A fascinating sight for Hockey Night in Canada

Photo from CBC.CA (Note the blue pads, gloves and helmet that is all Marlies branded gear)

I can’t even begin to imagine the feelings that would come with experiencing both the scariest, and coolest, moment of your life at the exact same moment in time.

On February 22 (last night) the Carolina Hurricanes enlisted the use of an Emergency Backup Goaltender in their game against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

David Ayres, a 42 year old Zamboni Driver for the AHL’s Toronto Marlies, stepped in as goaltender, MAKING HIS NHL DEBUT, for the Carolina Hurricanes. Ayres finished off the second and third periods for the Canes after the their goaltenders, Petr Mrazek and James Reimer, went down with injuries.

Stopping 8 out of 10 shots he faced in the period-and-a-half of play, Ayres was named the games’ first star and helped the Canes to a 6-3 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs.

In one night he made his NHL Debut and clocked his first NHL win.

Ayres’ game winning stick will go on display in the Hockey Hall of Fame and Ayres, a kidney transplant recipient, will be in Carolina this coming Tuesday to celebrate with the Canes and help raise money and awareness for the American Kidney Fund.

One day you’re driving a zamboni and the next day you’re the game-winning goaltender of your NHL Debut.

Anything can happen in this life, all you really have to do is believe.

23 thoughts on “A fascinating sight for Hockey Night in Canada

  1. It has been the best “feel good” story we have had for quite along time Vee!
    He deserves all the praise and boasting he receives.
    Even more fantastic is that his three children are old enough to understand and have great memory of the event.

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      1. Well, I’m a hockey fan by default, since my husband is obsessed. I don’t mind the game – I like watching it. But I’m not “rooting” for any one team, nor do I follow interviews and player stats. However, with it comes to the Winter Olympics and Team Canada, I get a little passionate about it. 😊

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  2. And I thought I was being ambitious at my last hockey game by trying get on the JumboTron! These stories prove that anything is possible, and many times its out of our control what happens next. Maybe Disney will make a movie.

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    1. Ohhhh they’re in the works to make another Mighty Ducks Movie. Maybe the Mighty Ducks can have an emergency back up goaltender who saves the day. That’s a genius idea.

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  3. I was thinking about this post today. I love that he was driving a zamboni. I mean, he could probably have gotten a better job if he really wanted to, but the fact that he stayed on the ice, even if it was just as a zamboni driver is really cool. It takes a lot of grit to still be holding onto your dreams at age 42. Here’s to David Ayres!

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