It’s almost Friday (a random assortment of thoughts)

As I write this I am watching three black bears across the road, down about three hundred feet from our yard, picking through the neighbours garbage.

You would think that living in a place this remote, people would know by this point that there are bears… that bears are awake during spring and summer and that their garbage should be kept behind their fence. Perhaps the neighbours just enjoy cleaning garbage that’s been torn up and tossed around their front yard. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Silly neighbours…

For lack of a smoother transition, British Columbia now has an official plan of action to reopen the economy, send kids back to school and define our new normal. The plan, slated to take place over the next eighteen months, is filled with holes, leaving people with more questions than answers, but at least it’s a plan at this point. The government isn’t haphazardly saying ‘open back up and pretend as though COVID never happened’. Because I know that’s definitely happening in a lot of places around the world.

What does that mean for travel?

I don’t know.

My brother invited me to Norway for Christmas. Does it make me a negative person if I don’t believe that international travel for leisure will be a thing by then? British Columbia isn’t planning for our tourism industry to reopen for a long time.

I have ALWAYS wanted to see Stavanger and the truly breathtaking surrounding region. But, I don’t think it’s worthwhile for my brother to sink his money into plane tickets for me when a trip like that is anything but certain in a COVID world.

I was talking about it with MarlaOnTheMove (she’s a fellow British Columbian) and honestly, the way I figure, we’re going to be in this province for the forseeable future. And, hearing how much she’s dealing with in trying to get refunds for her trips, I really don’t know if it’s worth it.

I’m so negative tonight. I know. I’m trying not to be. I just keep telling myself that I’m being realistic. And realistic, in a 2020 world is important right now.

On the subject of travel, did anyone else see the Axl Rose/Steve Mnuchin twitter spat? I know ya’ll are tired of hearing my opinions about politics, so I’ll just say that 2020 is whoah.

My anxiety has been pretty high this week. I’m doing what I can to cope but it’s been difficult. There’s just so much uncertainty that it’s hard to keep a calm frame of mind. I’m trying. But I’m also having troubles getting out of bed each day. I won’t lie about that.

Alright, that’s enough word vomit for tonight.

If you’ve read this, I hope you’re safe, healthy and sane. Sending best wishes from me and the bear sleuth.

31 thoughts on “It’s almost Friday (a random assortment of thoughts)

  1. You have black bears across the road!? I can see a couple of courting pigeons from my window … but only on a good day for wildlife! We live in such different worlds, don’t we?
    Regarding Covid-19, I’m sure the world won’t ever be quite the same again, and international travel will take a long time to recover to a recognisable level. Stavanger will still be there in a few years time, so much better to delay your plans for a while! Take care, stay strong … and enjoy the three bears!🐻🐻🐻

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    1. The bears, moose, deer and all of the other creatures that live around here were definitely here long before our neighbourhoods were built. This is there home, we’re the guests here. You know what I mean? On the subject of pigeons though, I once watched a move where the woman went around London kissing pigeons to find one that turned into a prince. I wonder if there’s a handsome prince hiding in those pigeons?

      You’re absolutely right about travel. So glad I’m not alone in that feeling.

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      1. Hmm, kissing pigeons eh? Don’t know why she bothered, handsome princes are over-rated. For a real taste of the exotic she should trying kissing a platypus!

        You’re right about us – humans – being (unwelcome) guests. It’s interesting that there have been reports from various parts of the world of wildlife reclaiming streets that have been deserted by people due to the Covid-19 lockdown.

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  2. Your brother lives in Stavanger? So cool! My cousin does too. I’d love to go and visit sometime. You never know – maybe by Christmas you could go? That would be an awesome time to visit. 😊

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    1. My brother actually lives in Denmark with his other half and their baby. His in-laws live in Norway and every year that side of the family spends the holidays in Norway. He’s been zillions of times and he always tells me I’d love it there.

      PS – Not stalking your comment as to reply so quickly. I just drank too much caffeine too late tonight so I am laying awake… lol

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      1. 😂 I wouldn’t think anything of a quick reply. Sometimes I’m just on here when comments come through (like now) so I reply straight away – why not?
        I went to Bergen one time. It was really beautiful. We took a boat trip on the fjords I think you would love Norway. You should definitely go if you can. 😊

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    1. I know that you like to get on planes a lot. I don’t know how you feel about getting on planes right now, but I feel like there might need to be a grace period before I am getting on a plane.


      1. Domestic flights in the US are operating, and there are just a few people on each flight. There was a program on the NPR the other day, which featured some airline officials who explained in detail what they are doing in the airports and on the planes these days to keep the travelers safe. With measures like that, I would go if anything would be flying across the pond these days. But that’s not a pleasure travel for me, you know 🙂


  3. From what I gather, a lot of people, especially women are feeling the way you describe right now. I wonder if it has something to do with the phase of the moon. I know how that sounds, but I live with someone who always goes weird/stressed when the moon is full. Myself, not so much, but I have other “issues”.
    I think you are right, that travel for fun isn’t going to happen any time soon and that is just being realistic. Realistic and negative seem to me to be the same thing right now. Is that a negative statement in itself? Hang in. Eventually it will get better.

