) because you know yourself best.

    I hate preaching patience, but it is sometimes necessary. Keep track of your small victories and lessons learned. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Pull the positive out of the negative and keep on trying. You never fail until you stop trying.

    Good Luck, V. We’re all rooting for you.

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  3. We all believe in you, V. What we can see from your blog is that you are smart, hard-working and growing every day. This is a good basis for success, even if no one can tell you when and in which shape it will come.

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  4. You my love are an amazing person. Inside and out. We are always our own worst critics because nobody knows us like we know ourselves. But every day is a new chance a new start. There is a song I like by Matthew West called Day One and one of the lines says “It’s day one of the rest of my life.” Every day we get to do something new and there is a chance we might feel better. And if that day sucks well the next one might be better. I know it sounds corny but sometimes that is the only way I get through the tough times. It helps me and I hope it helps you. Also check out these two songs: “Good Vibes” by Chris Janson and “Life Changes” by Thomas Rhett. They always cheer me up 🙂 Love you girl ❤

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  5. You may not think so now, but you will learn to love yourself one day. I can’t tell you how long I felt like I was the most worthless human, but through the support of loved ones (looks like you’ve got plenty here!) you will grow, be successful, attain your goals, and love what God has given to you.

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  6. Although I understand what you mean about being your own worse critic, here’s the counter side to that – the sheer amount of engagement and number of interactions on this blog proves that you’re definitely doing something right here! 😛

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  7. I don’t know if it would be applicable, but a friend of mine has been posting excerpts from Complex PTSD: From Surviving To Thriving – and some of those sections are on ‘the critic’ which is the person’s inner voice, where they turn their trauma and unmet needs into personal condemnation. I’m not suggesting you have C:PTSD, but I think you are dealing with mental health symptoms and, from the sound of it, possibly some family trauma issues in there somewhere. Maybe you’d find something helpful from reading this? (Sorry I don’t know what the author’s name is.)


  8. I think it’s great that you are facing the shadows. How else are we to become authentic if we avoid our darkness. Yes, it sucks, but once you trudge through it there is great wisdom and awareness. Keep fighting the good fight V. All too often society/family/friends teach us to avoid all “negativity” and think positive, blah blah blah…..but you my dear, have not been frightened off by your dark side, you are facing it, acknowledging it and that is the bravest, most noble thing a human can do and for that I applaud you. 🙂 There is nothing fake nor superficial about you, and that V, is beauty in it’s purest form 🙂 Happy Valentines Day!


    1. Thank You ❤
      I've never submitted to the 'just think positive and ignore the negative' notion. Ignoring it doesn't mean it isn't there. People might think that makes me a negative nancy, heck I think that makes me a negative nancy, but at least it's realistic.

      Happy Valentine's Day, my dear. ❤

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  9. I wish I could tell you it gets better. The sad fact is that I just turned 50, and I could have written this blog. Well, you millennials are a lot smarter than we X’ers are, so I’m sure if anyone has a shot at getting there, it’s you.


  10. Don’t be so hard on yourself….take it as life comes….doesn’t mean to not do anything about it….but to absorb what you can use….and let it pass through you, which is irrelevant…life will find its way through YOU….let it breathe in you….to let live


  11. The struggle is very real. Words are moot, but you are strong, intelligent, and resourceful. Look into to monetizing what you do everyday. Take that leap. What do you have to loose at this point?


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