Trump’s answer to what is happening in his country is to send in the military and the national guard? What… are you going to round up several million people and lock them in jail cells to spread corona virus to one another? I don’t understand…

And then he says: “One Beautiful Law!”

What the fuck does that even mean?

Listening to this man talk drives me bonkers. Can someone tell him to stay inside? What the United States needs right now is competent leadership and that ain’t it…

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    1. While I’m glad he’s not the leader of my country, I also feel deeply for the people he represents. People like yourself. And a lot of which never voted for him and don’t wish for him to be their representative. It’s got to feel extremely frustrating, disheartening and… helpless and hopeless.

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  1. Yes it’s very worrying and disturbing. It’s going out of control. Where does it go from here? And how do you retain the right to protest when there are people amongst them causing more destruction? And how many more unjustified police acts may happen, spurring more protests?

    And besides those questions of morality etc— just the plain madness of the scenes from there is crazy, e.g. that truck.

    Yesterday I saw 2 police cars drive into a crowd of protestors… those sorts of things make it a self-propagating situation.

    Though it seems like the peaceful protestors are protesting during the day, and the violence is happening at night? Any sensible protestor would just go home before the curfew.

    Then there’s the new controversy over the post-mortems…

    Bringing in military is very very disturbing though.

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    1. It’s 2020 and the USA is in a state of which the military needs to be brought in to control citizens of the USA. The thing with raging fires is, sometimes you need to watch it burn until it runs out of fuel. And I hate saying that, but honestly…. I watched a video on twitter today that was live footage shot by local news… police officers with shields quite literally shoved an old man with a cane onto his face on the pavement. An old man with a cane. He wasn’t in a group, he was standing alone on a street. I just… this is all so hard to watch. I can’t imagine what it would be like to be living there. And by there I mean anywhere in the USA.

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      1. Yes – I saw it too, You are not saying, you want it to continue? Burning down means letting people kill each other. I am sure you didn’t mean it. I think you are a little bit take away by this discussion. I think it is just difficult to understand the situation from the outside.


      2. I do think it’s difficult to understand this situation from the outside. But I also think that you may be misunderstanding my analogy, so I am sorry if it comes across is me sounding like I want people to die in this process. That is absolutely not what I am speaking of.

        The fire analogy comes from something we deal with regularly in British Columbia in that, sometimes, fires get so large and so hot that we cannot put them out. So the firefighters are forced to try and contain it. It’s referred to as a controlled burn. The fire fighters try to contain the fires within certain bounds/markers of the land so that it will eventually burn out when it no longer has fuel to feed from.

        Now I know that riots are not forest fires. My hope for the national guard/military is that they can control/contain it. And that they stop letting Trump do the talking. Because when it comes from his mouth it sounds like he just wants to shut people up. And I think the whole reason why this started is because people are fed up with being told to shut up.

        Again, I could be way off here. But I just wanted to add that I am in no way advocating for the death of people. I am just trying to suggest that, in addition to sending in extra help, the government should look ad advocating for the very people who’ve been being oppressed. Perhaps let them have a seat at the policy making table. Let them know that if they stop this, perhaps arrangements could be made to ensure they have a voice in government and a platform to change culture moving forward. I know it’s a small step, and it might not mean a lot, but at the same time, I think it’s needed.

        Anyways, I’m not trying to argue or fight. So I apologize if it just came across that way.

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      3. No apology is needed! I know you long enough to know you didn’t mean it, But it may sound like it in the course of the discussion. The issue itself is so big, that no single action will resolve it. And the first step is to acknowledge that the issue exists.
        On a brighter side – we have federalism 🙂 So there are many things, Trump can’t do, no matter how much he wants to!


      4. Yeah, it defies belief. There are psychopaths amongst the US police.

        Having said that, is it really worse to push an old man over than a younger man? Is that any different than saying it’s worse to push a white/black person over a black/white person? I get they’re physically different, because an older person is more frail— but morally the same. I guess it’ll always be worse at the visceral gut level though!


      5. It’s make me feel so ill to watch that video, it’s so brutal, such a nasty injury, and it seems like the police officers had no imagination for what the consequences would be.


  2. Oh it’s painful. I seldom listen because I start wanting to throw things. He’s a bull in a china shop. Awful leader at a time when we need someone strong and focused. Who could it be?

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    1. I’m past the wanting to throw things stage. I’m now at the stage where I just want to cry… I saw a video on instagram of a girl on the ground shielding her face and a police officer kicked her in the head. It’s sooo fucked. People are arguing what she did to make a police officer kick her in the head. And like… I get there are riots, but what possibly warrants a kick to the head and possible concussion? Nothing so far as I am concerned. ESPECIALLY, if she’s lying on the ground in the fetal position. I JUST… I’m truly sad. I don’t know what to do.

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      1. I can’t even fathom the rage black people must have that in 2020 things are so bad and the USA pretends to be the home of the brave, blah, blah. It’s such bullshit. I saw what they did in Vietnam and plenty of other places…how dare they tell other people how to live. And now this lunatic. I wish I had encouraging words but I was all out years ago. At least you are that side of the border! Chin up!

