The one where I talk about guns

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced today there will be a ban, effective immediately, on some 1,500 military grade ‘assault style’ weapons. Starting today, May 1st, licensed gun owners will no longer be able to buy, sell, trade, transport, import or use these weapons in Canada.

The Canadian government will also begin the process of a ‘buy-back program’ in which individuals who own these guns will be provided with compensation to turn over their weapons.

“These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time,” Trudeau said. “There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada.”

Though legislation for this has been in the works for more than a year, this announcement comes less than two weeks after a mass shooting in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia where 22 people lost their lives. When speaking of the deadliest rampage in Canadian history, Trudeau said “Their families deserve more than thoughts and prayers. Canadians deserve more than thoughts and prayers.”

While reaction to the announcement has been largely positive, it is worth noting that not everyone has been happy to hear this announcement. Conservative Politicians have been very critical of the plan, proclaiming that it infringes on the rights of legal gun owners in Canada. Also, claiming that it’s poorly timed and crass.

Trudeau’s response? “You don’t need an AR-15 to bring down a deer.”

So what does this mean for Canadians? It means that if you want to be a hunter, you can be so without assault style weaponry. It means that these weapons will no longer be on store shelves. It means that, while we can’t bring and of these people back for their family and friends, we can honour their lives by taking positive steps forward in society.

It is true, more work will need to be done to stop these weapons that are being transported illegally into Canada. But, in my personal opinion, I reckon that steps are already being taken to stop the illegal import of these guns. I also reckon it’d be a pretty stupid move on behalf of the government or any law enforcement agency to publicly announce their plan for stopping the illegal weapon imports. If the criminal enterprise can watch law enforcement plans on television, they can easily stay five steps ahead. It’s a delicate game that needs to be done in the strictest of confidence to protect the lives of law enforcement and all Canadians. So please don’t expect plans to stop the illegal spread of guns be broadcasted for the world to hear.

My personal take? It’s about fucking time. The Prime Minister is right, Canadians deserve more than thoughts and prayers. I touched last year on a story about how two teenagers legally purchased an assault rifle and went on a murderous rampage throughout Northern BC, lead RCMP on a cross country manhunt and turned their gun on themselves after they were cornered in rural northern Manitoba. Something I didn’t touch on that was released months after their bodies were found was that they left detailed suicide notes explaining how many more murders they planned to commit that they didn’t get too because the police caught onto them too quickly.

From BC to Nova Scotia, if we can save even one more life, it’s a worthwhile investment in our country’s future.

18 thoughts on “The one where I talk about guns

  1. First, I agree that assault weapons have no place in a civilized country where a military exists and there is rarely, if ever, a need to protect ones self or property from hordes of people.

    Second, I feel like the focus of guns is often misplaced. Yes, there are mass shootings with assault rifles, but so many more people die by suicide with guns than any mass shooter. There needs to be better mental health, not just a decrease in guns. If determined, people will find a way to hurt other people, whether with a pressure cooker bomb (Boston Marathon) or simply a knife (often the case in London) or some other means. Just my opinion. Banning assault rifles definitely makes it harder to kill lots of people, but it should be just a beginning.

