Someone threatened to poison my dad’s dog.

I wish it weren’t true but I’m not even kidding. My dad is not a very fearful man. I’ve seen him fend off someone with a knife and not blink twice. Right now, though… he’s a little on edge.

A couple of days ago my dad took his dog on a walk through some of the trails around here. The trails themselves are provincial parks that have just had walking paths cleared for people to hike in the non-snowy months.

Leading up to the trails you have to walk past a house with a rather yappy little fur ball in the back yard. If you so much as step foot within eye-line of the fence the dog will bark until you’re long out of sight.

A couple of days ago when my dad was walking with his dog past this house the dog started yapping at them. His dog, naturally, started barking back. The man that owns this house came out and started screaming at my dad. My dad says that he called the man an idiot for complaining about a barking dog because dogs bark when they see each other, it’s a fact of life. Then he says that he kept on walking leaving the man to yell into the abyss of his backyard.

A few hours later, bylaws enforcement showed up at our house and had us come out to the driveway so that, from a distance, they could tell us that someone had reported we were out with our dog, not on leash, and that we were not following social distancing guidelines and had gone into someone’s yard and made them fear for their safety.

There’s a fence. A FUCKING FENCE. There was no going into anyone’s yard.

Should my dad have pissed this man off my calling him an idiot and walking away? Probably not. But that’s how my dad rolls. I guarantee you, with how worried he’s been about this COVID stuff as of late, he ain’t going near anyone who doesn’t live in his house.

Anyways, bylaws enforcement left and my dad was like ‘Well, I guess we won’t walk that trail anymore’. And he told each of us to avoid that trail, whether or not we had the dog with us.

Today this grumpy asshole brings his yippy dog down our road. Naturally, when my dad’s dog sees this dog on the street it starts barking.

This man gets so angry that my dad’s dog is barking from the window, inside of the house, that he walks up to our front door, pounds on it and starts screaming ‘Get out here you asshole, and bring that fucking piece of shit you call a dog too’.

My dad went over to the fence and started yelling at the man to get out of our yard and leave us alone and this guy just went off. He was screaming and yelling about how my dad’s dog is a menace to society and she bites small children (which, by the way, I don’t think my dad’s dog has ever bitten anyone or anything… she’s the dog equivalent of a teddy bear) and she annoys the whole damn town and on and on AND ON… My dad, not being afraid of pretty much anyone, just called him an idiot and told him to keep on walking.

The man told my dad to ‘man up’ and come out and fight him. When my dad refused this guy got angrier. Finally my dad said ‘If you don’t leave my yard I’m going to call the police’.

The man says ‘You want to play that game? You want to hide behind the fucking cops? Okay, we can play that game. Better watch that nobody puts drain cleaner in your dog’s water bowl because we’d all be pretty fucking happy if that thing dropped dead’.

This all unfolded in the space of maybe 2-3 minutes. My dad ended up coming in the house and phoning the police. He did so to let them know that this guy had just threatened to kill our dog. And now, I tell you, I haven’t seen him this afraid of anything in a long time.

I don’t think he’s going to let the dog out of his sight. I mean, he’s told us we’re not allowed to give her food or drink outside anymore and that if we let her outside we need to watch her. He’s just really scared right now. And rightfully so, I think. That dog is his best friend.

What kind of a human being threatens to poison someone’s dog?

Honestly, if a man comes that unhinged at another dog barking at his dog, he’s lost his marbles. There are 20 dogs on this road, all of which are a chorus of barking the majority of each day. Is he just going to start going around poisoning the whole neighbourhood?

57 thoughts on “Someone threatened to poison my dad’s dog.

  1. “Honestly, if a man comes that unhinged at another dog barking at his dog, he’s lost his marbles.”

    Exactly. None of that guy’s actions or reasoning is consistent or makes any sense at all. He needs to be in a mental health hospital, especially with the threats to poison your dog. He’s also speaking in clichés, which is another strong sign of mental disorder, for me.

    Can understand how protective your Dad’s being about the dog. That’s said that you’re having to change how you do things because of that guy, but the risk is too high to not take it seriously. Jeez, you don’t need more reasons to live in fear! I hope it gets resolved soon.

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  2. That’s horrible. Sounds like the man has some serious issues maybe made worse by being shut in…who knows but I understand your dad worrying about his dog because I would be neurotic too. Really sorry. Who needs it on top of everything else. Hang tight!