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  3. Many people agree with you. Including me. My whole family thinks the orange freak walks on water and can do no wrong. It’s very difficult to respect my family since I viewing their outlook on him and fox news as repugnant. Pretty common divide among families in America. I’m sure Canada and other countries have those family divisions as well. But it’s extremely pronounced here. I seem to keep talking about this on your blog, ha, but it’s really a huge crisis for me right now actually. This crazy family of mine.

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    1. My family sounds a lot like your family. They just… think he’s great! It’s hard to have discussions about him. But, the discussion needs to continue otherwise his behaviours continue to go on as ‘alright’. I’m sorry you’re struggling through this. It must be heartbreaking to be witness too, not knowing how to fix it.


      1. It just makes me want to not go visit them any time soon. Because if they defend that sadistic officer in any way I will lose my shit. Thanks for the sympathy though, I know that was the point. One time you did a post where you talked about how extreme conservatives “have no actual policy” and I liked that post, it’s true.

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  4. Just as much as he can call in the military, the military can refuse.
    I can see that happening. The national guard is already deployed in these areas, it’s all talk.
    Between the lines trump wants military action to actually kill civilians and the military will not participate in it.
    It’s more likely the military will form a coup than strike citizens.

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    1. The idea of calling in the military seems to me like one to instill fear/threat/intimidation in hopes it makes people quit. I hope they wouldn’t shoot American citizens. Then again, I really have no idea what the US Government is capable of…?

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      1. From what I’m seeing it’s just Trump mad about the #BunkerBitch thing trending on twitter.

        He legally can’t declare martial law, the state has to and they won’t.

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      2. Is it actually trending? Is that why he paraded out in front of that church today to take a picture holding a bible for the first time ever in his life?

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    Unfortunately there is no competent leadership anywhere in USA and there is nothing but anarchy and chaos everywhere. The true leaders will come out of these George Floyd’s protests who will definitely replace these hypocrite and coward self-professed political leaders.

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    1. I really hope there’s a complete overhaul come next election… if it’s actually able to happen. I’m scared there won’t be a ton of people voting due to Corona VIrus concerns…

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      1. Yes the pandemic will have a huge impact on elections and a divisive Tump may win very well again. But the winds of change have already started blowing. That’s a good sign.


  6. The riots are insane. Someone has been blasting me with updates and Nick leaves the TV on… and it’s been news all day. So I finally watched that horrific video and now watching the riots on he news. Geesh… it’s like Venezuela all over again. I feel like humans have sunk to the lowest denominator and it’s just sickening. I don’t like the orange president either, but I don’t like any of them. All government is corrupt, and society rioting people aren’t much better.

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    1. People are just at a point in which they don’t know what to do anymore. They feel helpless and hopeless and like nothing matters and protesting is all they have left to do. At least I think it started that way.

      I’ve heard some stories of white supremacist cells and different drug gangs and groups that have made it far worse. So I think it’s morphed into a much larger demon at this point…

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  7. Those people who’re rioting in Minneapolis are not protesters, they’re rabble! You don’t get your voice heard by behaving like a vandal.

    In defence, the covid lockdowns ARE over-reactions (look at the 50’s pandemic, the 1918 flu (targeted younger, this targets over 70’s, I could go on), it’s good a lot of people are pissed-off about having their freedoms taken away. However, that behaviour of rioters is NOT ACCEPTABLE (gives people who criticise lockdowns a bad name).

    RE Trump; I don’t agree with everything he says (he does have some bigoted opinions), Trump is against monopolies & censorship (separate topic to this post). He’s pro free speech. I agree with stripping Google, youtube, Facebook & so forth of legal immunity & having them fear the wrath of people who want to sue them for censorship and more. They’re forums, not editors. Anyway, avoid the ‘baby out with bathwater’ thing ‘right left’ thinking.

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    1. I think the point of the protests starting was that people aren’t being heard. They’ve literally never been heard. They’ve been told to sit down and shut up and deal with the way they’re treated. If they had the ability to walk into the white house and entise change, I’m sure it would be a different world. But their voices are suppressed. That being said, I think when this started it was about protests of George Floyd. Unfortunately, I do believe there are some really bad apples in there wreaking havoc to make it so much worse and inflict so much more damange.

      With respect to COVID, we an agree to disagree. And I likely think the 100,000+ families in the USA who’ve lost loved ones would likely agree to disagree as well.

      I’m not saying that the destructiion happening is warranted. I hate that it’s come to this and I find it so heartbreaking. But, given all the videos I’ve seen lately, all the stories of Trayvon Martin, Philando Castille, Botham Jean, Breonna Taylor, and on and on and on, I get why people are fed up. I get why they don’t believe the justice system is fair. I am not suggesting rioting is acceptable, I am just suggesting I understand why they feel like no one cares, no one is listening and that their existence doesn’t matter.

