Oh chocolate, how could you do this?

Yesterday I was cleaning out a desk that belonged to my brother before he moved to Denmark in 2009. This desk was filled with old homework from his university days, pictures of his friends, some random bits and bobs (including a pocket knife, some drill bits, etc) and a stash of chocolate.

I got scared when I found the chocolate.

I needed to clean out this desk so that my parents could sell it. I genuinely don’t believe anyone has touched it since my brother left for Denmark.

There was a stash of chocolate in the desk that included Kit Kat Bars. The wrappers of one of the Kit Kat Bars was open as though he’d taken a bite out of it and then never finished it. The wrapper said that the expiry for the Kit Kat was November 2010.

There was no a speck of mould on this chocolate bar. It wasn’t even dried out. I touched it thinking that it would be rock hard because of how long the package had been open. Nope. I held my fingers against it and it started to melt from the warmth of my fingers, but otherwise, it was pretty much just a regular chocolate bar, even though it had expired ten years ago.

Nothing was wrong with it.

It looked like a brand new, perfectly good chocolate bar.

I could have broken off a piece and given it to one of my family members and they could’ve easily believed I’d just gone to the store and bought it.

10 years expired and looks brand new. Think about that next time you eat chocolate.

P.s. I showed a piece of it on my Instagram story if you want to see it. lol

54 thoughts on “Oh chocolate, how could you do this?

    1. I’ve never had margarine around long enough to notice. But now that you say that, I reckon that margarine probably lasts longer than the plastic container it comes in…

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    1. I used to love it sooooooooo much. I miss it a lot. But now that I see that it doesn’t go bad, I don’t feel bad for not being able to eat it anymore. haha

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  1. Also I was on tenterhooks wondering if you were building up the justification for having just eaten the thing, lmao. But you definitely don’t want to be eating opened food from your brother’s draw regardless, lol.


  2. lol…I have a chocolate bar from my wedding in 1999. We used Hershey bars as a party favor. Had special printed labels etc. Great post.

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    1. I mean that’s a cute story to still have a momento from, but also… kind of scary that you still have it and under that wrapper it’s likely still fully in-tact.

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      1. No you’re making me wonder how long a food could keep frozen. I know they have recommendations… but do you think you could eat 20 year old chocolate? Not that you would want to as it’s obviously a momento… just hypothetically speaking. Since it’s been frozen this whole time, you think you could eat it without getting sick?


  3. One of my old offices had an upstairs that hadnโ€™t been used in years until they remodeled and we all moved up there. The upstairs had a break room with a vending machine that had been unplugged because no one was there. One of the guys I worked with plugged it back in, got a Tootsie-Roll out and ate it. He lived to tell.

    Also, back when CBC did tours, we were backstage and there was a set from a show set at a doughnut shop. (Since youโ€™re Canadian, you may remember, but I donโ€™t.) The guide said they used real doughnuts, and that they didnโ€™t spoil because the sugar acted as a preservative. You didnโ€™t want to eat them, though.

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    1. First off, tootsie rolls are gross whether they’re fresh off the production line or have been in a vending machine for years. So what that guy did was questionable on all around.

      I don’t know of doughnut shop but that sounds reallllllly gross. As much as I love sugar, food not going bad is worrisome to me.

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    1. Well, I mean… if someone wanted to pay me, I might be willing to do it on a dare. But otherwise, the ten year old chocolate belongs in the trash. haha


  4. That’s crazy and rather odd! Most chocolate I have bought or been given as a gift has actually spoiled over time, even within a year. That is just my experience though. I don’t know if chocolate per say spoils exactly though? But like after time of sitting there it would eventually get really hard and lighten in color. Even tasted gross (stale chocolate?) before the expiry date was up. I am not sure if a closed wrapper would grow mold though? Probably over time and yes definitely spoil. lol I definitely question that kit kat bar though! Like wtf was in it to make it last so long?

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    1. See, most people in my house love chocolate. I haven’t had it in a long time because I am lactose intolerant, but when I showed my family, they were a little shocked. They’re such chocolate lovers that when chocolate comes into this house it’s usually gone in a few days. You must have some serious restraint if you can save chocolate long enough for it to go stale!

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      1. Sorry to hear you are lactose intolerant, although maybe it would be a good thing if I was because chocolate is one of my biggest weaknesses. I normally don’t have good restraints. Lol Like that, I have seen chocolate go stale within months….it would normally be was when I was a child and we got too much candy from halloween that my parents restrained us from eating it in a few days…or when I simply had too much I would get sick of it and let it sit in the cupboard and then forget about it. I also work in a grocery store (have for years) and seen chocolate and other candy harden, go stale etc just a little after their shelf date.


  5. Kit-kat is not chocolate :). And you are correct – the most expensive (and good!) chocolate I ever ate from a time shop in Lausanne and an expiration date handwritten on each of the tiny boxes, and it would be about two weeks after a production date. And when one of my kids didn’t eat their gift within three weeks, it actually got a mold on it!

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  6. Off topic…but some foods are actually safe to eat passed expiry date, even it can look bad doesn’t mean it is like poisonous. I wouldn’t eat or cook anything passed expiry date, but all food has to have an expiry date even if it never technically goes bad. I found this out after I found it weird certain things that seem to not really get so bad it would be dangerous to eat or drink (ie: some teas..water) YES WATER HAS AN EXPIRY DATE..was when I was told by a lead at our work that everything that is consumable has to have an expiry date, even if it lasts forever.

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  7. Hello, I read that honey found in some Ancient Egyptian tombs is still edible.

    Anyhow, I think Toblerones have honey in them, so I wonder when they expire.


    1. Really? That’s actually so interesting. A friend of mine lives in Egypt, the country fascinates me. I wonder what honey that old tastes like. Do you think it tastes stale, or the same?

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