When people suck.

Why do people have to fight when someone passes away? Why can’t they just get along, remember the person in the way which they deserve and fulfill their final wishes? Why does it always have to be about money?

‘Well I bet you’re happy about the giant pay day you’re about to come into!’ Someone who knows my parents says to me today and laughs while they execute the ‘making it rain’ gesture with their hands. Mature, I know.

Why kind of a heartless person says/does stuff like this?

No. I’m not excited. I’d rather still have my uncle around and I’m damn fucking sure that my parents and all of my brothers would say the same thing. His estate could be worth $10 or 10 billion dollars, it doesn’t fucking matter. No amount of money is worth the loss to our family and the fact that all of my Uncles, Aunts and Cousins are fighting with one another.

No one ever asks to lose a loved one. This money isn’t something we’re celebrating. The estate won’t even be settled for at least two years. But hey, apparently people think we’re laughing all the way to the bank… Why do people always make it about money?

We still haven’t even been issued a death certificate due to backup because of COVID-19.

58 thoughts on “When people suck.

  1. We have members of my grandfather’s family harassing my grandmother about why there hasn’t been a memorial. The poor woman lost her husband after recovering from COVID herself, and they want to know why there hasn’t been a memorial in a global pandemic. I don’t know why people are so awful. My thoughts are with you and your family.

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    1. That’s so scary that people just don’t understand. Holding a funeral right now could literally put everyone who came at risk. People deserve to be remembered, yes. But your grandmother also deserves to recover, and to stay as healthy as possible. Especially if she’s been through COVID. I am so sorry!

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  2. It’s so sad that with so many people that’s the first thing they see when they learn of someone’s death. Take the high road and ignore such immature imbeciles. Don’t let these people get to you. Pity them. They’re still mentally. terrible children. Only their bodies grew up.

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  3. Oh my word V, that IS heartless and totally gross. The value of human life far outweighs money. Yes, “when people suck” is a correct title for these words. I’m so sorry you have to deal with this. Unfortunately, you see other’s true colors when folks pass and it’s usually over money. I have dealt with this in my own family. I always go back to the saying, “money is the root of all evil.” Hugs my friend (even though you’re not a hugger 😉)

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  4. Simple, because people are greedy. My spouse and I did a living trustsased. It clearly states if you didn’t receive anything it’s because the deceased Madeira my husband and I made decision not to leave you any thing. There will be many people in my family disappointed when they don’t get anything.

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    1. Do you think people will contest it? I’m curious as to how other families deal with this just because my grandparents died before I was born so I’ve never really dealt with this on either side of my family before. Two of my uncle’s are contesting the will.

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      1. Well that’s what we payed for, legal wise. It’s not a will. It’s a trust. It would cost them many hundred thousand to fight it. We were clearly mentally healthy when we had it done. Even our house is now owned by the trust and not us individually. Anything really expensive like a new car needs to be put in the trust.
        I have a son and a niece who are excluded. Her because I don’t like her. My son, who was adopted is a legal mess. Currently serving time for robbing several banks. He left our state several years ago. He will be released from prison in a few months.
        We will not be leaving a dime to him to squander on drugs.

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    1. I don’t think it has to do with the amount of people who’ve passed, I think it has to do with running with minimal staff/crew as to stop/slow the spread. Things are taking a lot longer because they’re working with 1/5 the staff of normal.

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  5. The real treasure upon the death of a close friend or a loved one, is not any material things they may have left behind, but rather the love, sharing, experiences they provided while they lived.

    When people focus on the materialistic things, yes, they suck!

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    1. You’re absolutely correct. Materialistic things are just that… materialistic things. Love, memories, photos, stories, these are the things that matter!

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  6. Sorry about that, when I lost my dad a few years back, I had uncles and aunts I haven’t seen in decades show up to make claim to his ‘wealth’

    They tried false accusations, threats and familiarity but none worked and I’m glad. I truly do not understand why this happens too and rather than clamour for the wealth of a loved one that just passed, I’ll rather work away.

    Money is really nothing without a “life” to live, and I bet this pandemic has taught us a lot concerning that.

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    1. I’m so sorry that you had to deal with that. Money is really nothing without a life to live, you’ve hit the nail on the head there. Family members who come out of the wood works looking for money aren’t really family at all.


    1. I told my parents what they said and my dad gave me his phone and was like ‘Please delete their number’. I think that’s his version of ‘Bye FELICIA’

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  7. I’m so sorry about your uncle but I’ve honestly seen that too, and I was absolutely shockeddd. It was maaad. How can people act SO insensitive especially when they should be the one grieving the most?
    It’s really a disgusting period. I’ve distanced myself from most of them even. 😶

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  8. What a rude, tasteless, and immature remark. That´ s extremely inappropriate and insulting. Your loss is painful enough without such people. Their behavior speaks for itself, and it tells a lot more about them than anything.

