Be kind to one another, please

I would be remiss if I didn’t tell each and every one of you to please be kind to one another. This is a tough time for the world over and the last thing we need to do is turn on each other.

Show compassion, empathy and care. Ask someone how their day was and genuinely listen for the answer. Call your mom and dad or grandma and grandpa just to tell them you love them. If you’re financially able, buy the next person in line their morning coffee. Kindness goes a long way in this world and we desperately need more of it. So give kindness. Spread love, not hate. And please, please, please do it from a safe social distance.

Remember: you cannot do all of the good that this world needs but this world needs all of the good that you’re able to do.

62 thoughts on “Be kind to one another, please

  1. Empathy is always in too-short supply. In my experience, though, it’s much easier to be kind and generous than to be small, churlish, and unpleasant. Easier, and it pays dividends. Nastiness just begets more nastiness.

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    1. That last sentence is so true. The nastiness that has gone around as of late has just bread so much more nastiness. I hope we all can give and find a little more kindness.

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      1. We can find kindness by modeling kindness, and by voting for those who do. Those of you north of the border, please engage and encourage my countrymen. When we ignore the appalling sewer of lies and ignorance, when we become numb to it and can’t muster any more outrage, we’re lost.

        (Shameless plug for my own thoughts on empathy and politics, a couple of weeks ago: )

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  2. That last sentence about not being able to do all the good needed, but being obligated to do all the good you can is right on, Vee. Of course, the whole post is good, but that last part could be a slogan for the Peace Corps!

    In fact, I just wrote a post about finding the good (shameless plug intended). Please check it out, if you like.

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    1. Thank you! It’s been a hectic week being my first week at work! I will be catching up on posts this weekend and I’ll check it out then! Hope you are well πŸ™‚

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      1. I just know our purpose here is for love and community. I want to shout from the rooftops that we are all connected. Btw, there’s a wonderful documentary I just watched on YouTube about this subject called, I Am. The director of Ace Ventura, The Nutty Professor, Evan Almighty had a major accident that changed his world view. It’s very well done and entertaining as well as incredibly informative. We are all interconnected and made to support one another. I feel in many respects that this pandemic is another way the Universe is trying to wake us up out of our separated lives, get us back into what our true existence is supposed to be about. I would love to hear your thoughts on it V. I highly recommend it😊

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  3. “Remember: you cannot do all of the good that this world needs but this world needs all of the good that you’re able to do.”

    Perfect! This is my philosophy too :). It’s absolutely true, and our influence extends further than we can imagine, besides. Really no reason at all to make life even harder!


  4. That’s asking an awful lot. I’m not sure if the mass of anxious pessimism that is me can fathom this ridiculous request. I like you, V, but sometimes you’re just unreasonable lol

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      1. So does that mean that you’re NOT the punching kind of girl, or that you think that if you just asked me nicely, I’d do whatever? Because… I mean, yeah, probably.

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  5. Quite true. I’ve found with mask-wearing I’ve become more vocal talking to strangers, since we can’t get away with polite smiles. The more we can do to acknowledge each other in positive ways can make a difference. I watched “Some Good News” on YouTube first with trepidation, then obsessively looking for joyful moments.

    (Sadly there are still online trolls looking to shat all over others including #45)

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    1. I would agree. It’s harder when wearing a mask to be able to communicate. As much as we can read body language, I rely heavily on facial expressions so I’ve had to talk to people to understand people better.


  6. What a great reminder! I was actually just reading something earlier today and it was talking about how we’re starting to lose empathy, especially with how much technology and social media we use. We’re starting to forget (well not everyone!) that there are real people on the other end of a comment or post or video. And it’s so important to think before you post or comment!

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  7. Hey! My dear ❣️ How have you been? Are you feeling better physically, mentally as well as emotionally? I feel like I’m away from all of you since a while. I think it’s time I come back. What say? Take care😊 Sending so much love and care β™₯️

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