The master manipulator part three

Picture this: a beautiful August night in a deep amidst the skyscrapers of a major Canadian city. Myself and a few delegates from across the country had just wrapped up one of the ‘booziest’ business meetings I’d ever sat through and the plan was to head back to the hotel, change and meet at the hotel restaurant for a nice dinner in one hour’s time.

Sounds great, right?

The meeting was the equivalent of five city blocks from the hotel.

Five city blocks isn’t far. All of these men had been drinking, a lot. (Oh the joys of working for a company that’s sponsored by a major international alcohol distributor) They’re just going to walk. Right? Right?


The thing about arrogance is that it leads people to believe they’re invincible. It leads people to believe they can do no wrong and that no harm will ever come to them for the choices they make. Even if that choice includes being five drinks deep and asking the valet to bring your car.

I don’t know why the valet didn’t stop them that night.

I tried to stop them that night. And, after being physically shoved into the front door of the building with great force, one of the building’s workers came over to check if I was alright. The master manipulator looked at me and told me, with some serious snark to her tone, that I should mind my own damn business and that if they were going to drive, they were going to drive.

The man who worked at the meeting space was very kind. He sat me down, calmed me down and asked me if I’d like the police called due to the physical altercation that had just taken place with one of the other delegates.

You want to know the definition of being between a rock and a hard place? When people you have to work with decide they’re going to get behind the wheel while drunk and your boss leads you to believe that your job could be at risk if you dare try to stop them. That’s an impossible situation that no person should ever have to be put in.

The man who worked there and saw that they were getting into their vehicles drunk ended up calling the police. Not because I told him to but because he knew these four were drunk and he didn’t want them hurting anyone. He asked me what hotel everyone was staying at to tell the police where they were headed. And I, I set off on my way… walking.

I walked particularly slow back to the hotel… on purpose. I’ll admit to that. After what had just happened, I didn’t want to get there in a hurry. I was upset, I was angry and I really didn’t want to be at dinner with any of these people after I’d been physically shoved into a door for trying to stop them from driving drunk.

As I approached the hotel I could see there were police cars at the front of the hotel with their lights flashing. I couldn’t tell exactly what was going on, but it had been more than 15 minutes since the man at the meeting space had told me he was going to call the police, so I presumed this was why.

Upon reaching the front door, I noticed that there was something amiss with the front of the hotel….

One of the vehicles I’d just watched the delegates leave in, it was parked under the covered area drop-off zone next to the front door and it was damaged. It had a giant dent in it. I’m talking GIANT dent. This was a rented Tahoe (basically the SUV equivalent of a tank) so seeing such major damage got me scared that these guys had hit someone, or something between the meeting space and our hotel. I ran closer to the door and I noticed there was a giant chunk missing out of the pillar at the edge of the covered drop-off area.

These fucking idiots had ran into the structural pillars that were holding up the covered car-port area at the front of the hotel. They’d hit it so hard that they wrecked the Tahoe and taken a giant chunk out of the pillar.

I walked into the building to see what was happening and they were lined up in the lobby talking to the police officers.

The master manipulator was there, of course. She always has a hand in everything.

I watched her blatantly outright lie to the police officers and tell them that no one had been drinking that afternoon. I watched her tell the police officers that it was an honest mistake, that none of them had ever driven a Tahoe before, or a vehicle quite so large, so they didn’t realize where the edge of the vehicle was. Then I watched her start to flirt with the police officers.

She actually tried to give two of the police officers her phone number. While they didn’t take it, you could tell that they were quite engaged with her and what she was ‘putting out’. Her fiancee wasn’t there at this point. I’m honestly not sure what he would have done had he been watching her manipulate these cops into not doing anything.

The cops asked the hotel manager if he wanted to press charges against them for destruction of property and almost instantaneously, the master manipulator turned around and started flirting with the hotel manager. Honestly, she was rubbing his back, patting him on the shoulder ensuring him this was just a big misunderstanding and that she’d write a cheque that would cover all of the damages. And the manager fell for it.

The manager told the cops that everything was fine. And the cops left. They fucking left. They left the scene of an incident where four individuals who’d been drinking drove two vehicles back to a hotel, one crashing into a pillar at the front door of the hotel. They’d been told by the man at the meeting space who called them that drinking was involved. And they left.

They left because the master manipulator is that fucking good at what she does.

She’s like a scorpion that poisons men with her manipulation tactics.

I skipped dinner that night. I didn’t feel like being around a bunch of wealthy men and the master manipulator after they’d talked their way out of any repercussions for drunk driving and destruction of hotel property. When I asked the master manipulator what she wanted to do about the rental, she said ‘That’s an issue for tomorrow. Just have the valet get it away from the front door’.

YEAH. They fucking wrecked a rental Tahoe and decided that it was a problem for tomorrow and they were going to go to the hotel restaurant and continue their drinking and laugh the night away over an expensive dinner being charged to the company.

I sat in my hotel room cooled down for about two hours and then I wrote a very thorough, poignant email to our CEO explaining what happened and how the master manipulator acted, as well as that there was a Tahoe seemingly parked under the hotel right now that was going to need to be explained to the rental company.

