House hunting


Two kitchens. Two homes.

One home has two bedrooms, two bathrooms and 1300 square feet of living space. Also included is a single car garage and a small patio in the back for a grill or to sit in the sunshine during the non-snowy, non-pandemic months.

One home has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and 2100 square feet of living space. Also included is a double car garage, a large deck off the back with plenty of entertaining space and enough yard to have a large dog or have a garden, or swing set or whatever one’s heart desires.

Both are built in 2019. Both are renting for $1,500 per month and both are in very desirable areas of the city.

What’s the better choice? The layout of these kitchens are almost identical!

(Also, I know I don’t have a job yet and so looking at houses is silly. But, hiding away from the world every day to slow the spread of COVID leaves a girl with a lot of time on her hands. And I like house hunting!)

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58 thoughts on “House hunting

    1. See one would think that If they’re the same price then go for the larger one gives you more bang for your buck. But, that’s also a lot of extra furniture you have to buy. If you have to save up for furniture does the bigger house still seem more appealing?

      Also, you’re right that the larger one is the dark kitchen!

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      1. Yes to me yes, cause then I can take my time and select the perfect items I want – make it exactly how I want it slowly – that’s fine with me- I love space

        If you get the little house and furnish it right away – and then over time you get stuff and start to burst out?

        I still say bigger ✌️

        I also like the darker kitchen one

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  1. Totally get the house hunting urge. I also browse real estate listings for entertainment. Can’t say which one is better… Really a matter of taste. On a related note, the Realtors around here that I’ve been taking to lately say that the market is still holding up pretty good.

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    1. That’s good to hear! I know for people buying around here, they’re setting closing dates for June or later unless it’s an emergency circumstance. It’s good to know that the industry isn’t totally dead though. People still have to move. I have heard that a lot more digital tours are happening. Which is also probably a good thing.

      You can’t really rent around here unless it’s an emergency circumstance. They’re trying to keep people where they’re at to stop the spread…

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      1. I know they’re doing more virtual tours here. One realtor I talked to the other day said that the younger Realtors are complaining that it’s slow, but they weren’t around in ’08, so they don’t know what slow really is.

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  2. I remember you posting these interior designs of the kitchen on Instagram…
    You know… I too hover around insta interior decor and room decor stuff to get some inspo on how I can clean my room…its always messy…! 😅

    good luck with house hunting 🥂

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  3. Definitely the top one, and don’t sweat it, with nothing but time on my hands I spend a great sum of it window shopping for my next car, feels like a good use of time for some reason though lol.

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      1. Well that’s a coincidence, the two cars I currently have my eye on happen to be a Volkswagon and a bright red Audi, guess great minds do think alike 😅

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  4. Well that depends…I like looking at houses too. In fact I bought my current home on the Internet, sight unseen, although I tried not to confess this to my friends who already thought I was nuts for moving coast to coast with 13 cats. No regrets. At all.

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    1. Bought? I’ve rented sight unseen, but I don’t know that I’d ever have the guts to buy sight unseen. You’re very, very brave!


    1. Oh, this is in Calgary, where the government has dumped the majority of their budget into oil and gas and are suffering greatly because of it. Present day Alberta is like 2008 recession all over again. Things are cheap cheap cheap in Alberta. If these were in Vancouver or Toronto or another major Canadian city, it would be $3,500 or more… probs.

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      1. I love my roomy 5 bedroom 3 bath house. It’s 3k sq ft and my back yard is a lakefront.
        My back and front yards are huge. We built it in a small development in the 90s. Talk about a steal… we are often getting solicited from someone who wants to buy. As long as I’m breathing, this is the house of my dreams.

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    1. Ooooooooh, I’ve never had a kitchen that large. Every kitchen I’ve ever had in any apartment I’ve ever lived in has always been like a studio apartment 5 inches of counter space kitchen… so yes, Island kitchens are real nice!


      1. I personally don’t have one either but I’ve stayed over at a couple of peoples homes that did have them and they are awesome!

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  5. Coming from a cleaning lady go for the darker kitchen. Both are beautiful and if they are the same price go for more space. More bang for the buck!

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    1. More space for the rent paid, but also more space on has to buy furniture for… that’s where I question whether or not the smaller one might be better.

      P.S. The darker kitchen is the bigger house. So you’re right on that.

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      1. Ahhh the furniture conundrum 😦 We rent fully furnished. That has it’s pros and cons as well. Also there’s the hole utility question. We somehow find places where all utilities are included.


  6. I like the darker kitchen. It’s richer and more sophisticated, IMO. House and apartment hunting has been a hobby of mine forever! When I lived at home with my mom I looked all the time. It was the pressure release reminding me that I had options. 😉

    In Sonoma County, California right now, $1500 a month will get you a tiny one bedroom apartment in a bad part of town. They’re hard to find at that price. Mostly you’re looking at closer to $1850+.

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    1. I’m glad to hear that I’m not the only person who loves browsing random apartments!

      And I totally believe you about rent. Cali, especially where you are in Cali, is notttttttttttttttttt cheap. You have to have roommates or be independently wealthy to live there. lol

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  7. I’ve been entertaining these thoughts lately, too. I have a cabin in the woods image that won’t leave me alone. Not sure how/if these will manifest but it’s fun dreaming with you :}


  8. I tend to like white. But, you have to see both in person or virtually . See all rooms and storage facilities, washing etc. Though I like white most. I actually think the brown is better, as it has more counter space, it has a double fridge freezer. In the brown the sink looks a bit small, but it might not be. The white has a double sink which I personally don’t think are necessary and waste space. I think the brown kitchen has more storage, more counter space. in my humble opinion. i would go for the brown even though I like white as a colour. I am more practical than just aesthetics.


  9. I am a human who spends way too much time watching hgtv. Thank you for the little window into your dream of moving I hope if you decided to move you get what you need. You don’t necessarily need my input as I’m a stranger on the internet. But I think the top description of the smaller home is best, so you are not tempted to clutter the home with nicknacks. In my opinion top kitchen is the best because even though they have the same sqft white bright colors leave for a more opens concept feel.

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    1. Hey, I freaking love HGTV! Also, I really like your opinions soooo please don’t ever feel afraid to share. I leaned more towards the White Kitchen, which is the smaller house. Honestly, if I do move this summer, that would be a place I’d love to wind up in. I like being intentional with my space. Too much space could make for space that doesn’t get used. And I definitely don’t want knicknacks!

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  10. I know you don’t need my opinion as I’m a stranger off the internet. The top photo has a more open concept feel, even though they are the same sqft (sqft means square feet, a way of measuring a home.) For the descriptions the top description because it leaves less room for nicknacks and clutter. Have a safe day.

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