      As for the Social Media policies he (recently?) dealt with… I have not read up on that yet. I’ve really been trying to keep my eyes on the news with these riots that his social media policies seem unimportant. I’m sure I’ll read about it after current events have… well, I don’t know. I reckon this is going to get much worse before it ever gets better. Part of me fears it wont ever truly get better. The riots might stop, but the state of American society won’t improve… that’s a genuine fear of mine.


  8. Oh we just don’t listen anymore … he lost my attention when he said to inject cleaners 🤨 I didn’t like him before that, but that was the point I couldn’t take anymore – sarcastic or not. 🤨 – November is coming ✌️

    This shit down here is just too much … we have a sucky leader who can’t handle his shit- says horrible things ugh 😩… doesn’t know how to handle shit!! Oh my god! I could do a better job – yeah like that!!

    Tired of all of it… although kinda like waving America’s dirty laundry across the world – see.. no where is perfect. We flawed too!! Severely is just pushed under the rug like families used to do back in the day… it all comes out eventually. ✌️

    Buncha bullshit though – so tired – did not need this directly after corona – come the F on!!!

    2020 is the year that sucks!!! God!! Anything else ? We have what? 6 more months of 2020? God help me!!

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    1. The thing is, Corona isn’t over. Corona hasn’t passed. A lot of the people who are protesting are at risk of getting very ill which could absolutely debilitate the health care system beyond what it’s actually be going through… and that worries me too. In addition to injuries and deaths, Corona could be ravaging through protests right now…

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      1. And it probably is, I am aware… I think the violence is wrong – they are not being smart with the protests. People are frustrated with everything, they are just going off – you can’t control people.

        So at this point, we have violence and a deadly disease … we are going to see what happens – no choice otherwise.

        Obviously they do not care about a virus since they are destroying their own areas. They are angry – and have been frustrated – the cork popped and all hell broke lose

        Instead of calmer heads prevailing, and being above a racist (without violence) they just don’t care.

        I don’t like it, don’t condone it …but I’m not going out there.

        There is so much destruction… I don’t know which is worse the virus or the violence.

        I think that’s no better than a racist!

        Watch America implode, cause that’s what’s going to happen – it’s dumb and completely wrong way of handling in this time period… I am saddened by the way people choose to handle this. But again you can’t control people – if they wanna go off – they gonna do that

        Just not smart, and again is no better than a racist…

        A racist causes harm and hurts people – that’s exactly what they are doing also… so it’s bullshit

        But whatever – watch us implode ourselves 🤨


  9. Vee, I think you are mixing up two separate issues. The National Guard troops are deployed on the governor’s orders. Our governor and the Chicago Mayor asked for the Illinois National Guard to step in because what was going on in the city for the past two days is unimaginable. Trump is threatening to deploy the military, and that’s a very different story. Unfortunately, my beloved city is in hell, and I stand with our governor. The pictures which I posted two days ago, ended up being quite vegetarian in comparison with what we had later. I decided to stop posting because I felt at rest of falling into promoting violence – there are guns in most of the pictures from Sunday and today.

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    1. Okay. So I do think I got confused when I watched his speech then today. Because the way he was talking I thought he had control over the national guard. My apologies.

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  10. Honestly I don’t see another option. I lived in the Twin Cities for several years, and what I’m hearing from my friends there is that there has been a complete breakdown of trust between citizens and law enforcement in Minneapolis. Law enforcement is essential, especially if you’re going to burn your city down. Some neighborhoods have organized watches to makes sure no one starts fires at night or busts windows. There needs to be a semi-neutral third party to provide law enforcement, I don’t see a better option than the national guard/army. It could end up badly, but something needs to be done.

    If you doubt that something needs to happen take a look at these pictures. https://www.instagram.com/p/CAxmxDqHccd/

    Regarding COVID, you’re not exactly safe from that at a protest.

    There’s a long history of sending federal troops into troubled areas. I actually think it should have been done sooner, and under most President’s it would have been. It couldn’t be done in a more timely manner this time because the President made some ill-advised tweets that hurt the credibility of sending in the military.

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    1. It’s not that I don’t think the national guard or the military can help, it’s that… sending in the national guard and the military isn’t going to solve the underlying issues. While I’m certain the police are helping in some places in some ways, they’re also stirring a lot of controversy and I worry that national guard/military are only going to add fuel to that flame.

      Given the government playbook as of late… I would hazard a guess that they don’t have any plan/desire/willingness to even acknowledge the underlying issues… It seems like sending them in at this point is kind of like throwing gasoline on a raging forest fire. I know that’s a poor analogy given that things are actually being lit on fire. I think it’s going to make it a lot worse before anything gets better.

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      1. I get that… I still don’t see another option. You can’t just let it burn. I don’t really have any ideas for dealing with the underlying problems….


