Angry vaguebooking

It’s 3:50 a.m.

I am still awake. I don’t reckon I’ll sleep at all.

I’ve been googling how to mend a broken heart tonight. How cliché, right? I’ve yet to find something to make me feel any better. So, I just sit here in the dark listening to sad songs.

I’m supposed to be celebrating. This is supposed to be an amazing time. And that’s been taken from me.


It takes a lot to piss me off. Congratulations for making it seem effortless.

I don’t even really know what to say. I’m just so fucking mad. I’m going to go ruminate for a few hours or days. Maybe a lifetime. Who knows.

26 thoughts on “Angry vaguebooking

  1. Well, just in case, I meant that I like that word vaguebooking and I’m not really trying to steal anything. I meant it as a compliment, but on afterthought it seemed like you were having an awfully bad day. Hope it improves!

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  2. We all have feet of clay, Vee. Sometimes you’re the fire hydrant and sometimes you’re the dog. Okay, enough lame analogies.
    Middle age tells me there’s more good than bad in “Vee-Ville.” Cue lame quote: this too shall pass.

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  3. I hear you in pain my friend and I am here to remind you that pain is an opportunity to change, accept and heal some truth. We are all always facing something unpleasant yet there is always a lesson in it. You are so appreciated in this space V. Be gentle with yourself. Thinking of you my dear😊

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  4. Nine Inch Nails ‘Pretty Hate Machine’ was always my go-to back in the day for the heartache (alongside Haagen Dazs chocolate-chocolate-chip ice cream and a spoon, of course). No advice beyond that nor should their be. Hugs.

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  5. I’m sorry, but the only thing I know to heal a broken heart is time. Last time it happened to me, I listened to ‘1955’ by the Hilltop Hoods on repeat for about 5 days. If nothing else, at least it isn’t sad.

    I know you don’t like hugs, so… something distancy equivalent.

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  6. Hear some sad songs, cry a bit….and after a while you will feel better. Maybe not tomorrow, or the day after, but maybe in a few days. But don’t keep back your feelings to much and pretend to be completely fine, okay? That’s no good, if you’re far away from okay (i know it’s cliché). Wishing you well;)

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