Mighty Neighbourly

This morning we found a note on our front door that read:

Hey Neighbour,

We hope you’re staying sane during this crazy time.

If you are unable or afraid to go to the store right now feel free text your shopping list or any singular items that you might need to [insert phone number here]. We will leave any and all of said items at your front door with 24 hours of reading your text message.

Stay healthy and safe!

[Insert their address here so we knew what house the message came from]

The neighbours’ on this street are so nice! I rag on small towns a lot. I’ve always considered myself a city person, and small towns kind of drive me nuts. But, when I see how good the neighbours are to my parents, it really does warm my heart of stone.

At least I’m able to know they will be looked after if this pandemic ends and I EVER get a chance to make a break for the city.

51 thoughts on “Mighty Neighbourly

    1. It was very kind of them indeed. I yelled across the fence at our next door neighbour and she said the note was left on their door too. I think these people might have left the note around the neighbourhood, offering it to everyone. Really kind souls.

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    1. There are some pretty wonderful people in this world. I like how they went so far as to stipulate that even if it’s only one item, they’d still go to the store for my parents. So kind of them.

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    1. I know who’s who, but only based off what my parents have told me. They talk to each of the neighbours. Well, they haven’t in a while given the distancing measures, buuuut… it’s one of those streets where you go to walk your dog (pre-pandemic) and end up stopping and talking to the neighbour for a half hour on your way. I’m one of those ‘please don’t acknowledge me’ kind of assholes. hahaha! That being said, it is good to know there are good people around here.

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  1. The positive side of living in a small town is that people pay attention to you and know who you are, the negative side of living in a small town is that people pay attention to you and know who you are.

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    1. Yes, that’s definitely the truth. As much as I can bitch and moan about things that happen in this country… we are very blessed for the things we have and the way we were raised.

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  2. It’s really lovely of them, Vi, but not all lovely people are recognised so it’s equally lovely that you saw their value and appreciate them for it.

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    1. My mom walked down to their house and left a thank you note on their door.
      It’s a weird world that we can just knock on the door to say thank you in person. But, we gotta take each day is it comes, and the neighbours around here are really, really good people!

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      1. Haha, that’s probably because we’ve all become socially conditioned to text and not call someone! 😂


  3. What a sweet gesture, and one I might copy since most of my neighbors are very elderly. You know, during times like this you see 2 sides of the spectrum…those who are so very good and those who use the situation for their own gain. 🙂

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    1. Well that’s very sweet and wonderful if you offer that to your neighbours. I bet they’ll really appreciate the gesture, whether they take you up on it or not!


  4. That was really lovely thing to do.
    It’s sad how many of us actually living in the suburbs could care less about what happened to the person next door.
    Even in this current situation, they don’t really care about how they’re neighbour is doing, they just don’t want to be next; so they stay indoors…

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    1. To one extent, I’m grateful that they stay indoors and mind their own dang business. To another extent, though, it’s a nice thing to do to just yell from across the fence, or from the other side of the driveways. It’s not ideal, but the human race is worth it.

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  5. I’ve always wondered what it is like to live in small towns. Where everyone knows everyone and there aren’t a ton of choices. I’ve only ever seen it in American TV and it always seems so mysterious! The sense of community is so strong its so sweeet! How come you’re a city person btw? I’m curious!

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    1. American TV can definitely dramatize things. They make it seem like everyone has something profound that they’re hiding. Which, I’m sure the people on this street do have things they don’t go around broadcasting, but I highly doubt there are any hardcore criminals on this street. It’d be too hard to hide their behaviour or their pasts with everyone up in everyone’s business.

      As for why I want to live in the city? Everyone’s up in everyone’s business here. There were seven kids in my house growing up (four siblings, two cousins and me), so I learned very early in life that it’s a real pleasure having no one pay attention to you. Just blending in as one of the crowd allows you to do as you please without people judging you. for a while I lived in a condo tower that had a cafe on the bottom floor. I would wake up each morning, go down and get my coffee, walk across the road and get on the sky train, go off to work with thousands of other people… it was peaceful to me. Here if I walk down the street and have anything in my hands, the neighbours (pre-covid) would chat with my parents and be like ‘I saw your daughter. What was she carrying’. Then my parents would ask me. And it’s like… can’t a girl just go for a walk without getting grilled about what she’s doing?

      Anyways, I am rambling now. There’s a definite allure to being anonymous though.

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      1. Oh my yess! Small towns means everyone knows everyone and frankly that would stress the shit out of me! I’m such an introvert, so PEOPLE PLEASE STAY BACK! HAHA! Your morning routine sounds so nice and chill. I hate morning commute tho? Being stuffed with people. Urgh, don’t you hate it?
        Pleaasee I don’t mind your “rambling”, I love it when people reply thoughtfully!


  6. How wonderful is it to see and know the goodness in humanity is still alive! This warmed my ❤ So especially needed in times like this. I believe that the main reason we are going through this time is a return to priorities and values. A slow down to determine what’s really important. For me that is how we treat ourselves first and one another. We are all interconnected, what happens to one of us affects all of us as a whole. Let’s pause and help one another rise up😊✌🙏 How beautiful is that😉

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    1. Such a lovely note. Thank you. Yes, I am with you in that I feel as though we’re all connected and the butterfly effect is reaching everyone these days.

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