Emails that brighten my spirits.

As some of you may know, from time to time I will have one-on-one chats with fellow bloggers to try and give them some extra tips and tricks to the trade in hopes that it’ll help them in their blogging journey.

I can’t tell you how good it makes me feel when they send me notes about just how excited they are when they make improvements and good things happen for them!

A couple of weeks back I got an email from a fellow blogger that I have previously worked with and she was expressing her excitement that, for the first time ever, her blog hit 100 views in 24 hours. I was excited to hear her excitement, but I was also excited for her because I know what a talented blogger she is and I also know what an interesting person she is. She has a lot to share with this world and a lot of value to bring, and I know that as people continue to find her blog, they’ll see in her everything that I see in her.

This afternoon I got an email from a fellow blogger that I have previously worked with and he was expressing his excitement that his blog has reached 200 followers and the interaction he’s receiving on his posts is increasing daily. I was elated to hear his excitement, but I was also excited for him because, after so many years of pouring his heart and soul into his written work, his blog and sharing his story, people are really starting to find him and resonate with what he shares and who he is.

It makes me happy to see fellow bloggers finding success and being appreciated for what they do and the content they create. I feel a great sense of pride in myself when people ask me for advice, and I am grateful that people trust me enough seek help from me. But, more importantly, I feel a great sense of pride in seeing these bloggers succeed. Because, the bottom line is, there success is because of them, not me. All I did was remind them of what they’re capable of.

Digital marketing can sometimes seem silly, but I promise you that if you really take the time and effort to pay attention to the small things, it’ll make a world of difference in your blogging journey. If you’re ever feeling disheartened, burnt out, or you’re just plain struggling with your blog, remember this: success is not a limited resource. There’s room for every blogger at the top, so keep focused. Your time will come!

42 thoughts on “Emails that brighten my spirits.

      1. It’s set to “public”. But there’s a bit of a technical problem that I’m not sure what happened. I seem to have another account – named the same one as the one I have – but it won’t post anything and I can’t delete it. Have you heard of this happening?

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      2. I wish I could show you pictures through here (to explain better), but this program doesn’t seem to allow it.


  1. I love this! Yes there is room at the top for all of us, we all bring unique perspectives and stories. You have a huge heart and I love reading your journey. Your musings and authenticity bring joy to my day. 😊

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  2. That’s awesome! My first week in blogging – a fellow blogger nominated me for that blogger award that I had no idea it even existed. I owe her quite a lot. I find it funny how some days you can get 100 views and other days maybe 5.

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    1. There are several factors you can use to work to your advantage – time of day you post, tagging specific tags, promotion via social media. All these tools, if you use them to your advantage, will help your journey immensely so you can see 100 on your stats every day and not just some days.

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      1. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I know that! My mom says that too me all of the freaking time. I had no idea it was the golden rule, I just thought she didn’t want me to be an asshole.

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  3. Thank you V. Always good to be reminded. Must say I do struggle with all this, and get a bit overwhelmed. Sometimes I am fine, but most of the time I am a bit uggg what is going on…lol

    That is why I love your post so much

    Thanks for all your tips

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  4. I don’t know how many followers I have and I really don’t want to “market” myself because I am not and will never be a product for the consumption of others. I’m just here to speak my thoughts and if I can connect with others doing same, that’s a bonus. I don’t want to make money out of my writing, because frankly, it’s not that great, and I don’t need the money. But I really appreciate people like you who offer motivation, because I fell away from blogging for a fortnight, and I really wasn’t comfortable with that, but was unsure about how to get back in. You’re a natural motivator and continuing to read your posts has helped me to not stray too far from blogging, and to get back into it. Thank you very much.

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    1. Firstly, thank you for the compliment. I really, truly appreciate it.

      Secondly, I kind think Marketing gets a bit of a bad rap that it doesn’t necessarily deserve. Sure, some people are marketing themselves for mass consumption, but I also believe that marketing, in theory, plays a role in a lot of what we do each and every day. When someone goes to the coffee shop and orders a latte, they’re marketing themselves… are they going to be kind or are they going to be a grouchy asshole and make the cashier feel like crap? In that moment when you’re choosing who you want to be to the outside world, you’re marketing yourself. Is there anything to gain? Not necessarily. Maybe the cashier will think you’re a nice person if you choose to be kind. That’s a choice you make to build your own personal brand. If you’re going to be coming back to said coffee shop on a regular basis, maybe you want the cashier to think of you as a kind person. If you’re only going to be there once then perhaps you really don’t care. But these choices you make in a decision as simple as how you treat the cashier, that’s marketing. You’re positioning yourself amongst society.

      Basically, it’s not always an awful thing!


  5. I love this and especially so as I hit over a 100 views today too…my first time and I am just coming up to my 1 year (another source of blog excitement haha!). It is great to hear other people feel the same excitement and that you take the time to say it to them :-).

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    1. Congratulations!
      Imagine how weird it would be if 100 people were standing in your living room listening to you speak! That’s essentially what just happened to you. Pretty cool, am I right?

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    1. All of my tips/tricks/advice/suggestions, etc… can all be found under the ‘Marketing’ tab on my menu of my blog. I’ve grouped them all together so you can just open the category and see everything that I do/use for my own blog.

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  6. I’ve started blogging again after not posting for a year. I feel even more motivated after reading this post! I love your blog by the way. Cheers!


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