Small things that annoy me.

I recently touched on the subject of small annoyances on twitter and a few people chimed in on the subject. This sent my brain on a deep-dive down a rabbit hole of stupid things that don’t really matter at all but tend to annoy the crap out of me.

When people pronounce it ‘frigerator’. Its Refrigerator. RE. RE. RE. RE. REFRIGERATOR.

When you’re driving and the person in front of you is half-way through turning before they put their turn signal on. Clearly we can see that you’re already mid-turn so there’s no need to warn us now…

When people ask me when I’m having kids. Or, when anyone gets asked this. Me, I’m just indecisive on the matter, but I can’t imagine what this question must feel like for someone who struggles with infertility. It seems like such a small question but it annoys the fuck out of me and I reckon it weighs really heavy on the hearts of people who are struggling to have kids or just can’t have kids at all.

When people park their vehicles on sidewalks. Yeah, this is a small annoyance for able-bodied individuals who use the sidewalk, but remember that this is a MASSIVE struggle for disabled individuals who now have to walk/wheel around your vehicle (likely onto the street) just to be able to continue on their way.

When people don’t hold the door open and it slams shut right as you’re getting to it. I realize that no one is entitled to having the door held open for them, but if the person behind you is so close to you that the door is going to close in their face, couldn’t you just stand there the extra three seconds? Kindness means A LOT more than people realize.

When you go out to dinner with someone and they’re constantly checking their phone. Check your phone later. The people in cyber-land should not be more important than the person in front of you.

When people wait until they get to the front of a long line to decide what they want. You couldn’t have thought about it at all during the 20 minutes we were just waiting in line?

When grown women call their father ‘Daddy’. I never really gave this any thought prior to hearing Ivanka Trump call her father daddy. Now every time I hear it, from anyone, I cringe like I’m listening to nails on a chalk board. I think it’s weird to be an adult and refer to your father as daddy.

When people use the end of the toilet paper and they don’t replace the roll. When you have to pee and there’s no TP in sight, yeah that’s fucking annoying.

Clickbait. It’s not cool, it’s not necessary and it makes you look like an asshole when you use it. So don’t do it.

When people title something “Not Clickbait”. It’s still clickbait. Sorry, not sorry.

When you go to use something and it just happens to be, at that very moment in time, in the middle of an ‘automatic update’. Might as well do something else now…

I could go on and on about this one but I think I’ll leave it here for now and maybe just make another list on another day.

60 thoughts on “Small things that annoy me.

  1. For different reasons, I don’t like discussing babies or that topic in general. Ppl just assume I’m open to talking about this stuff because I’m a mom to a toddler but personally, I don’t like mom blogs, pregnancy blogs, or anything baby-related [right now]. It sounds strange coming from me but I just can’t deal with it from an emotional standpoint. Pregnancy/having kids is probably one of the biggest stains/stressors on my marriage, and has been for the past 3 years. It’s a topic my husband and I bicker about all of the time because we cannot agree on when to have kids and I’m getting impatient as hell.🤷‍♀️ I won’t even hang out with pregnant people these days because the topic will make physically sick. Why expose myself to that if I don’t have to?

    Tell those people to STFU. It’s your life NOT theirs and people are so goddamn nosy. I much rather talk about mundane things like the weather than see another pregnant person or talk about reproduction plans. *rant over*

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    1. Your comment raises another point as to why it can be such a loaded question. I truly think that people don’t understand and don’t realizes how loaded of a question it can be and how loaded the subject matter can be for someone’s life. I think that’s why I wish there was more awareness.

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      1. I read the rest of your blog post, but only touched on this one point. It makes my blood boil when people think they have the right to butt into our personal lives (careers are up there with babies). Not only that, but also sex life! Not everyone wants kids or will have kids in their lifetime, and yet people bring up this subject without blinking. Similar to how we don’t go around asking everyone if they’re pregnant, we shouldn’t go around asking ppl about their future plans to have babies. I agree that people should really stop and think before they open their mouths. The older folk are the worst for asking these questions I find.

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    1. Clickbait is when someone makes the title of a blog post, a YouTube video, a news article or whatnot, specifically to get people to click on said content, even though said content isn’t to do with said title. EX A Youtube Video I recently watched was titled “My house caught fire” and the person explained that there was a fire… in the fireplace… where there’s supposed to be fires. That’s clickbait.

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  2. Click bait particularly magazines! They come up with the most ludicrous things – today I was buying my groceries standing at the checkout and one of the magazines was shouting that Megan and Harry were going broke and desperate for money – yeah right. I wondered what the Whitechapel Welk would make of it – good blog that is by the way the WW very funny

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  3. Did you read my mind? Haha. As for the toilet paper, I have a framed quote hanging on the bathroom wall that says, “People want to change the world but can’t change the toilet paper. Be the change.” Works everytime.

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  4. I absolutely love this.

    My pet peeves are:

    ¹ When people don’t flush or clean the toilet behind themselves… in private and publically.

