If I ever go on a world tour…

I’m going to make it a point to prank call my enemy from every town that I visit in every country that I go to. That way the creepy phone calls with bizarre messaging or heavy breathing to try and scare them, well they can block the number but I’ll have already moved onto the next.

It’s like the perfect plan to exact my revenge. Torment them and they can’t do anything about it. Unless they change their phone number… in which case I’d just start calling their husband… lol, he’s an asshole too. (Shocker! Assholes usually come in pairs.)

Then when I return from my world tour I will write a book about how I exacted my revenge on those who wronged me and it will be a best seller that will inevitably get turned into a TV show. Okay, there was already a show called Revenge, but this one would be different. Better. Like Jason Bourne with a hint of angry five foot blonde who never forgets.

Inset evil laugh here…

37 thoughts on “If I ever go on a world tour…

  1. Haha!
    “(Shocker! Assholes usually come in pairs.)”
    🀣. Too true.
    I have difficulty imagining you to be five feet tall. Together with the blonde hair it just seems too gentle of an appearance lol.

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    1. I just think it would be so funny. They would never be able to know that its you and getting all these calls from foreign countries or even local places that they aren’t… it just seems like such a good way to pester someone!

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  2. Good idea for a movie. I think that’s the way you mean it. I’m not a fan of revenge. It takes up time better spent in improving your life. Sounds preachy, I know. I’m old. It’s inevitable!!

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    1. I know that you’re right. Some people just get under your skin and you can’t let it go… I would call it young and stupid but its just short tempered-ness. Lol


  3. Solid show. You’ll make millions. How do people keep racking up enemies like this? I’m sure I’ve pissed people off, but I have yet to get a death threat or an angry breathing phone call in the middle of the night. What am I doing wrong?

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    1. It involves a fake pregnancy, moving across the country and taking pictures of her sisters child to make us believe it was her child to try and extort child support and ruining a lot of people’s lives and relationships in the process.

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  4. What a non-creepy and totally fun and normal thing to blog about! That said, I obviously support you in this endeavor. Absolute faith. You can do anything you but your mind to!

    But I’m mostly just looking forward to the book. DM me if you want help picking a better name. “Revenge” may be straightforward, but it’s kinda laaame~

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    1. if you would like to come on the world tour I always appreciate travel companions. Requirements are:
      – An exceptionally good creepy laugh
      – A desire to help me torment someone from every country we visit
      – A willingness to eat weird food
      – Owning a backpack

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      1. I actually have a great horror-movie laugh. AND a backpack. Question though: does the someone tortured change, or is it just the same person all the time?


    1. yessssssss! When exactly revenge its not about inflicting harm or pain, the goal is to make it as annoying as you possibly can so the person goes nutso before they get angry.

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      1. And get taken to the insane asylum in a straight jacket whilst you watch from across the road hidden behind dark glasses neath the brim of a cap pulled low. Smiling …they see you at the last moment and know but by then alas…too late – yeah I get it πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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