      2. When there is wildfire, you need to stop it first, before it destroys everything, and then come up with the plan what needs to be done so that it won’t happen again. As you may recall, I work with the impoverished population for years. I know about the issues. I am very familiar with racial profiling. I would be the last person to say that the issue is inflated. It is not. I am telling you from that hell – there was no other way of keeping people from killing each other

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      3. Please accept my apology if I sounded judgemental. There is a lot of targeted misinformation going on now, and even very well-intended people can be confused. And it’s frustrating that people divert to taking more about looting and military force than about the racial issues which ignited the protests in the first place. It’s especially frustrating for those who like me were trying to educated people about these issues for years and decades.
        I know that your heart and your mind are both in the right place 🙂


      4. You do not owe me an apology. I completely understood where you were coming from and I always appreciate your willingness to share. On more than one occasion you have opened my eyes to new perspectives. I hope you know as much. I just wanted to make sure you knew that I was not advocating for further violence, I was doubting that the current president is going to be able to solve anything with his tough guy rhetoric hes shoving down American’s throats… I watched his speech and all I could think was how much angrier he probably made everyone.


  11. Seems that the link didn’t work.


  12. I have zero respect for Trump. Almost 4 years later and I still hold to the phrase, “Not My President”. My immediate area has had very minimal rioting and we’re not in threat of military involvement. In the surrounding areas, that is not the case. San Francisco, Oakland and other big cities in the area are another story. The National Guard has been called in and curfews set in place. I see stories of PEACEFUL protesters being harmed by the police and Guard. All I know is that I’m afraid. VERY afraid. Not of the rioting, to be honest. I’m afraid of my government and the leader. Things have tipped to a point that I hope we, as Americans, don’t stop fighting for change.

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    1. He doesn’t possess the empathy, understanding or basic principles of leadership to be a president who would help it’s nation through this. So, I completely understand your fears. Millions of people across the country are rioting, millions peacefully protesting to which he’s response is lock them up for ten years and you won’t have this again. He hasn’t heard the message, and, so long as he wants to be a blow-hard and take fake-photo ops in front of a church looking like he’s never held a bible before in his life, not much is going to be done in the near future here…

      I completely understand your perspective on this one.

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    1. 400+ years of systemic racism that people have ignored, swept under the run and whispered in hush tones until Donald Trump came into power and told everyone to celebrate their racism?


  13. He is nailing his own coffin. The ridiculous photo op in front of a church with a Bible. I’m surprised he didn’t burst into flames! I feel more and more people are awakening to his nonsense and I just pray no more innocent people are hurt as a result of this small minded, drunk with power egomaniac. A real “tough guy”…..an emperor with no clothes stands naked, shivering and alone. He and all the old white men who are tone deaf and ineffective will be voted out. Finally, I can see an end this this American nightmare my country has been stuck in!!!

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    1. I’m actually just seeing a different few news sources reports (MSNBC, ABC, CNN and the local Seattle station… I forget what it’s letters are, sorry) of the photo op right now and while I can believe he would do something so stupid, I can’t fucking believe he would do something so stupid. And the fact that he did it just serves as a reminder that he has zero people within his inner circle to tell him how tone-deaf and stupid his ideas are and that he shouldn’t do that shit.

      Also, and I realize this is totally snarky, is it just me or does he look like he’s never held a bible before tonight in his life?

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      1. 100% my friend and yes…..this is Universe saying ok the gig is up. He has never held a Bible. His inner circle keeps enabling him. I spend as little time as possible on him as a rule but this I had to comment on because it’s so glaringly obvious that he is finally sinking his own stupid ship😉

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  14. Well what do you suppose be done? It was wrong for that crooked piece of shit cop to kill an unarm black man, especially the way he did it…but the answer to violence is not more violence. If the cop gets convicted, which I am almost positive he will be….(if not then I don’t fucking know anymore) the justice will be served to this cop in prison. You think he will be treated well in prison giving the fact he killed an unarmed man of any race? Especially a black person in this situation. I may absolutely be against Trump and most of what he stands for, but he is not wrong on this one. If the government cannot get the riots under control, something will have to be done to get it under control. You are supporting people burning their own neigborhood? Again…no matter how wrong the action of that cop was, the answer to violence is not more violence. Trump doesn’t really have a choice. What do you suggest we do about the violent protestors? This is not a peaceful protest what soi ever. No one is taking away their right to protest, they are simply taking away their right to burn down their neigborhood and act violently because they are angry about something that EVRYONE is angry about in the USA, including white people because this goes far beyond racism, trust me. I plan on writing a post later about similar situations as I am sure this is only going to fuel more ‘white supremacy’ bull shit…when in my opiniion it is government supremacy who wants a nation divided and very distracted….The only priveledge

