BEWARE: Scammers are trying to take advantage of the unemployed during this pandemic.

As many of you know, I am an unemployed Canadian citizen who has been applying for jobs on Indeed and LinkedIn for throughout 2020. I was worried that, when shit really hit the proverbial fan with respect to the Corona Virus, there would be scams coming out to take advantage of all of the people who’ve found themselves without work due to this pandemic. And, recent days have taught me that this is a rampant problem at the moment.

I received the above email this morning.

I did, in fact, apply for a data entry position on Indeed 48 hours ago. Since receiving this email, I have reported this job posting to Indeed as being fraudulent/misleading and left them a comment that I believe it to be a scam.

If you are unemployed, or have found your job temporarily suspended during this pandemic, it’s important to pay close attention to any communication that you might be getting. Being unemployed can bring on a lot of stress and often times it can be quite easy to see a promising email and not look closely at the details, thinking you need to jump on an opportunity, any opportunity right away.

Please don’t get scammed.

Using my email as an example, here are some things to look for:

  • Who is the email from? In the case of this email, who it’s from is a pretty big giveaway that it’s a scam. The sender’s name is Maggie Susan whilst the email address is The job that I applied for was with what presented itself to be a legitimate Technology Company.
  • Who is the email to? This might seem like a stupid thing to check for, but in the case of this email, it’s not ‘To’ me. I am not ‘’. For privacy reasons, I am not sharing my personal gmail address. But, seeing as this was not addressed to me, and I was clearly BCC’ed, it leads me to believe this was likely sent in a group email to anyone who applied for the position, in their hopes that people would glance over who it was addressed to.
  • Who is the greeting too? A legitimate job prospect, whether with a company that has 3,000 employees or one that has 30 employees, will ALWAYS address the email to your first name. If you applied for a position, they already have your name and information. Any legitimate job seeker will say ‘Hi [Insert First Name Here]’. If they do not, it’s probably because the software they’re using to group send this scam isn’t advanced enough include your first name.
  • Who is it from? Did the sender sign their name? Is the company included? Is their a company signature linking to their website or online portfolios? A legitimate job seeker would NEVER leave their name off the end of an email.
  • Is there a sketchy looking link in the email? Of course there is. Please don’t click it. This is a bait tool to give hackers remote access to your desktop. In the case of this email, what are they asking me to register for? They have my information. If they were actually wanting to hire me, employment contracts need to be signed, and those cannot be done through sketchy links.
  • Do they name their company in their email? If they don’t, why wold a legitimate job seeker leave the name of their company off an email to prospective candidates? Perhaps because it’s not legitimate.
  • Does it make your spidey senses tingle? Because if it seems too good to be true, it is.

If you’ve found yourself without employment during this time, please know that you’re not alone. Please, please, please be diligent in where you respond to your emails. Pay attention to the small details. It might sound stupid when you read it, but A LOT of people fall for scams just like this one. With everyone in a hard enough situation already, I do not want you to get taken advantage further.

Thanks for reading.

29 thoughts on “BEWARE: Scammers are trying to take advantage of the unemployed during this pandemic.

    1. They’re running rampant through Canada right now. There’s phone scams asking people for their information so they can schedule them for COVID Tests and there’s sooooooo many ‘Store Scams’ of stores claiming they’re giving away gift cards to help during this time – only the emails aren’t coming from the stores.

      ‘Costco wants to give you $500 to help you through this troublesome time’. Email comes from Marco Sorrentino but the email address is Yeah, that’s legit…


  1. “I was worried that, when shit really hit the proverbial fan with respect to the Corona Virus, there would be scams coming out to take advantage of all of the people who’ve found themselves without work due to this pandemic”

    Wow, I admire your cynical predictive powers!!! Fuck, what a messed up world!

    “Is there a sketchy looking link in the email? Of course there is. ”

    Hahaha! πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ

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    1. There are so many scams going around right now. I’ve seen the warnings about health scams and grocery store scams, but I haven’t seen anything about fake job postings. And there are A LOT of fake job postings popping up.

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      1. Wow, ok, I’m not aware of any of those types of scams! Blissfully unaware! πŸ˜„. That’s crazy man, jesus. There is no end to the cynicism in the world, is there? I’m tired of it. It’s about time society was forced to completely restructure, to be honest.


  2. Scammers are the lowest of the low! They have no conscience. I really can’t comprehend people that do this kind of thing. Where do they hide? There seem to be loads of them yet I’ve never met anyone who seemed to be like this. Are they wolves in sheep’s clothing?

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    1. No one who’s a scammer is ever going to tell you they’re a scammer because once you find out, the jig is up, so to speak. They need you to believe they’re a good person to keep up the act.

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    1. There are! And there are a lot of people in dire straits who are looking for anything positive or prospective or hopeful who might see it and glance past the scammy parts.


  3. Yesterday I received an email from a stranger that utterly surprised me and made me break out in laughter. The person’s name was supposedly James Wynn and he wanted to get together with me. He even included a photo of himself (or maybe a photo he thought would entice me). If I went by the photo included, I would say the guy is in his 30s, maybe early 40s. What was it that made me laugh? I’m 65 years old.

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  4. On the note of scams, although off on a tangent, I heard on the news today that there’s people door-canvassing scamming older and isolated people by posing to be people delivering shopping, delivering medication and doing banking services. It’s bad enough in peace time (this is a war) but considering the fact that they could be passing on a disease to vulnerable groups, it’s doubly disgusting. They scammers you and I talk about are no different to the ‘spivs’ of the 2nd world war. The more awareness the better. Thanks for this.

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    1. Wow. Some people are so scummy. It honestly breaks my heart to hear about the bad shit coming out because of this horrible situation.


  5. I admit, I used to fall for these scams when I was younger (way back before the virus was a thing). Thankfully, I was able not to follow through with them at the last minute, but it really is scary (and scummy) just how they continue to exist, even with a global crisis at hand. If anything, they should be the ones to contract the virus and suffer from it.

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    1. There will always people who take advantage of others at their lowest points. Pandemic, being out of work, struggling to find the money to buy food, that seems like a great time for the scummy people of the earth to capitalize even more.

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