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  2. I don’t usually take time to weigh in on such issues. Why? Many are based on emotions. You cannot debate your feelings.
    One of your other posters told the truth of it. Mental health is the right answer, and I would offer up to you that many of these violent video games are more like simulators for death and destruction, as in the case of the Sandy Hook shooter.
    It was reported that he spent several hours a day playing this style of game, and when in real life, he blew a teacher’s head off with a shotgun, he just laughed. I suppose the blood spatter, and brains and such flying against the walls amused him. I think I can say this without offending you…he was a sick fuck!
    I know about guns. The AR-15 is made to look like something it is not. If we indeed sent our men and women into war with them, they would be slaughtered. Why?
    The gun is designed to look menacing, but in reality, it is nothing more than a light caliber semi-automatic rifle, much like many other rifles on the market. Truthfully there are much more dangerous ‘hunting rifles’ in the market, but they don’t look cool.
    Much like those who purchase a sports car, instead of an SUV or more practical automobile. While they might be an extension of their manhood, or lack thereof, like the gun, what good is it? Can you take a car that goes from 0 to 100 in seconds flat, on the motorway, and truly drive it as it was intended? No.
    If the AR-15 were painted pink with Hello Kitty decals on it, nobody would buy it. Well, very few would. Giving a gun a name like AR for assault rifle is a misnomer when it comes to that gun. Can it be modified to fully automatic? Yes, but so can many others. It takes someone with unique skills and know-how, but if they want to find a way to make it more deadly, they can and will. The gun is still a small-caliber weapon, unlike its cousin that the military uses.
    Much like your other commenter, let’s call it what it is ‘evil.’ If they are evil they will find a way to do evil. From driving trucks, or cars, into busy shopping places, or creating explosives with hardware store purchased items. Evil is out there.
    In London the public has been stripped of just about any possible way to defend themselves. Terrorists are driving around on motorbikes squirting battery acid on pedestrians. The mayor told them ‘terrorism is a way of life; get used to it.’ True story. If a bad man is coming after them, they are told to run, hide, and report. My uncle, Winston Churchill, is rolling in his grave with that advice.
    When you give up your rights to be safe, you will never be safe.
    -Best -TW

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  3. Honestly and this makes me sound really stupid because I am a Canadian citizen (living in the USA…why? Don’t ask. xD lol) I thought assault weapons were always banned in Canada, as one of their stricter gun policies. Maybe they just had stricter restrictions on them than say the USA? I am really not surprised to hear the news, it is very typical of Canadian beliefs or what have you, especially Trudeau. In my personal opinion and how I feel about guns, I believe the same assault weapons have no use aside from mass killings and heavy violence. There is no need for them outside of the military.

    As for the whole do guns kill people, do video games kill people…No, they are scape goats. You can’t blame a video game for one’s actions. If a person seriously thinks it is okay to go out and shoot anything after playing a video game for hours or religiously, than that person is mentally unstable for one or a few of many reasons and needs to be rehabilitated into society. If you cannot tell the difference between a violent video game, movie or lyrics (whatever it may be you are trying to blame) and reality than there is something deeply wrong and concerning. Violence happens because A. Humans actually are evil (some would argue we are the most destructive species since we came into existence. Yes it has gotten better, but is that doesn’t change the fact we still ultimately suck at getting along with ourselves or other species you could say. B. It can be a various of different reasons why an individual would commit violent acts against innocent people or whatever scenario. Even war is something that is deeply troublesome to me (yes I get it’s politics and what not but you know what I mean) but in an act of let’s say a violent crime such as a mass shooting at random…This individual is mentally unfit for society for either A. Born that way, where their brain is so messed up no normal person could ever step into. B. They were raised that way either by family or even society, again something we cannot grasp. No matter how insane it is to you, it could still be normal to this individual. C. Society as a whole has numerous problems we are not even close to over coming. D. Poverty E. All of the above? F. some other reason that we cannot grasp, including mental health. I would say poverty and mental health has a lot to do with most of it, not all. BUT it is still that person’s choice. To be brainwashed for example is a choice. You can ban all guns, you can ban all mature video games and rated R movies….but I promise you that is not the solution. Maybe that is the solution they want us to have as a quick fix, instead of actually looking at humanity and realizing there is something deeply wrong with society in 2020. Because once we start questioning those things we are coming out of our bubbles most leaders and society wants us to be in.

    I hope this makes sense and sorry if I came across strongly. these are just a short explaination of my personal beliefs. I would also like to note, I have a different reviews on guns after talking to Americans and living in the USA. Most of them honestly just enjoy target practice as a hobby. There are of course those few that say it is for defense, and I disagree with these beliefs, but I have to remeber I was raised in Canada, an entirely different society. It doesn’t make Canada or USA better, and it most certainly does not end violence having such debates. Most of the violence in the states is related to poverty. Living in both Canada and USA was a really big shock. I thought Canada had poverty…yeah it is nothing to the USA. I have wanted to ball my eyes out driving through Detroit before thinking how did anyone let it get THIS BAD. A once booming city that has been completely destroyed and non cares about them or to fix it. What do you think happens when you are raised in a impoverished society and that is all you know? But poverty is a different discussion.