    Off topic kinda…some individual came into the store I work in the other day and was screaming black lives matter in response to the incident that caused the riots because according to him only white people work at our store…which is very far from the truth. I work with co workers of different races including blacks and latinos. There is this one latino that works seven nights a week and is one of the hardest workers in our store. Have people been fired? Yes, but not because of race…it was because they didn’t work and were on their phones all day. (not recently..but in general yes people including minorities have been fired because they didn’t follow the policies which is basically do your job) Recently one of my coworkers who works over night in a different department than me decided to just not show up for a month and told no one about it. Her manager didn’t know where she was, her friends from work texted her for weeks saying yo it’s cool if you quit, but like we were friends and please reply. She didn’t reply. She also didn’t quit…she decided to just come back to work. They haven’t fired her yet and some of that is because of the back lash companies get when dealing with minorities since she is black. You can’t just disappear from work for a fucking month, you can if you get it approved by your manager and they know what is going on. (say a mental health leave) people have been taking time off including myself because of the fear of covid etc, but it was communicated to our managers and approved. People will scream racism and white supremacy before knowing the whole story. That individual who came into our store causing a scene is angry at the wrong people clearly and had no idea what he was talking about. Minorities who work at our store equally agreed this customer was a lunatic. It worried us because we don’t live in the south. This if it does not get under control is going to cause more problems and divide a nation even more. Living in the USA I now fully understand just how deep the problems are and how they all have one enemy(their leaders) but instead are taking it out on each other. This country needs to be rebuilt from the ground up, new constitution, new leaders that don’t have tight ties with corporations and everything else…..THey need a revolution. But because the government does not want them to revolutionize they spread lies throughout media to instill so much fear in a nation….some of those lies are actually the whole ‘racial’ issue.

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    1. I’m not supporting down the burning down of neighbourhoods.

      I’m suggesting that a racist blow-hard who lacks empathy, intelligence or basic human decency shouldn’t be allowed to be at the podium throwing a metaphorical match on what is quite literally a national wide fire.

      I hope that the national guard and the military can help. I really do. And I hope it doesn’t involve the loss of innocent lives through police/national guard/military brutality in the process. Unfortunately, without some sort of empathetic understanding from the top of what is truly going on, I genuinely just think he made people angrier and pissed them off even more with his tweets and his speech today and his leaked phone conversation with the governors.

      He doesn’t seem to actually care about why the riots started, he just seems to want to force them to stop and sweep the problem back under the rug for whoever takes office next…

      As for the customer that came in to your place of work, I’m sorry. I think a lot of people really don’t know where to turn or who to listen to so they’re releasing anger, frustrations or voraciousness on innocent bystanders in the process. I hope they did not scare you, nor offend other minorities in your office. Also, a coworker taking a month off, coworkers/office people will always speculate. If the manager new, I guess that’s all that really matters. I likely wouldn’t tell anyone if I disappeared from work. Two years ago I had a tragedy happen in my life and I told my manager when I got the call and I walked out of the office and I didn’t talk to anyone else for three weeks. My manager didn’t tell anyone else in the office because he didn’t feel it was any of their business. He knew why I was gone and he told me to take all the time I needed. I guess it’s all in what the employers feel is proper practice.

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      1. Sorry I misunderstood what you were saying then. While I feel the same as you towards Trump and I don’t agree with his policies or beliefs either. I feel though he handled it wrong, I think he was trying to share that if the local governments cannot get the riots under control, then something more will need to be done. Trump had to speak up about the riots as president, but I think he did it in the wrong manner.

        You are correct, he doesn’t care about why the riots started. No one in government cares deeply enough about the embedded racism in the United States that have been going on for very many years. They only care about revenues and their ties to corporations etc. The problem in the USA is not so much racism alone, but the lack of relationship between citizens and who is really in control. Their elections speak for themselves. It doesn’t matter who they have up and running when corporations have money in their pockets and pay for their campaigns before they take office. Most Americans are even unaware of that and that is public knowledge. It is also only a small problem to the corruption in the USA. Which is why we need to stop ranting about things like white supremacy, or blaming races at all. Obama was in office and though was a great spokesperson, he still had to answer to the same people all other leaders do and has similar ties. The president does not run America and they haven’t in years. It is part of the brilliant distraction. Racism is everywhere in the USA, but it is not as easy as cops killing black males or females. You also don’t hear about when a black person shoots a cops or threatens at gun point in Detroit, but it happens. If it was shared they would call it black profiling. I am all for black lives matter, but within the right limits. They are not above the law just like I am not. Some would argue companies having to hire minorities just for their race regardless if they are more qualified for the job or not and can get the same points as someone who is qualified for the job, but is white is racism. That is a priviledge we have given them because our race still feels guilty about other doings and the past. It’s really simple no race is superior….the government is. If you bow down to their will and serve their needs, you are free oh and keep your mouth shut. If not, then they will throw your ass out on the curb. White people really don’t have privileges as people claim, we have to serve the government just the same. The problem is government verse citizens. You can scream black lives matter, but if you are dressed in adidas, nike etc attire than you are supporting our ties with China and things were made in a sweat shop….kinda hypocritical don’t you think? Though we have limited options about what to support, my point is these problems are very deep….and yes the USA has to solve them, but it will be up to their citizens to do so. You are not going to fix the government within, that has already been proven cause anyone in government who even remotely steps out of line is assassinated, so they are not even safe. Because everything is so fucked up, it is really hard to get to the bottom of just how deep these problems are and the corruption. So many speculate and create their own theories, developing more confusion. But never forget that this whole racial thing (cops killing unarmed black males aside) a lot of it is put there by the media on purpose to create a divide between the people. They want us to hate each other, because binded together as one could inspire a revolution. The citizens again need to support each other and remain strong because they all have the same enemy and it is not a race, and it is not some terrorist in a far away land. It is here and these cops, military etc are all serving the same thing. I don’t know if my rant makes sense, but basically it;s time Americans stand the eff up and take their country back. However, it may be too late because yes it has been ignored for so long that you can now be locked up for peaceful protesting. It has been known that they actually send in cops or people from other organizations under cover into protests dressed as citizens and then act out violently so they can create more violence and hence justify shutting down the protest. Dude it is so effed. I don’t know if a revolution is even possible anymore because that is just how bad it has gotten. So Americans are left with the only choice to have few freedoms and to be left alone is to keep under the radar and slave your ass off until the day you die, feeding corporations etc….making the rich richer. But who knows..maybe I am crazy and just paranoid.

