Please don’t be rude.

I’ve been thinking…

There is no reason, rhyme or explanation as to why anyone should be leaving a rude or mean comment on someone’s blog. You can be open, honest and respectful towards someone that you completely disagree with in every sense of your being and maintain a completely cordial discourse, interaction or relationship.

And yes, there is a way of perhaps letting someone know they might be wrong whilst still being polite about it. So if you disagree with someone and would like to share your perspective, be polite. Don’t be an asshole.

Please don’t be an asshole. If you read a blog post and you get the urge to leave a rude comment or to be mean to the person who wrote the post, just move on. Your comment is not going to serve any positive purpose. You’re not going to open any discussion, change any minds or allow them to see another perspective if you’re being an asshole.

61 thoughts on “Please don’t be rude.

  1. Many have lost the art of disagreeing. They will rarely get someone to see their point of view if they are a jerk when presenting it to them. Which means they don’t care and just want to be a jerk. I’ve tried to explain this to a few friends with extreme opinions. Nope, got nowhere, because they really didn’t want to discuss they wanted to be angry.

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    1. Yeah, oh my, I know this all too well!!!!! I feel you on this comment.

      I legitimately have friends who will tell me their perspective and then say ‘Whatever, I’m not talking about this with you’. They just don’t want to discuss it. They want to give their opinions and then end the discussion!


  2. I agree!
    I am also a firm believer that we cannot expect others to treat us with respect in the general population of people. The moment we walk out our front door or post something online we are opening ourselves up for others to be who they are. We get cut off in traffic, muggings happen, people say rude and hurtful things. It’s part of life. I hope when I post something that people will be kind. If they’re not… I get to choose how I deal with that. I don’t have the right to expect them to be different. I’ll be sadly disappointed and frustrated. This is a particular topic I blog about often. If you’re going to put yourself out there publicly for the world to see and be able to participate in… you HAVE to be able to handle what comes.

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    1. That’s true. Everyone’s different and everyone reacts differently and we can’t control how they react. I guess I can just respond to their reactions. I just wish people would realize that being an asshole doesn’t get them anywhere. But even that seems like a pipe dream. lol

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    1. Yeah. WordPress doesn’t do a very good job at blocking. When I block them I can’t see their content but somehow they’re still leaving comments on my page.

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    1. Yes. And go for a walk. Or find a different website. Or take a nap. Or do something that helps you rid yourself of whatever nastiness you desire speaking.


  3. Yes, yes and yes 🙂 Thankfully I haven’t received any off color comments except for when Jase thinks he’s being funny and signs in as rupaul

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      1. That’s kind of you, I assure you I can be a bitch with the best of em! Lol 😂 we all have our limits. I’m hiding in my room and sent a text to jase who’s making dinner to bring me a mimosa and a Valium……too much “togetherness” and noise in the house. I self quarantine when I’m feeling snarky


  4. Excellent post. This is why I love WordPress; it happens so rarely. Twitter however is a different kettle of fish. People are foul and show the worst possible side to themselves. They make themselves look uneducated and lacking in any kind of decency or self control. In truth and to go a step further, this is why debating should be done by everyone at school. Teaching kids how to put their word across without resorting to bad language, anger or making it personal … key points for having a discussion or debate. Ok, my rant is over! Great post and thought provoking! Katie

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    1. I don’t think you were rant. I think your points were very valid. I also think they’re really smart. If we teach kids who to take legitimate criticism or share their opinions without fists or nasty words, we’d be a more productive society.

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  5. Well said V, and it needed saying. I’ve seen someone else’s blog where the vitriol expressed in the comment section was uncalled for and really out of order. While the blog owner says they are okay about it, I dare say in the darkness, alone, I bet they’re not! Not fully okay with it. And nor should they be.

    Most of us other commenters agreed that this person is just plain jealous of the number of followers on this blog and should spend their time fixing their own blog!

    So think on people. If you only go on a blog to be nasty — stop! You don’t know what’s going on in that person’s life or how that blogger is feeling! If you’ve got nothing constructive to say, just walk right on by!

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    1. Yes! When people are run, obnoxious, mean or ornery during an argument it says a whole lot more about who they are as a person than what their argument perspective is.


  6. I honestly can’t understand why so many people fail to show some respect and compassion in situations like this. Sure, we all have differing opinions and that’s okay (that’s what makes the world so interesting) but there is absolutely no reason to be rude, hateful or spiteful responding to people. I’m lucky in that I’ve never had anything come through that was a direct attack, but I’ve seen it happen to other bloggers and it angers me each time.

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