Word to the wise.

Do not answer your phone whilst you are doing the dishes. You will, in fact, drop your phone in the sink. I don’t care how careful you think you are. Lightning does strike and phones do drown. Don’t make the same mistakes I make.

Today is off to a great start.

It’s currently sitting in a bowl of rice. Rice is good for so much. I mean… cross your fingers for me.

KEEP ON SMILING. Don’t let them know your inner penguin.

47 thoughts on “Word to the wise.

  1. Sorry V! Hope your phone is fineβ€” they are made very water-resistant these days, hopefully it was modern enough for that to apply!

    “KEEP ON SMILING. Don’t let them know your inner penguin.”

    LOL 🀣. You’re doing great to be joking after that!

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    1. (I swear I’m not just hanging around waiting for you to post latelyβ€” just cooincidence! πŸ˜…).

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  2. In fact, I’ll bet it was a phone call to let you know that you’ve finally got a job, right…? πŸ˜¨πŸ˜†

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    1. It was the FedEx driver calling to let me know he wouldn’t be coming to my door due to social distancing so I would need to fetch my parcel from the driveway.

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  3. That’s the most horrifying thing I’ve read all morning. More horrifying than the coronavirus.😨 (throwing in some dark humor to lighten the mood) Its looks like it’s a punny kinda day too.πŸ˜›

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  4. I once yeeted my phone into a Target toilet accidentally. Good times. I think your phone should be fine, especially if it’s a higher-end phone that’s “water resistant.” Not that taking it swimming with you is a good idea, but a quick dip in the sink should be okay. Best vibes going forward for you.

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    1. It turned back on!
      Props to high-end phones.
      I mean, they’re fucking expensive. And they literally fail at almost everything I want out of them. But, when they go for a swim in the dishwater, at least they still work after.

      Also, you’re the only person over 12 I’ve heard use the term Yeet. lol


  5. Oh man at least you’re not as dumb as I was a month ago. Had my phone out without its protective case on cuz I hated it. It started raining and that was it. Hopefully rice will fix it! Don’t try to turn it on and make sure to take out battery, sim card, sd card, etc to dry those off.

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  6. V, I loved watching “Elementary”. In one episode the person had dropped his phone into the washing machine. He was murdered, Sherlock Holmes found it in a bag of rice. Apparently it really does help electronics dry out.
    Hope that gives you some hope…lol!

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  7. oh, man, good luck!
    I lost 2 phones to the water, but luckily none of them Smartphones (knock on wood). I dropped my very first cell phone ever in my parents’ pool back in 2003. It was the day after they had opened it for the season, so the water was still gross and it took forever to fish the thing out. Needless to say it was dead.
    Then in 2009ish I dropped my beautiful, sleek, sexy, purplish pink Razor phone in the toilet at a 4th of July party. I had it stashed in my back pocket, and when I went to pull my pants down, it flopped out, landed in the water, hitting the porcelain and popping the back off, exposing the battery and all sorts of other important stuff. Needless to say, that phone died too.
    May the odds be ever in your favor.

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    1. The rice did work! It’s working. Haven’t had any real issues as of yet. Some people are saying they aren’t getting texts from me. But I also think they might just being assholes and ignoring me. lol

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