Seek out credible sources

It is of vital importance during this time that you seek out credible and reliable sources for information regarding COVID-19 and how to keep you and your family members safe.

Bloggers may give out advice, but please take it as what it is… advice from a blogger, not a medical physician or anyone who specializes in infectious diseases. And if your government leader is screaming at reporters, please don’t panic because he is.

YouTube Influencers are not credible sources. Bloggers are not credible sources. A friend of a friend telling you something they heard from a friend is not a credible source. I’m sure they’re all very nice people, but they’re not who you should be turning to in a time like this.

Please use your due diligence and common sense.

We all come from different parts of the world and we’ve all been given different information and guidelines based on where we live and how it’s affected our country. For this reason, I’m not going to pretend I know anything about what is happening in your country, or what should be done there. If you’re looking for a good place to start, I recommend the World Health Organization.

After that, please just make sure that wherever you’re getting your information from, it’s a trusted and reliable source.

56 thoughts on “Seek out credible sources

    1. You’re absolutely right. It definitely is good advice for life in general. But, right now especially, there’s a scary amount of ‘geniuses’ out there, trying to be the voice of reason.

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  1. OK, so I’m stuck in a mobius loop. If I’m not supposed to take the advice of bloggers, I should avoid your advice, which means I should pay attention to bloggers, yet if I am to understand that I should not trust bloggers as your message, I am not forced to not trust myself, since I am a blogger. And on top of this, you want me to use common sense. You get very demanding during plagues, V.

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  2. Agree totally, only listen to official sources. Heed all your government’s advice on social distancing. Yes it sucks to reduce social contact but on the bright side, the more we do our part NOW the quicker we’ll get rid of this disaster as my prime minister iterated. Even if you think you’re alright you could a) carry the disease and infect a vulnerable person and b) play a part in prolonging the pandemic if you do not obey the instructions given by governments.

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    1. I read a post yesterday that said ‘People need to ignore spring break plans and go home. And the sooner they do it, the sooner we can move past this virus. Imagine that feeling when all of the bars, restaurants, services and stores open up again at the same time! It’ll be a spring break for the whole world.’ And that hit me. That really hit me.


  3. You’re right on this. On the other hand, i think it is not a bad idea if you see something to say something. Because Covid19 is not some kind of fun and despite the orders and the precaution measures, etc. some people do not get it.

    One reason -they do not understand the risk and the danger – is some policies and practices in the name of “Keep things and people calm”, and let’s put some police officers to share toilet papers at the supemarket to calm the shoppers without using gloves and masks, none of them.

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      1. This is a tiny sample. And of course i love Australia and Australians, a very well organized country. And they went through hell with the recent bushfires. I created a magazine and i still share it to my social media with much of info on how to help and support financially the Australians. And of course i send a check to help, no matter the amount of money, and i don’t live in Australia.

        All i want to say is that i don’t blame them through this video. NO WAY. However it is better the governments and local councils to avoid the bullshit right now to keep people calm. We all must be alerted.

        You’re right, though, when you write we should get informed (statistics or whatever) from credible sources. My opinion, though, is we better say something if we see something. It helps a bit to realize the danger. I don’t know if you take a look at the statistics often. They used to say that the risk is higher to some group of people and especially the elderly. Now this has changed. This shit doesn’t care if you’re young and healthy, anymore.

        The GOOD NEWS is that the number of people who recover is high. Which means we can make it. We have to stop the spread, as much as we can. We need to follow a strategy.

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      2. @ outosego

        Even if the vast majority of people who recover is high and even if it’s not a direct threat to you or I, if you or I catch it we’ll either have MILD or NO symptoms, we could still be VECTORS. We could spread if directly or indirectly (people who catch it off us) to vulnerable groups such as the elderly or those with health problems. That is why the governments of Spain, Italy and the UK are bringing-in ‘social distancing’ policies. They’re concerned about reducing peak demand health services & avoiding exceeding capacity of the health services.

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    1. I saw a blog earlier today that encouraged people to buy up tooth brushes because, like toilet paper, they were going to fly off the shelves next. I just… I just can’t with stuff like that. Encouraging people to panic buy is not what someone should be doing with their blog.

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  4. On the note of the OP, not trusting youtube and random bloggers (& the network media). I agree too. There’s a lot of doomsday talk which is not helpful, not enough focus on ‘this is a storm, we’ll get through it together’. Like all storms, it won’t last forever. If we head the government’s advice (as much at it SUCKS) we’ll do our part to get rid of this situation sooner rather than later.

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    1. I saw a quote from Mya Angelou, yesterday, where she told a reporter that he should live by the notion ‘Every storm runs out of rain’. Reading your comment made me think of that quote. It sounds cliche but it’s a good thing to think about during times like these.


  5. Comment on government leaders screaming at reporters: I think if you look at the full context of things it can change your perspective. There are certain people who, possibly for good reason, are treated in a certain light by the press. When times of hardship come those feelings don’t change, and certain leading questions are asked in an attempt to bait individuals to respond in sensational ways. This is a real shame, because the Presidential press conferences have actually been very informative and helpful.

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    1. While I will admit that, at times, the press can ask questions to bait him, I won’t give him that example to which I speak. That specific example was… a softball question. It should have and could have been the easiest question of the day for him to answer.

      I do agree, there are some instances in which the press clearly tries to bait him as a means to get ‘a rise’ out of him and see how he’ll react. This was not one of them. This was a question our Prime Minister has been being asked for weeks, if not a month, and that leaders across the world have been being asked.


      1. The original question was basically accusing him of being too optimistic and giving people false hope. When he answered that question the reporter interjected the second question, which is also a question he has been asked several times. I do believe it is mean spirited at this point in time to say that a leader is giving people false hope. Hope is what we need the most. Would they really take that away from us?

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  6. We are heading into deeper territories, it’s important we don’t fall for the media baiting tactics. RE;
    ” When times of hardship come those feelings don’t change, and certain leading questions are asked in an attempt to bait individuals to respond in sensational ways”.
    Media companies who bait are the scum of the Earth.

    We should be concerned about stopping spreading this virus to loved ones, they’re still concerned about being perfect and ignoring basic hygiene practices.

    You’re right OP, for once I agree with the Prime Minister & what he says. Any politician of any persuasion would be giving the SAME advice.

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    1. I think the biggest, and hardest hit places are the places are the cities. Watching hundreds of people out at English Bay as though nothing was happening – that was hard. People in cities can’t just go about their lives as normal. It sucks, but it’s the truth.


  7. As a medical student I think it’s my duty to thank you for giving the best advice out there and not spreading false rumors. It’s a difficult time and since everyone is panicking, they’re believing everything they hear which is just adding to the chaos.

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    1. As a medical student, I am certain that your life is very busy and very hectic with everything going on and for that, I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for seeking to look after all of us when we need it most.

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    1. I’m glad that you were able to find a reliable source. I think this year is such a great reminder of the importance of the CDC. And I’m so glad that we can go there and get reliable information.

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