    ² I get you about the cars turning. My thinking is they pay more than enough money for the car, the turn signals are FREE! They came with the damn car. Everyone knows how to use them during their road tests when they want their licenses, but forget once they get it.

    ³ I can’t stand when people sneeze and cough without covering their mouths.

    ⁴ I hate when people don’t empty their trash in restaurants like McDonald’s, etc. You’re walking right past the trash bin anyway. They know they wanted a clean table to sit at, why does these next person have to bre your maid?

    ⁵ I hate seeing people (women do it, too) walking with their pants hanging off their asses. Why bother putting them on? If you don’t know how to dress yourself maybe your parents need to put your ass back in Pampers.

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    1. Oooooooh, I thought of the coughing and sneezing thing when I was writing the list but now that I’m reading this comment, I’m realizing I forgot to include it. I think it’s especially alarming right now with Corona Virus and everyone learning how easily it can be spread.

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  5. Great post Vee. I pretty much agree on everything. I did have to rethink one of these fairly recently though. One of the little girls I used to teach has two dads. They are Dad and Daddy which I’m guessing means he will be Daddy even when she’s all grown up. Kinda puts a slightly different spin on it.

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    1. HAHA! I have so many thoughts on this subject, but I will try and stay PG. I still say it’s worse when grown women call their fathers daddy.

      If a woman is sleeping with a man who wants to be called daddy, she’s really just trying to make sure he’s happy to ensure she gets some. At least there’s purpose behind that.

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      1. In my 31 years of life I have never heard of or spoken with a female who is the one who wants to call her sexual partner, or initiates calling her sexual partner, Daddy. And thus, I do not believe it happens.


      2. You are right… you likely date a lot more women than I do.

        How many times has it happened to you? Sounds like you’ve got some juicy stories to share.


  6. Not small things at all.
    The people who don’t use blinker or use it at the last moment, and those who park on the sidewalk…..these are huge problems where are live. All sidewalks are turned into parking spaces. I am not a driver. I am a pedestrian, who walks A LOT! And these totally annoy me.
    These trigger me the most on your list.

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    1. People really don’t think about where they park their cars when they have a car. It’s when you don’t have a car that you become aware of things like… people needing to use the sidewalk. I wish there were more self-awareness with stuff like that.


  7. I feel like asking somebody when they’re going to have kids is quite insensitive. You don’t know whether they are able but beyond this you’re also projecting your own standards onto their life which is quite small minded. As for letting doors slam in people’s faces, I find this one quite triggering.

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    1. It is projecting! I don’t understand why people have to ask the question at all. It’s such a loaded subject and people don’t seem to understand that. I think it’s lack of awareness…


  8. I studied philosophy in college, so hearing people from Facebook to CNN articles incorrectly use the phrase “This begs the question: blah blah blah” drives me NUTS. “Begging the Question” is a logical fallacy in arguments, it’s not a segue into a question.

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    1. I have to admit, I use ‘begs the question’ frequently. That being said, your reasoning has made me realize how silly I must sound when I say that. You’re probably going to be on the back of my mind next time I’m considering saying that.

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  9. I sympathize with your pet peeves except on adults calling their father Daddy. My daughters use it interchangeably with Dad. It’s a term of endearment and does not reflect on anyone’s maturity. Besides, in future years you might understand maturity is overrated. Remaining a child at heart makes for a happier life.

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    1. One other person made me realize that my comment about grown women calling their father daddy might have a few exceptions. Hearing your comment, I can definitely understand that it’s a way of life for some families.

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  10. Oh my god just all of these. Recently I’ve had the biggest beef with click bait and I’m getting so sick of it. I have so many of these when it comes to driving too, especially people who don’t use their turn signals, don’t thank you when you let them pull out/merge and people who keep their full beam on when they blatantly can see a car coming towards them. Great list – very relatable!

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  11. I’m with you on these. The turn signal thing drives me up the wall. I’ve overcome the toilet roll problem by turning it into a game with the primal force of nature that is our Shih-Tzu. We now hide the used holder and let her hunt it out and savage it. Did you know toilet roll tubes are some of the deadliest things in nature? Lucky we have her to protect us.

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    1. I did not know they were so dangerous.
      I feel as though now, with the worldwide toilet paper shortage though, they are more deadly than ever.


    1. This comment is ringing so true today, almost worldwide based on what’s online. People panic buying toilet paper and thousands or millions of people not being able to buy toilet paper because of it…. What a world we live in.

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  12. People ask me all the times when I’m having babies when I have explicitly told them I am not interested. Now nearly at 30 years old and still being hounded with the same question has become a very big pet peeve for me specially during reunions. When I say I am not interested, they go on to say I am still young. I don’t understand what part they didn’t understand of me saying no. I’ve been saying no to having children since I was 15 and no one seems to think I am serious.

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    1. There’s such a stigma that, if you’re a woman, you have to want children… that’s just evolution. People can’t comprehend that not everyone wants kids. It’s sad really. You’ll likely get that question until you’re 50… and even then they’ll probably just say “Oh you can adopt!’

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