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  3. Wow, somebody has snapped is right! Damn. I’m not at all happy to read this but I am glad your Dad called the authorities. How crazy!! Yeah, some people are really wound too tight and don’t need much of an excuse to explode upon others and apparently innocent animals. I hope this is the last of this man.
    I know how scared your Dad feels. In the last house I owned with my ex-husband, our beloved cat of 10 years, the orange tabby I picked from the litter at just 8 wks old, was hit purposely and killed in front of our house by a neighbor. We knew this particular neighbor to be an animal hater, especially the cats in our neighborhood. My Butter, that was his name, was always an I door cat so we didn’t know the streets well until about a year before this happened. We had adopted another kitten who became an outdoor cat, long story, but Butter used to just sit on our front stoop or back deck. This night however he wondered out to the street. We lived in a quiet neighborhood and this happened at 3 AM. I didn’t even think it was purposely done until another neighbor told me he suspected foul play.
    It’s an awful feeling to think or know that your neighbors are capable of such hate. This was during the 2007-2008 housing crash here and we were in a short sale negotiation anyways when this happened. We ended up finding a rental shortly after because I was disturbed. My boys were little at the time too and I just didn’t feel comfortable in the neighborhood anymore.
    Your right too, your Dad probably will not let his beloved dog out of his sight. For good reason!!

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    1. They told us that they would file an official report and that my father could request the report in 48-72 hours so that he could have a copy. They gave him a reference code and then asked for the man’s name and his address. I presume they went to talk to the man to tell him to simmer down. Can’t say for certain but I guess we’ll see when my dad gets the report.

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      1. I’m assuming that they did since they rolled up to your house after his bullshit complaint. Are you in a small enough area where a restraining order would cause more pain than good?

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      2. Oh god, I don’t know. This whole town would be abuzz if that happened. I don’t think it’s something my dad would consider at this point. I think he’s just hoping that the man knowing a report has been filed will keep him away. That being said, my dad loves that dog enough that if this man says anything more to him, I could see him not giving a damn about town gossip and judgments and just doing it to ensure the dog is protected. I really do think that he’s hoping right now that this man knowing a report was filed is enough to keep him away. We’re just going to be diligent about not letting the dog out of our sight until we see if anything happens further. And we’re all going to keep our phones on us, because neither my dad, nor I, had our phones accessible today when the lunatic was on his rampage, and having that on video would have served a lot more than just our recollections to the cops after. Phone = good for recording anything in the future if it does happen…


      3. I feel that you’re doing what you can to protect the dog and ensure there’s evidence should it come to a time when you need it. I’d suggest keeping exterior lights on at night and doing a quick sweep of the yard before letting the dog outside just to make sure there’s nothing in the grass. It’s lunacy to suggest that – but you’re also dealing with a lunatic. I truly hope this passes without any more incidents. 💕


      4. Oh god, you raise a very valid point. I hadn’t considered someone throwing something into the yard and walking away. I’d only considered someone showing up if the dog was outside. Thank you for the suggestion, I think that might be a good step to take for the near future at least, anyways. Thank you.


      5. When I was a teenager a friend lost a dog because of a malicious neighbour who threw poisoned food into their yard. I believe it was a raw steak. Which, give me one dog who won’t go apeshit over steak!


  4. Who is this human dumpster fire of a terrible person? I hear your outrage and reinforce it with a renewed sense of outrage.

    Man, I wish I was there so bad, if only to punch that butthead in the throat. That or a nice drop kick to the head. I am intolerant of psychopaths roaming the streets like this and making threats.

    He is trash and I hope that this situation gets resolved soon for you. So sorry you’re dealing with this.

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    1. I didn’t find it extreme at all. Honestly, I was a little scared when it was all going down, but after the fact I really wish I could’ve responded like that.


      1. Okay, thanks for not being upset with me. I can get super protective of my friends. Please let us know if there are further developments or I’ll worry like a mom lol


  5. I’m sorry you and your Dad are dealing with this. I have a red temper and sad to say when I encounter these people I almost become unhinged to that same level and threaten right back. Which is not smart. I am also mentally I’ll though. So far everyone is saying what an asshole etc but it sounds like the guy was on thin ice to begin with and he’s losing it with quarantine. I hope somebody in his life checks in with him. To become that wonky over something so trivial and stupid is a sign of mental health danger. What sucks is that unless someone intervenes and can talk sense into him nothing can be done unless he crosses a legal line. But for you all that matters is your dog and family stay safe. I am really sorry to hear about this and I hope the guy gets control of himself and goes away or goes quiet. What a mess.

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    1. Honestly, I agree with you. Someone who is threatening to poison dogs and going off threatening to fight someone in the middle of a pandemic over a dog barking is clearly struggling from some type of mental illness. Sadly though, there’s not really anything that we can do about it other than avoid his house and protect our dog. We told a couple of the other people on this street about what happened, and two of the nearby neighbours actually saw him in our yard screaming but were too scared to come out. My dad says he thinks the guy lives alone because, up until last week when they got in that argument when he ran out into his yard, my dad used to walk past his yard to the trails on an almost daily basis and he says he’s never seen anyone else at his house. So if he does live alone, he doesn’t have anyone around to check on him right now.