        The plan is not to arrest innocent civilians, for the most part they want to arrest those burning buildings down, acting violently and actually rioting. However, their government has also now ordered a stay at home policy and to not be joining the protests because they need to get it under control. Although it has revoked their right to protest, they are no longer innocent if they are joining against government wishes. I think they need to listen for right now and let the government get those who are rioting off the streets because violence is not the answer to violence. So no the plan is not to go in and arrest innocent people, but if you are not following orders specifically given by your government, then you are not really innocent. Again…I may disagree with it but it is example of the control they have over their citizens…and as much as it is wrong it is what complacency for far too long does. I am as guilty as anyone for not supporting things at the right time. I myself purchase things made in China all the time and then hypocritically say how messed up their country is and it’s a joke how we get everything from China and it is allowing the economies here to fail. The citizens are guilty for playing along with the game. Revolution at least in the USA should have came along time ago. But something has happened to our society, we are far too spoiled and complacent. I am jealous of the people who lived in say the 60’s..I am like damn right these mother fuckers got up and stood for their beliefs and it changed things. Now we just sit at home and either play video games or watch news that is controlled by the same people who are our enemy. The few who do protest, are not enough unfortunately. They are right now fighting whats seems to be a losing battle. However, with Trump winning and all the other stuff that has recently took place it may spark some up rise. Just have to be careful because Trump winning also divided a nation more so than it was before. People either love or hate the guy. There is no in between, but I think this is all trivial bull shit that needs to be set aside of what really needs to be done. Getting angry at someone for voting for Trump is not the answer. Shunning those who don’t support him isn’t either. It is like people have never heard of middle ground. In a perfect nation, for a leader to make everyone happy he or she would have to make comprises and serve all of their interests. I need to end this rant though…I think you get the point…basically the USA is beyond fucked. Trump was just more of the obvious icing on the cake.

        The customer luckily was escorted out before he could scare anyone, but at the time people didn’t really know how to react or think, so it may have caused panic for a short time, but no one was hurt. The woman I told you about who disappeared for a month didn’t tell her manager is what I meant. No one including management didn’t know where she was. Her manager assumed she quit and was in the process of hiring someone new, then she came back to work with no explanation. I am not sure if she told her manager after returning to work, but the problem was she didn’t communicate anything to him before taking the month off. You get one call no show a year where I work, this woman pulled a no call no show for a month. 😛 I was kinda shocked she wasn’t fired. Considering she also sits on her phone a lot at work and spends more time talking to coworkers than working. It is not like she was ‘irreplaceable” you know?


      2. It is very disturbing reading your diatribes which truly reek of privilege and a lack of knowledge. Claiming that there is no news coverage of when police officers get shot? Completely untrue. your condescension towards people who are not like you and your lack of empathy speaks volumes. Claiming the media is creating racism speaks towards your complete lack of understanding of 400 years of black history in this country. It sounds like you are angry about a lot of things but I think it’s important you look inward at the way you are speaking with such little regard for what people of color have been through.

        Also there is racism all over the world, it is not a uniquely American problem. Too many people love to point the finger at the United States as if incarceration rates for black people aren’t out of control in other countries, as if police brutality doesn’t exist anywhere else, as if governments aren’t suppressing the rights in any other ‘Western’ country.

        Check out the book Race Traitor by Noel Ignatiev, it was required reading for my black studies class in college in the 90s and might help open your mind a bit about the social constructs of race. And of course getting familiar with more black writers, past and present, to better understand where people are coming from.


      3. True equality is a far stretch from the problems basically is my point. And we are all hypocrites. We rant about things well having ties to wall street. Well not me, cause I am not an American, but you know what I mean. I use to really be into politics, and especially conscience hip hop. I learned a lot from artists such as Lupe FIasco, Immortal Technique, Lowkey etc…all of which are black, latino or other etnicities. They are not against anyone but who is fucking the white house pretty much. That is the real problem and we are all guilty of serving our governments. You want change in your own nation, it starts with ourselves. We need to pay closer attention to things like the products we are buying, stock markets etc.

