Taxes… le sigh.

I’ve spent the better part of the past two days doing my taxes.

Between severance, legal docs/fees, business consultancy fees, consultant revenue, working the Canadian election last year and so on and so forth… it was not a simple, nor a slow process.

If I did it right, and that’s a BIG IF, then I will get a refund. If I did it right then I paid way more money in taxes last year than I should have for the income earned.

But… somehow I always seem to end up owing come tax season. Thus the ‘le sigh’.

Despite the quarantine, despite the pandemic, life continues moving at alarming rates. Which is why I’m unsure of how to act, or react to the world. I thought I’d be so much farther by now. I thought I’d be home by now. I thought I’d be working by now. I thought, I thought, I thought…


21 thoughts on “Taxes… le sigh.

  1. I’ve had my reminder to do my taxes as well. Sure I’ll do them, but I do wonder if they have the staff to process them in the usual way now, as many will be working from home?

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    1. In Canada they’ve extended the date to file them to June 15. Or maybe July 15, not too sure. But my brother already got his refund, so they’re clearly still processing them here. Everywhere else? Can’t really speak to that… 😦


  2. I’ve always felt uncomfortable with the idea of career plans, laughed at the idea of expecting the universe to remain stable and cooperative long enough for that to all work out nicely. I’ve done better at taking things how they come. So that outlook is helpful now.

    All the baggage that modern society brings with it, I just find overwhelming. It’s too far removed from the basics of living, and simply cooperating with each other.

    For my outlook to really work, you have to avoid responsibilities though lol. Which is no bad thing!!

    “Le sigh”, interesting phrasing! Haha.

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    1. I totally hear what you’re saying. I have to believe I’ll find stability eventually though. Or, at the very least, round the world flight vouchers for post-pandemic travel to run away from my problems. lol

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      1. Ah, well, stability yeah…I can 1 million percent relate to wanting and needing that! I’ve very rarely had it in my life so far.

        It seems like such an impossible thing, yet so many people have it! At least before coronavirus anyway. It’s pretty much my only goal, though, and I never had plans beyond the next year πŸ˜„, even when I had to pretend I did in a company.

        I can confirm that running away from your problems works! 😁


  3. This too shall pass! Sorry, I know it’s a clichΓ©. It’s an interesting, sad, worrying time that’s for sure. Stay healthy… at the end of the day, right now that’s all that matters. KπŸ‘

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    1. You’re absolutely right. Health is the most invaluable thing we have right now. I hope you’re safe and healthy where you are!


    1. Same.
      I’m praying I did mine right.
      I will say though, do it. Do it and get that weight off your shoulders. As much as it is scary to do, having one less thing to worry about helps with everything that’s going on.

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  4. I’m with you on the Le Sigh piece. I had my life perfectly planned and then reality and mental health knocked down my road with dynamite. I can’t go back that way but I can go forward. Also taxes are hard and confusing so seriously good for you for persevering so much!!

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  5. While reading this post the sentiment of ” Man makes plans and God laughs” sprung to mind. I understand and can really relate to this and how you feel. In the end it is very self defeating. Perhaps it’s because my own life went topsy turvy 10 years ago and I was forced upon the path I am on now. Perhaps falling in love with a man with a whole other set of challenges that I would be presented with the choice to either learn to live with or move on. For love’s sake and for my own best interest, I chose to stay. If there is one major lesson I have learned throughout it all it is patience and allowing for life to unfold how it will whether I plan or think something should happen. It all boils down to radical acceptance which requires trust, faith and hope. It can certainly feel sticky at times. I can tell you this. As soon as I released the urge to control that part of my life is when things really started to shift. In doing so I saw the lessons and learned what life was trying to teach me about myself and the world. So much of life isn’t what happens but how you do decide to respond or react to it which sets in motion what comes next and so on.
    I believe as I have told you in previous posts V that your life is and will come together in a most beautiful way, when you least expect it. Keep doing what you’re doing. Keep questioning and investigating things. Sending you all my love and virtual hugsβ€πŸ˜‰βœŒ Enjoy your weekend!


  6. Life has a way of fucking up even the best laid plans, doesn’t it?
    I’ve just finished my self-assessment tax return, which confused the hell out of me and I’ve no idea if I’ve done it right. Hence I’ve not actually submitted it yet, just waiting for the courage to hit that button. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe the day after, who knows. And yet mine sounds a lot more straightforward than yours! Really hope it’s all hunky dory and that you can get a refund due at the end of it all, not end up owing money.

    Stay safe & have a relaxing Easter weekend if you can 🐰🐣
    Caz xx


    1. Honestly, the CRA is always going to fix anything wrong anyway… the people that work there are literally paid a salary each year to fix us regular folks’ taxes. So I try my best to do it, but I won’t fret if it doesn’t fully make sense. I just have to cross my fingers and hope for the best.

      I hope that you get the courage to submit yours. Having it sent off really does take a weight off your shoulders.


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