Canadian Neighbours

It’s not a smart idea to go for a walk when the neighbours are out. Actually, when these neighbours are out, we tend to just let them be and avoid even driving past them. It’s a little ‘extra’, sure. But they don’t like it when humans bother them and we Canadians, we like to accommodate one another. They might look nice, docile and cute but I promise you, if they feel threatened you will wind up in a lot of pain.

Normally we don’t see the kids (just the grown ups), but they’re extra territorial when their babies are with them. People say Mama Bears are protective, I swear to goodness, the Moose are a lot more protective of their little ones.

And yes, the plural of moose is moose.

And yes, this is a Mama Moose and baby. Only male moose grow antlers.

81 thoughts on “Canadian Neighbours

      1. Ohhhh it wasn’t a deliberate joke! 🤣. Ok I’ll let you off then 😆.


      2. Don’t ever address a group of Moose as Meese, telling ya…

        “Ladies and gentlemeese,

        I’ve gathered you here toda—”

        *thundering of hooves*


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  1. I once tried to shoo a mule deer buck out of my grandmother’s garden. He just looked at me and I knew I’d have some serious regrets if I insisted on making a fuss. A moose is much bigger: discretion is the better part of valor when it comes to large and wild neighbors.

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    1. Oh yeah. I was on the deck and the driveway is a bit of a hill so I was quite elevated from them. They just don’t like it when you get too close. They can feel threatened.


  2. Oh my goodness! I was obsessed with moose when I was a kid! It was so disappointing to go to Yellowstone and up into Canada and not see ANY very close up! Now that I know more about them pictures are just fine!

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      1. hahahaha I had a feeling. It’s not like there’s a fence at the border they just can’t get across….

        I’ve been hiking in Washington in some spots I could easily see there being moose.

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      1. I do not like meeting them on the road :), I saw enough accidents, and I know exactly how they happen! But on the bike trail in the forest preserve – nice :)))


  3. Beautiful animals! Some people get to see them more often than others and it seems strange when I hear people who have grown up in Canada say they have never seen one. They’re like a Sasquatch lol. Great pictures 🙂


    1. Yeah, I think they’re a lot more prevalent in BC then they are in the Prairies. There’s a lot more bush for them to hide in here when they don’t feel like being around us humans. lol

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