I just can’t…

I wasn’t looking for makeup for my hands and body when I woke up this morning, but now that I know I there’s a solution to cure my paleness, all of my problems have been solved!

The beauty industry drives me fucking nuts.

59 thoughts on “I just can’t…

      1. I knew a lady in my home church that it wasn’t until she died that I learned that she was a black lady.For all the time I knew her she bleached her skin, colored her hair to look like a white woman.
        I never did understand that and I still don’t

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      2. The beauty industry has been teaching black and dark skinned women, for decades, that they need to lighten their skin in order to be more desirable in society. Sadly, sooo many women have fallen into the trap over the years. Hearing your story of the woman in your church really breaks my heart. I reckon she lived her whole life thinking who she was, the way she was born, wasn’t good enough. That’s so awful.

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      3. Racial passing is the official terminology of it.

        A definition (I didn’t write this: “Historically, the term has been used primarily in the United States, but did include elsewhere, to describe a person of color or multiracial ancestry who has assimilated into the white majority during times when legal and social conventions of hypodescent classified the person as a minority, subject to racial segregation and discrimination, regardless of their actual ancestry.”

        I don’t want to speculate as to someone’s actions who has passed away and isn’t here to clarify. But, in reading the definition, I hope that provides some more clarification for you.

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      4. The craze is real in Nigeria, especially in the South West. Some don’t bother to know what’s in the cream, as long as it makes them white. Celebrities are part of the throng. The people in this area make lots of money.

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      5. In China, they worship paleness (or so I’ve heard). I’ve even watched documentaries about people trying to lighten their skin – not darken it. I feel like this makeup thing is another marketing ploy to get ppl to buy something they don’t need. πŸ™„


      1. Omg, was going to correct you at first. 🀣. Very dark, darker than me! xD (Urgh, pun!).


  1. As if all of the other cosmetics out there, and plastic surgeries, huge billboards / magazines all showcasing super tiny models with rock hard abs isn’t enough… I wonder what it is that actually make people buy into this crap… Oh that’s right… They purposefully lower the self esteem of individuals and then convince them to buy this crap so they could “look just like the woman in the model!” Absolutely ridiculous… Ugh.

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  2. This… I don’t know where to begin. All the make up stains on everything you touch, lean against, come in contact with. The hours applying and contouring and then removing.., isn’t this what fake tan is for anyway? Btw, I understand that some people wear body make up for medical reasons and I’m not at all implying that it is a bad thing for people who need it for medical reasons. That’s a totally different issue.

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    1. AMEN!
      I completely agree.
      My grandparents came to Canada from England, Scotland and Germany. My skin is pale as pale comes. It burns if I go out in the sun for just five minutes. I’m like you. I’m good with my pale skin. It suits me. People should be able to feel happy just the way they are.

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  3. Seriously? Here’s me still struggling to get my brows ‘right’ and now I am supposed to be embarrassed by my pale hands and cover them in a foundation product Masquerading as the latest, new trend? No, no, no!
    #PaleAndProud 😜

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    1. What’s really sad is that her body makeup sold out. So she’s convinced enough people out there that they need hand makeup.

      P.S. I’ll be in the pale club with you.
      P.P.S. Your brows will never be right. The moment I started accepting that lesson, my life got so much less stressful.

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      1. Sold out? Jeez that’s such a sad reflection on the negativity regarding body image right now. 😣
        Welcome to the pale club.
        I’d be happy if my brows were cousins, I don’t expect em to be sisters or perfect, with my brow skills (or lack of) I aim lower. 😁


    1. I honestly think that Instagram leaves the problematic content from her and her sisters up because their reach is so big that it’s free marketing for Instagram if people are clicking to their platform to see what type of crap these sisters have posted now. It’s sad, really.


    1. But, there’s a difference between her saying ‘Hey guys my body makeup covers psoriasis’ and ‘Hey guys, my hands are always so pale!’ Covering up psoriasis or scars or a beauty mark or something is completely different from just having pale skin.

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      1. I don’t think so. She’s had too many instances of racial fishing, cultural appropriation and black face for me to give her the benefit of the doubt. Sorry. I totally understand and respect if that’s how you see it, but I just don’t see it that way.

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    1. I’m good with being pale too.
      I don’t understand this body makeup trend.
      I also don’t understand the fake tanning trend.
      I just don’t get it.
      What’s wrong with just having the natural skin tone you were born with?


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