    And on top of that, to have to endure a family feud about money is terrible.

    I send you my most positive energy, lots of hugs, and many thoughts.

    Henriette Pedersen, Denmark

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    1. Thank you, my dear.
      Thankfully my immediate family is in agreeance on the situation. It’s my cousins and aunts and uncles that are causing all of the issues.
      I hope that you are well and healthy in Denmark. And the littles have transitioned well into their return to school<3


  9. So sorry, for your loss and for the consequences. It’s a part of human behavior I don’t understand at all. I was urged to contest a will once. I said if that was what was written, that was what the person intended. Period. It could have made a difference to my life but it was not something I expected or planned for. And I would have felt creepy, contesting someone’s will. So I don’t get it, either, the obsession with money.
    Peace to you.

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    1. Uncle T is contesting the will because he believes that only seven people should be included in the will rather than 20. He’s spending oodles of cash in a situation that can’t even be heard or mediated right now because shit like this isn’t being prioritized in the middle of the pandemic. But hey, he wants his pay day, so he’s going to do his damndest.


  10. I think as much as we pretend we are not a greedy society, deep down we are. We have to be because money is literally everything as much as people want to deny that. Money buys everything, it can even buy your health. I am not saying you or me, but like society as a whole we just suck I guess and everything is very broken. Furthermore, I think people fight even with their loved ones when close ones pass because emotions are unstable and no one truly knows how to deal with loss. It also effects everyone differently and you could say makes us act completely nuts. I remember when my grandpa passed on my dad’s side, I was very young, but I still remember it very clearly. They fought with each other, some remained depressed for months or even years, it led my dad into a very deep depression and he actually had to get professional help. SOmething I was not told until I was older, at least the gory details. I remember the younger kids even younger than I didn’t understand anything what was going on and why everyone was either crying, upset or on edge wanting to fight over money or belongings. THey were such a wreck my mom and a couple other outsiders who were married into my dad’s family had to actually handle everything from the funeral plans, the will and so on. If it wasn’t for these few that stepped in there probably would have been no funeral. Oh and tons of family secrets also were revealed later after his passing. My grandpa was actually a pretty brutal guy, and I had a hard time accepting certain things. I was told I was just lucky I didn’t know his past, that he favored grand daughters over grandsons or girls in general and that my dad raised me better than my grandpa raised him. So yes death I think just makes people respond in odd ways, even in selfish ways. Society is too blame I say. I get the obsession with money, like we have been brainwashed to pretty much believe it is our life support and we should love it, it just is not what I believe. I don’t obsess over money and I never believed it bought happiest. I believe it creates more problems than it solves. It doesn’t change how our society is though and how people react to it. If that makes sense.

    I am very sorry to hear of your loss and the consequences. Hopefully your family or friends come around. Take care of yourself. ❤

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  11. What a horrible thing for someone to say to you ;( I’m sorry you’re going through this. When my grandparents passed away we experienced something similar. It’s infuriating that people are like that… I am so sorry about the passing of your uncle ❤

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  12. I had experiences with this when both my grandparents died.
    Helping take care of them with Alzheimer’s was rough, even worse was their paranoia that their kids were just after their money and items. WORSE was when it was noticed everyone WAS primarily just after their possessions and worse when family was fighting over it.
    It just shows the truth about people and can expose behaviors that could be happening to yourself. A lot can go into creating that scenario…


    1. Firstly, I am so sorry that you have had to deal with a similar scenario in your life. It’s stressful and it sucks.

      Secondly, helping someone through alzheimers would be so, so, so difficult. You must be a real saint and a really loving person. I’m sure they really appreciated you.

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      1. I was watching redlettermedia and my response probably sucked. 😂
        It was hard to keep cool and not get involved but sometimes it’s best to try to stay out of it and just let people go through whatever they are going through.

        It’s up to them to think about what they’re doing and reflect on it at some point.
        And they will when it’s them on the other end; we all die and we all need family to care for us. Yes, it took a LOT of patience and trying to understand.

        Getting in the middle could have made ME the target also. Which helps no one. It was really about sibling rivalries and not the grandparents. It’s actually the 2 year anniversary..


  13. I’m so sorry about your uncle. May his soul rest in peace.
    In Africa, Nigeria to be precise, a person’s death is always about money. It’s quite normal here. You wouldn’t believe the drama that goes on when a person dies. It’s even a common theme in Nigerian movies. People just show up and all they’re thinking about is what they can get out of the funeral. It’s the same for weddings and other celebrations. It’s so sad.


      1. We’re used to it. The best you can do is just smile and wave. Love from afar and don’t expect so much.


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