        Here is a very interesting speech by Lupe FIasco after protests took place after 9/11. if you are interested. It’s off topic, but was worth a watch for me when it comes to the problems in the states. Watch passed the 9/11 conspiracy stuff. lol


    2. Please stop the false statements that the peaceful protesters are same ones who are looting. Millions of people are peacefully protesting while splinter groups and even white supremacist groups are coming in after and starting fires and breaking windows and the like. There have also been a ton of examples of violence against protesters, gassing them and spraying rubber bullets for simply standing there, including reporters and elected officials.

      Trump has called for violating the Constitution. He has quoted White supremacists and advocated for jailing and killing protesters. While looting isn’t great, his proposed punishment definitely does not fit the crime. You don’t shoot people who are stealing things, you arrest them. You don’t gas people who are legally and peacefully protesting. Donald Trump has a choice every single day and how he decides to treat people and lie and threaten and endanger people’s lives.

      Please don’t defend Donald Trump and blanket statement people who are legally and peacefully protesting Injustice, while claiming to also be against racism. I would strongly recommend you spend more time learning about what is really going on in the protests around the country, and being part of them, not to mention how police behavior affects protests.

      I’m deeply concerned that you went on a diatribe about your workplace and that you say you now fully understand the problems when it’s clear you don’t have all the facts.



      1. I think you deeply misunderstood what I was saying…

        Considering I don’t support anything you are saying including Trump. I said as president he had to do something, but did it very poorly and that is unfortunate. I said he is not dealing with the embedded racism in the USA, neither is other government officials. I was appalled by his actions to clear the streets of peaceful protestors so he could walk across the street to the church. What he did at the church was just as sad and ridiculous. I never supported Trump. I didn’t even want him to be a contendor for president, and was appalled when they couldn’t stop him, because at the time it felt like the republicans didn’t even want him representing them.

        I never said there wasn’t peaceful protests. Most of them are peaceful, but the few are rioting and that is very unfortunate. HOWEVER, though it is no excuse frustrations from the history and embedded racism in the states can have many results. USA is at a very fragile state.

        I am privileged and I recognize that. That was not my point. I didn’t deny the history of blacks, and other races in the USA. Native Americans is another one with a very brutal history. It is unacceptable when police kill a black person in broad daylight, when they are suppose to be the ones serving, protesting us and keeping us safe. It’s absolutely appalling and it made my heart sink.

        I never said racism only existed in the USA. It is obvious i is everywhere, but I will share as someone who has traveled it is not as blatant in some places such as the states. Blacks escaped the slave trade to Canada, and many are actually very successful and welcomed individuals in Canada. Canada has more of an on going problem with the Native Americans, because of the past. They can’t forgive, and the government is not dealing with it properly other than making deals as a band aid etc….Kinda same in the states. Canada is very different when it comes to a lot of things, and I use to wonder why. A lot however has to do with there is more poverty in the states. A lot of it because of racism. You cannot rewrite history or change the past, but we need concrete solutions to make a future that includes everyone etc. But first we must know the past and be empathetic.

        I never said anything about white supremacy and I don’t support it either.

        I am not concerned that I talked about my workplace, I did not give out names, business titles or anything of the sorts and I do know all the facts about my workplace. Thanks though. Apparently it is hard to believe I don’t work in a non racist place.

        Okay so you know that the media covers every single time a cop gets shot? Because I know police officers, including one who served in Detroit. He said it was the scariest and most violent place he had to serve in his service. My point was racism does go both ways, and you can sit there and deny that all you want…pretend that racism against whites is justified because of the past, but no racism is justified. And IT does happen, it is just not as blatant. I didn’t even say a specific example of me being attacked based on my skin color alone or anything else and you are already down my throat. A bit hypocritical?

        It is very clear you missed my entire point. My point was when it comes to the states….the government is the problem. The fact you think Trump is your only problem is worrisome. There is public knowledge (not even conspiracy theories) of many things that are deeply wrong with the political system and process. Yet some still refuse to acknowledge it. The fact you think peaceful protesting is going to actually win your country back is frightening. It’s not. it is falling on deaf ears no matter how hard we try. You can’t even peacefully protest really. USA freedoms are being taken away more and more, and no one is doing anything about it. USA is the way it is because their people allowed it to get that bad. The government doesn’t care about you, me or anyone else as long as we keep feeding their agenda. The USA has not had a good president since the 90’s and that is when it started to down spiral. Obama was the closest, but ultimitely didn’t change much, nor could he if he wanted to and accepted way too much. He bombed many countries in his presidency and somehow got the noble peace prize. Continue to focus on the little things but the fact the police, military, the media and everything else you need besides air is owned by the same government. Corporations run America, not Trump or whatever other guy they vote in next. If it was a true democracy that was fair to you you would have better choices in November than Biden and Trump. Trump will probably win again because Biden is the perfect candidate to go against Trump if Trump’s wishes is to win. No matter how much people may not like Trump, it looks like we will be stuck with him for another term. I hope not. Biden is not a much betetr choice though either, normally it is pick the less of two evilpresidents, but they both suck. That is not just by chance. The government is the enemy. That was my point, but by the fact you actually trust your media tells me you don’t truly underastand the deeper problems that go even deeper than just racism. Even if racism is resolved tomorrow, the USA still has a lot of things they need to work through in order to truly serve their citizens. Please don’t let them fool you.