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    1. I wouldn’t recommend that. Most bears are like 600-1000 pounds that could slice your jugular with just one swipe. Then, they will quite literally tear you limb from limb and eat you after.

      There was a man here who was attacked by a bear last summer. The claw marks in him were so deep, they hit organs. Sliced right through every layer of his skin… He was in hospital for several weeks and had bandages for three months after his surgery just to recover.

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  4. People do the same thing here with garbage. It drives me insane, we have bears, deer, foxes, and raccoons and they all get in the garbage and strew it around. Deer tend to wait and go for the leftovers when they feel it safe and not tear it open but still they make a bloody mess. People don’t think of the consequences either beyond having to pick it up. There could be things in there that will kill wildlife and kill loose or stray pets. If you’re going to live in the country in nature you need to respect nature, that’s my thought anyways.

    Nova Scotia now has a plan as well. It was leaked to the media today. It’s over 16-18 months as well. Our plan starts with the opening of schools and some low-risk businesses, more outdoor recreation etc. in phases and after each phase a 28 day “trial” period to see if cases increase before continuing onward or even going back. My concern is the second wave because surely there will be one if things are opened up too soon, but balancing that with people’s livelihoods, etc is so hard. I think they have to look more at pandemics of the past whether on the same scale or worse or not as bad, as they can give clues, at the same time things were different than so who knows. It’s so hard to predict the outcome of this. And there is nothing wrong with being realistic.

    Anxiety sucks. Especially right now. I tend to ponder the worst outcomes, not sure if it’s negativity or what but I can’t get them out of my head. Getting out of bed is a struggle for me as well. Sleeping in a lot just because I don’t want to be awake and reading, hearing and seeing things about all the stuff going on. It’s hard to cope with but I just keep reminding myself that I am not alone, for once I can clearly see other people going through the same thing as me which is not a first really but a first on this scale. I keep reminding myself that I have tons of support from family, friends and even people I don’t know online and reminding myself that I can be of support to others too and for some reason that keeps me going, keeps me sane in a time where I feel like everything’s falling apart.

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    1. You’ve touched on an important point. The ‘second-wave’ so to speak, is something that sticks in the back of my mind all day every day. The Spanish flu had three waves over a two year period. So honestly, to say we’ve got this under control now? I worry about that.

      I’ve been watching the graph on the government of Canada website (here: and Nova Scotia seems to have done a decent job at keeping numbers low. That’ll work in the province’s favour. That being said, given how low numbers are in New Brunswick, I wonder if there’s more cases that haven’t been reported in New Brunswick? I know that there’s been at least 50 cases in BC tied to people who travelled here from Alberta, so I kind of get the sense that our plans are only as good as the neighbouring province plans…


  5. Hoping your interview went well 🙂 Sorry about the anxiety, I understand. At least the stupid neighbors give you a bear show. I’m appalled at the U

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  6. Oh man, what I would do for you to be able to take that Christmas trip! If it doesn’t happen this year (unlikely, as we’ve discussed since even though other nations are opening up borders it’s unlikely that BC will let us travel) you have a nice light at the end of this dark dark tunnel to look forward to. Which is totally something that you’d say to me!

    I was going to email you this but think I’ll just share it here. Boyfriend and I have two nights booked at a cabin within the Washington State Park system for later this month (Victoria Day weekend). I received an email this week from WSP that basically said, “Park is closed. You’re reservation is cancelled. You’re getting a full refund. We’ll take care of it. Don’t bother contacting us.” IF ONLY everyone else that I’m trying to get refunds from was as efficient.

    I hope that you are feeling a bit better by the time you read this, and have a great start to your weekend.

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    1. Well that sucks that you don’t get to go, but… given those giant murder hornets, maybe that’s a good thing? That’s nice that getting the refund is so easy with these people. If only they could teach a lesson to a couple of those others you’re dealing with…


  7. I had been hopeful for international travel to happen by October, but now I reckon it won’t be until mid-2021 that we’ll start opening up to it. Such a shame, especially for you since Norway would be a fun time. I am, however, remaining optimistic for domestic travel by this year’s end, even if within my state! Stay safe, and stay healthy, V!

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    1. I remain hopeful for domestic travel as well, but cautious about it. California has some nice spots… and Vegas isn’t too far from you. If, locally, they managed to get numbers under control, it might be nice to just explore locally!

      I know for me, there are some places in the mountains I’d love to visit…

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  8. I have a friend who lives in BC and I was hoping to visit but I don’t think it’s a good idea right now. I have another friend who just got home from Russia after being stuck there a month longer than he originally went for. It’s insane out there. But I am also going insane at home. I don’t know. I guess we just wait and see what happens as things slowly reopen


  9. Woah, aren’t black bears dangerous? That’s so scary!?!? what if you left your door open or they smashed into your house? Is that possible? I don’t know about Canada’s cases but my government seems to think this pandemic will affect next year even, so no I don’t think its negative just realistic! Definitely hold off on the tickets for now sadly, because its unlikely you’ll get a refund when we’re already waist deep in the pandemic. Take one day at a time V, I hate it when the anxiety takes grip but try to recall the good things, repeat them and feel optimistic about doing them again one day! I hope you’ll be alright!


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