Canadian Corona Update

The daily provincial update for Corona Virus was a big one for our corner of the world today. For the first time since March 6th, there were no new confirmed cases of Corona Virus in our region.

Businesses have been slowly reopening, kids have been slowly heading back to class and there seems to be a little more pep to everyone’s step. The Cancer Clinic has started booking appointments again, which is great for my mom. All of her appointments got suspended in March.

While I’m still weary about getting too close to others, it feels like others really don’t give a damn. Like they believe this virus is behind us. Social distancing seems virtually non-existent and the mask/no mask ratio is pathetic. I’m also in the process of moving to a part of the country that was a lot harder hit by Corona Virus then where I’ve been presently residing.

I am hopeful that the worst is behind us, cautious that the worst is in front of us and hoping that if wave two does strike, people won’t be as slow to react as they were this first time.

86% of people who tested positive in British Columbia have now recovered. I don’t recall how many are still in hospital, but I don’t think the number is too high. Also, we received my Uncle’s death certificate so things can officially proceed forward with paying his bills, taxes and debts and the subsequent distribution of his estate.

If you’re going to a protest, make sure you wear a mask. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay sane.

17 thoughts on “Canadian Corona Update

  1. Here in Nigeria, things are different. It’s like everything is back to “normal” with stores and businesses reopening. Although schools have not been allowed to open yet, it’s like no one believes the virus was ever real in the first place apart from the ones that wear masks just for safety precautions.

    Wherever you’re moving to, I hope you stay safe

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    1. Gosh, people ignoring that it happened is a scary thought. I hope that people are a lot more cautious than that. Nigeria, and the whole world, don’t need a wave two of this virus.

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    1. Just checked the map – looks like Nova Scotia was hit pretty hard early on! Hope you are safe and healthy. Glad to hear that it’s on the down-turn…!


  2. “I am hopeful that the worst is behind us, cautious that the worst is in front of us and hoping that if wave two does strike, people won’t be as slow to react as they were this first time.”

    You can’t fix stupid… πŸ˜†. People here do consistently keep apart in the supermarket, but then there is a good amount of people who crowd together at beaches, have street parties etc. And now there’s this:


  3. If you want to feel better, just look at our curve πŸ˜„, second wave is about to begin!


  4. In the UK, the rules were relaxed a bit — but we’re literally back to the ‘new normal’. Our roads are blocked and all the Sunday drivers are out, taking families to beaches etc. You just can’t move in London. Aaarrgghhhh!


  5. here things are easing and I am not going out for hanging out with friends now too..
    Pizza shops and other shops are open.. but I am ain’t that foodie can wait..until everything is sorted..I will make it at home .
    Everything is so confusing…
    Stay safe!


  6. It’s so hard to tell what’s real and what’s exaggerated in media. So I appreciate the honest opinions from around the world. So thanks for sharing your personal experience and sensible thoughts. I’m in Spain and we’re slowly opening up too. I think slowly is the way to go. Get the economy up and running while being wary of social distancing. Just such a complicated balance.


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