        I have been a peaceful protestor and am very well aware of the police are handling it wrong. Have you done anything but whine to me on wordpress about how you miscontruted everything I said?


      2. Whenever people say “racism goes both ways” it shows their ignorance of what racism truly is. Racism is about oppression, and when people use this phrase they are so clearly ignoring the power dynamics and the history involved with systemic racism.

        I read exactly what you said, from your diatribe about your workplace to your condescension and insults hurled at me for disagreeing with you.


      3. No, it only shows your ignorance. I am very well aware of the history of blacks, native americans etc. I know what oppression is. Oppression is not the only definition of racism, but it is yes an extreme form of racism. Maybe you need to learn the basic definition of racism. I never denied the deep history of racism in the states or the oppression of black people. I also did not say it was the same as racism against white people. I just simply said racism is racism, and it is everywhere. Hating white people is racist, and furthermore does not benefit anyone. The same as hating any other race. What you are talking about is the power in the west and how whites have been the most powerful, at least in the west for too many years. But that is not the basic definition of racism. That is just the problem we are facing in society right now and have for decades.

        I hardly insulted you, aside from ‘are you doing anything besides whining at me on wordpress’ or something along the lines, and for that I apologize. Besides that one remark, yours were as distasteful as mine. I disregard it however as many topics like these can be very difficult and sensitive. You can’t say anything about anyone anymore without someone taking it the wrong way or getting hurt by it even if it was not directed at them.


      4. To clarify…I didn’t say the peaceful protestors were the same as looting not even close. I said that some cities have curfews etc..and as much as I disagree with it, if you avoid those curfews you are breaking the law. It just proves my point how deeply corrupted it is. And how little freedoms exist that the governments can tell us where, when, and how to peacefull protest and then still arrest or attack them. But by the simple definition if you go against your local governments wishes you are breaking the law, but no not the same as looting. I am well aware just how badly the media is covering the protests, and all the conflicts with it because I have been to some of the protests. It’s some sketchy stuff and not from the peaceful protestors side. I don’t know if you recall, but during all the wall street protests years ago they were actually having cops and other officials to dress up as citizens to go in rioting so they can justify shutting down the protests. I am sure it still happens too.


  15. Hi V! Will you join me in #blackouttuesday on here? I’m seeing what they’re doing on Instagram and I’ve committed to a week of not posting my own thoughts (can share perspectives from black POC) as I think it’s important to have those being marginalized and oppressed lead the narrative at the moment. I’d love to have you and think blogs are a great platform to do this on in addition to Instagram! -Michelle

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    1. I am not making any posts today on any socials (insta, twitter and even talked my work into not posting today) and wont be publishing any posts on this blog. Thank you.

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  16. Oh he wont stay inside. He has been drinking hand sanitizer to prevent corona, so he will just walk around, pretending not to be mad, and totally ignoring the rascism problem….poor George Floyd, and all the others

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    1. The photo opp in front of the church that happened after I made this post was a complete and utter embarrassment to the United States. Tax payers paid for his protection so that he could walk down the street to look like he’d never held a bible before in his life, using the Christian faith in the truest antithetical sense and injuring what I can assume were multiple peaceful protesters who had tear gas sprayed at them to clear them from the area for his photo opp.

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      1. Yes they have video from the peaceful protest where the military just came up and started spraying them to make way for that BS. Most of the protests around the country have been peaceful, but the media has only portrayed the looters who are not affiliated with the peaceful protests and many are actually young white men, some from white supremacist groups who are trying to create this chaos.


  17. We are lucky if 60% of eligible voters show up to the polls, and worse the voter suppression has gotten worse and worse because of Republican lawmakers. Where I live in Oregon we all vote by mail and it’s postage-paid but still we don’t have the level of voting like in my husband’s home country of Australia where it is compulsory and averages around 95%. what’s sad is that everybody assumed that Hillary Clinton would win in 2016 and became complacent, and the electoral college which allowed someone without the majority vote to win is still in place. Lots of folks are assuming he will lose but if people don’t show up in the few States that “matter” we will see even worse. But the problem goes beyond him and that the Senate majority leader (Mitch McConnell) is the one who decides which legislation actually gets voted on in the Senate… Which means he has power to the point of being on par with the president, and is why Obama was not able to pass as much legislation as he would have liked, from gun-control to healthcare to the environment, because McConnell said that anything that Obama introduced would not be considered by the Senate, once they had the majority so it’s also important that Democrats win the majority in the Senate along with defeating Trump.

    There is so much to be done.


  18. It reminds me of how when I was younger, when climbing a tree in the park, sometimes my older brother would try to pull me out of the tree… by my feet. I had to hang on for dear life with my hands. If I’d let go I would’ve slammed face-first into the ground, scraping down the tree… 😨. It always spooked me that my brother couldn’t picture that. And I’ve realised later on that he does have a shocking lack of cognitive empathy.


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