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  4. We have to ban things in society because we have to be babysat pretty much. xD So what is next? The government is going to tell me I cannot listen to music with violent lyrics, I can’t play shooter games, I can’t watch violent shows or movies because some individuals have never been taught right from wrong or what reality is? Though I agree that violence especially in the states is too much treated as the norm (TV show has violence let’s rate it 14+…oh a person shows their butt in the tv show RATED R…cause you know my birthday suit is way more explicit than someone’s head being blown off?) yes that part of society is really wrong. But I do play shooter games, I do listen to hip hop and other genres that suggest violence, some of my favorite movies have acts of violence in them….but I believe violence and any other crimes against humans or humanity is very wrong. I never once thought I think it would be cool to go out today and play Call of Duty in real life on the streets, or run over some innocent bystanders after playing grand theft auto. The saddest part of all this is I have watched and played violent video games since a child. I played GTA probably way earlier than I should, I watched South Park and other stuff before I could fully comprehend the humor. Sure that was probably bad doing on my parents part, but my parents also raised me right from wrong and I have morals. The problem now is video games are raising our youth. Parents are like no where to be found while kids are locked in their bedrooms or in the basement playing xbox. I may have been allowed to watch or do certain things but it was all under the supervision of my parents. My parents played video games with us and also watched tv with us. When they felt we were old enough or mature enough to handle more adult like stuff they okayed it. We also had time management, we still had to go outside and play with the neighborhood kids etc, it wasn’t sit on your butt all day and play video games. They sat down and had conversations with us about it all too. I had a relationship with my parents and they trust me. That is a big problem when social media and video game consoles are literally raising the youth today. They are way too disconnected not just from their family, but reality. So maybe in some way even social media relates to all of this.

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  5. Congrats to PM Trudeau and your country for taking this important action. I wish my country would step up and ban assault weapons. They have no place in society. I am all for people owning a gun but in our society today they are a clear threat. Thanks for sharing V!

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  6. Absolutely. I don’t fear the guns, I fear the irrational people fueled by extremist rhetoric, who buy the guns to use on people like me. The US is a frightening place to me.

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  7. I completely agree with you 100%. I don’t usually weigh in on gun control but after the mass killing situation here in NS last month I agree this really needs to be dealt with. I live about 2 hours away from where this happened. I had family in the area. I remember watching the events unfold and it’s not something I would wish on anyone. Enough is enough. There has been too many incidents in Canada. I am not against gun ownership at all. I think guns for hunting for food are fine. But I don’t think that assault-type rifles or even handguns too a point are needed. I think a crack-down on the import of illegal guns is coming as well and if not it is surely needed. People upset about it infringing upon our rights as Canadians are misguided because honestly, we do not have a constitutional right to bear arms, unlike our American neighbours, it’s not in our Canadian charter of rights and freedoms as it is in theirs. So they can argue that point all they want but they really don’t have a foot to stand on when it comes to the right to bear arms in Canada. In my personal opinion, I am not against guns and think certain kinds of guns are okay for certain purposes but again what the hell does anyone need with an assault-type rifle anyway? As long as the buyback program is handled correctly and there is more work done on addressing mental health issues that contribute to these types of incidents as well as work on stopping the illegal trade of guns then this is a good step forward!

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    1. I cannot imagine what it must’ve been like to be a Nova Scotian during that horrible event. Honestly, people are acting as though the government has said no more guns, ever. And that’s not the case – like you said, people can still hunt, people can still use guns for skeet shooting or things like that. The government is saying that guns that are typically used in mass murder aren’t necessary for citizens to have. An important point you’ve touched on.

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      1. I honestly can’t describe it. We knew the people were dead but we had no idea just how many people last their lives during those two days. We knew he was on the move but no idea where he was headed. The situation was confusing as there was so much misinformation and no actual warnings were sent out via the emergency response system so we had no idea where he was or where he was heading until after the police had been where he had last been. It was all surreal and unbelievable and terrifying. It’s not something I hope to ever have to go through again but unless we do get better gun control is this country it will keep happening and chances are we will go through it

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