I’m daydreaming of a post-pandemic world in which I can go to the store without fear. I’m daydreaming about going to the store and being able to find more than empty shelves. I’m daydreaming about driving an Audi out to Peyto Lake. I’m daydreaming of moving out of this house and of having a home in which I don’t have to follow someone else’s rules. A house I can feel at home in. A house I can call my own. I’m daydreaming about what seems like a future lifetime from where we’re at.

29 thoughts on “Daydreaming

    1. I do believe this. And on good days, I am doing my best to bring them to fruition. Sometimes though, sometimes it just feels farther away than anything else.

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  1. I am dreaming to have my favourite sweet at that shop which has those sweet delicacies called “Rassgulla”
    And going to an interactive class and the time where I don’t need to attend my French tuitions on Zoom..ohh..even thou I am home..i love the IRL experience of learning….😊
    Take care V!


  2. My dreams are now of the simple things in life. Like going to the grocery store without a mask and getting a group of friends together for dinner. Life is so weird now, but at some point life will have to return to some type of normalcy!

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  3. Dreams are away of Manifesting and attracting what you want.

    V, you wrote a post on how you created a patreon site, I am struggling to find it. I wanted to reread it. Can you point in the right direction. It is the one where you announce it.

    Thanks in advance. Bella

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      1. Thank you V. Can you advise me what you are offering at your $1 tier – I cant figure it out.
        I want to try, or at least look into. And I know this might not be the best time to start. If you create a patreon account and get no patrons then do patreon still charge a fee.


  4. I never really dreamed about anything in my future – it just kind of happened to me. I wonder where the split is with that – the people who make their way, and the people who go where the river takes them ?


    1. Oh, I am certain that is how it happens. That’s why some people seem so motivated and others are just like ‘meh… whatever’.


    1. Oh man, that doesn’t sound silly at all. Sitting in a pizza parlor and grabbing a slice with noise in the background, a good song on the speakers and the smell of more pizza cooking in the oven? That sounds brilliant right about now.


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