I wasn’t there the next day when the master manipulator had the Tahoe towed back to the rental place. I opted to go to the airport on an earlier shuttle. (Told her that I wanted to use the airport gym ahead of the flight) In reality, I just figured she was going to do something fucking stupid and I didn’t want to bear witness. And realistically, she did. If you wreck a fucking rental car, don’t tow it back and put it in the front of their business door. Phone them and tell them so that they don’t have a wrecked vehicle on display for the world to see that day.



I took a shuttle to the airport early. We got on the same flight but thankfully wound up seated in completely separate rows. The other four idiots got back on flights to their home provinces.

So how did this all end?

Our company took the blame for the accident.

Our CEO wrote a cheque for $72,000 to the hotel to fix the pillar outside their front door.

Our CEO had to pay the deductible on the rental and the rental company told us they would no longer rent to our employees. They threatened legal action but the CEO did something that made them back off. (Discussions that I wasn’t privy too)

A police report was made because the police showed up to the scene so they were required to report what happened by law.

None of the four individuals in those vehicles drunk got any repercussions for what happened. Not our CEO nor the master manipulator sought any sort of financial compensation to help cover for the damages our company was now paying for.

They drove drunk and got off scott-free. And it was five blocks. Five fucking blocks that they couldn’t walk. Or call a cab. Or call an uber. Or let someone sober drive.

One day, a few weeks after this all went down, the master manipulator brought me with her into the CEO’s office. We had a sit down chat and I was told that I was never to bring up this incident again. I was told that the public was never to find out a police report was made because if they did it could mean serious ramifications for our company. I was also told that I was no longer invited to these meetings. And I was reprimanded for 1) Not being of assistance to the master manipulator when she was trying to deal with the police and 2) Not attending the dinner and making our organization look bad after everything happened.

She let them drive our rental whilst drunk. She told them it was fine. She never once said anything wrong was done on their part. Somehow I got in trouble at work for the situation. Apparently I’m a poor ‘team player’. Because if you really want to fit in at work what you’re supposed to do is let people drive drunk…

Le sigh.

This story is a part of an ongoing series about work-life and the truth about what goes on behind the scenes. Read parts one and two by clicking on either of the following links:

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23 thoughts on “The master manipulator part three

  1. And this is why the world is in the state it is. When the truth doesn’t matter. When common sense is gone. When concern for the lives of others is immaterial. How can you even talk the same language? You did the right thing, Vee. Your uncle would be proud.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. The truth doesn’t carry much weight in the world right now. It’s sad, but that’s kind of the way it is. I appreciate the solidarity though. Looking back on it now, I just realize how much stronger I am because of situations like those. So that, in itself is a good thing that came out of the crappiness. See the brighter side, right? Thank you ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I used to drive a Tahoe for work. It was probably the easiest to drive, most comfortable vehicle I’ve ever say behind the wheel in. Just want to reinforce the fact that saying you don’t know how to drive a Tahoe is bunk. Everything else is bunk too, BTW.


    1. Thanks. But me, I look back on it now and just think of how much of a stronger person I am because of it. Good things can come from shitty situations. Ya know?


  3. Good grief V….thankfully you don’t work with th ese people any longer. Yuck, what disgusting examples of human trash. Makes for great storytelling, unfortunately it’s non fiction.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. You tell the best stories. And I think that “Master Manipulator” should be capitalized, I feel like she’s probably earned it. Out of curiosity, what was your company CEO like?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He was the textbook definition of the Peter Principle. He lacked back-bone, was a complete yes man o the board and to anyone who had a job that was ‘higher’ or more important than him and and also he was a major pig. I’m utterly convinced he stumbled into the position solely based off the fact that he had a penis and was there at the moment they needed someone to fulfill the role because the last person who held the role had been 78 and suffered a heart-attack and thus decided to retire and step back from the company.

      I say that not to be sexist, but as legitimate fact. It was a male dominated office with an all male board of directors and a 26 males to 4 females staff. Also, we had a partner office that was 76 males – 10 females. Females were grossly outnumbered at that company. This company, when they hired for management level positions or above, they would remove any resumes that the names on the resumes clearly were female, and if it was a name that was gender neutral, that they weren’t sure, they’d make a maybe pile until they could determine if they were male or female based off social media profiles or online presence of the person.

      The CEO made public speeches about what it meant to be a team member and how important culture was and yet was ranking the women in the office based off appearances and would frequently tell us females we weren’t allowed to come to events unless we wore short skirts and heels or ‘showed a little cleavage’.

      I’m also utterly convinced he’ll be in that role until he dies. And with the life he leads, including drug use, unprotected sex with hookers and extreme over-consumption of alcohol and cigarettes, I don’t forsee him growing old with his wife, or even seeing his kids reach adult age. I know that sounds hella harsh, but this dude really thinks he’s invincible. I say present tense even though I haven’t seen him in over a year because I know he’s not the type of person who’ll ever change his ways.

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      1. Sounds like the two of them made a good team. So… I get why you reported on the evening directly to him, but it sounds like it was longshot at best. And optimistic.


    2. Also – I know that I technically refer to her as the master manipulator, so from a story standpoint that is her name and technically it should be capitalized. I guess I just… don’t respect her enough to capitalize it? I’m not sure. I’ve questioned changing it. But, I don’t know that she deserves capitalization. lol

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  5. Seriously, I’m starting to think that the whole world is a lie…almost. These things from your story is just disturbing, and i dunno….I feel that many thing is. But you’re a very good narrator!

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