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      1. That sucks. I live alone and I know exactly how nutty I have been sometimes personally. Now and then I force myself to go visit my sister. I hope this guy has someone who can call him. Shit, maybe you can talk to one of the neighbors and they can bring over some cookies and talk to the the guy. Just not you or your dad, haha.

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  6. I’m sorry to say, I’ve been through this before. Growing up, we had two dogs. We had a fenced in yard and we felt safe letting them out in the backyard to run around whenever it was nice out. We had this neighbor who lived behind us, our properties separated by a gravel alley. He was one of those old guys who hated everything and everybody. And he was the kind of person who knew the law well enough that he knew what he could get away with and not get caught. Example: he got into an argument with another neighbor who had a detached garage and a few days later that garage caught fire… investigation said arson, and they looked into the old man, but no evidence could be found leading directly to him. But we’re all pretty sure it was him. Anyway, this guy hated barking dogs. He hated any noise… he once yelled at me for dribbling a basketball after 6:00 p.m. Our dogs were used to him being out in his yard, so they never barked at him. But if they would bark at someone else who happened to walk by or at a squirrel, he’d yell at them to shut up. I can’t remember what caused it all to escalate, but eventually he got to the point where he shot the back of my dad’s car with an air rifle… I can only hope he never actually shot our dogs. But one morning my dad (who was the first one up) let the dogs into the yard while he got ready for work. Thankfully, he was watching for a minute and saw them dart to the back fence where they started sniffing around and eating something. Dad rushed out and found that someone had thrown raw hamburger into our yard and it was stuffed with little pellets of rat poison. Neither of the dogs actually ate anything harmful. Dad found a trail of the pellets leading to the old man’s back yard. We called the police, but that wasn’t enough evidence to prove that the old man had done anything. From then on, we had to be present in the yard with the dogs whenever they were outside. And then, not long after that, my parents decided it would be in the dogs’ best interest to find new homes for them, which we all later regretted because we missed them too much. Sorry, I know this comment has gotten long, but I want to leave with a sense of some justice. The old man, some months later, got into an argument with another neighbor down the block. He was drunk and decided it would be a good idea to get his gun and shoot himself in the stomach, then call the police and claim the guy he was arguing with shot him. That plan didn’t work out for him. The police easily pieced together what he had done and he was charged with a couple of slap on the wrist crimes. Guess they figured a gunshot wound to the gut was nearly punishment enough.

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    1. This story makes me so disgusted with the human race. There’s something seriously wrong with us if there are people in this world capable of shit like this. I am so sorry

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  7. Some people deal with fear by pushing outwards. Hence this moron with the dog. He sounds like a lot of bluster, but I think your dad is right to take him seriously. Meanwhile, you might ask around among the neighbors. I’ll bet your dad is not the only one this guy has threatened. Might be a good idea to alert the neighbors to keep an eye out.

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    1. We did end up warning the neighbours about him and two of the neighbours said they’ve had run-ins with him. It’s sad, really. He seems like he’s in a really bad place. That being said, we haven’t heard from him since he threatened the dog, so we’re counting that as a positive.

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  8. What a crazy story. Actually, that man is crazy. If he doesn’t want to hear dog barking, why does he have a dog? Smh. It’s outrageous. I genuinely hope that man finds inner peace (he might be having a tough time dealing with the current COVID situation) so he won’t lash out like that, and I hope he treats his dog well. Well done to your dad for being clear headed throughout this whole thing and keep an eye out for your dog!

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    1. Right? One o the things we told police was that we were worried for his dog if he was threatening to poison another dog. I honestly think he needs some sort of help or counselling. That being said, he’s definitely not going to listen to us telling him that. The police told us to steer clear of him, which we’ve done. Thankfully we haven’t heard from him since the day this all happened. I’m hoping we don’t hear from him again. I also hope he finds some peace, like you say.

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      1. If he’s capable of poisoning a dog, who knows what else he’s capable of. It’s a relief to know he hasn’t been heard from again.


  9. I had a crazy neighbour couple who once poisoned my kitties when i was a kid, just because they went to their side of the garden.

    She ended up killing the kitties and the mother.

    There are people with 0 values for any kind of life.


    1. I’m not really sure why I missed this comment when you first left it but I’m viewing this tonight and this is horrifying. What a shockingly awful human being. That really disgusts me and I really hope that karma catches up with her, if it hasn’t already. That’s so uncalled for and so horrifying.

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    1. We haven’t heard from him since this day so I’m thankful for that fact. Hopefully he finds some help, wherever he gets it from… because he definitely needs it.

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    1. Honestly, he probably needs some chill pills (literal prescriptions for meds to help him chill the fuck out). We haven’t heard from him since that day though, so that’s a good thing.

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    1. Dogs are members of the family. Also, I trust dogs more than I trust people. Anyone who could harm a dog is really not a good person at all… to put it nicely.


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