The Stauffer’s switch gears and decide to ignore their internet footprint

Speculation is circulating the web that the Stauffer’s are getting prepared to make their triumphant return to YouTube.

Three and a half weeks after finally acknowledging they ‘rehomed’ their adopted, autistic son from China, a lot has unfolded.

Developments (since my exceptionally long story about them):

  • The Stauffer’s have been copyright claiming the YouTube videos of other users who are commenting on their clips, videos and content. To those of you who do not know, a copyright claim on YouTube, allows the person who makes the claim to take the ad revenue from the creator who is commenting on them. Myka and James are claiming revenue of those who have been criticizing them.
  • The date of May 26th (the very day they posted their ‘We rehomed our son’ YouTube video) James Stauffer filed paperwork in the state of Ohio to turn his YouTube channel into an LLC, separating it from his wife’s channel and making it its own legal entity that could not be touched should anything come to blows with his wife’s channel or legal action be filed against them
  • Speaking of the ‘We rehomed our son’ video… after monetizing the video to make ad revenue off of it, the Stauffer’s have now made that video private as of June 11. It’s worth noting that they have not deleted the video. The video reached more than 5,000,000 views, and deleting it would skew the analytics of Myka’s channel. Clearly she still cares about maintaining this channel because rather then deleting videos about her abandoned son, she’s been making them private as to not lose ‘views count’ for potential future revenue. Making it private just means people cannot watch it without a link.
  • Myka has created a separate channel called ‘Cash Crush’ that she’s now made Instagram and Twitter accounts for. The channel aims to teach people to make money online. (Perhaps she might make a video about telling people they should adopt children for clout).
  • James has posted to his YouTube channel that he was ‘taking some time to be with family’ and that new videos on his newly legally separate entity ‘Stauffer Garage’ channel would be back soon.
  • Allegedly (this is speculative as I have not seen proof) James is also not responding to businesses who’s products he’s used on his channel before that are asking him to stop using the products because they do not wish to be associated wit him or his family any longer.

I’m honestly not sure if this family is crazy enough to think that after ‘rehoming’ (abandoning) their special needs adopted son after exploiting him for three years that they can just bounce back to be the influencers they once were. Neither of them have held jobs outside of YouTube for several years, which leads me to believe they might try.

It’s scary to think about because as much as I believe these two do not deserve a platform from which to influence the masses, and as much as I think they are still exploiting their former son by continuing to keep videos of him online, part of me worries for their remaining four children now.

I seriously hope this couple saved a lot of money during the past six months that they’ve been avoiding the questions about their adopted son. Because honestly, they’re technically unemployable at this point. And I don’t just mean that as they’ve been ‘cancelled’ on a worldwide scale. I mean that as in both of their educational backgrounds are in industries that require you to update your licensing annually to maintain an ability to work, and both have let their licensing lapse for several years now.

Two parents are out of a job.

Four kids are still in that home.

I sincerely hope that they’ve saved some of their money and didn’t spend it all. Otherwise, those other four kids are about to have a really hard road ahead of them.

Quick and important point: I’ve seen some blogs, YouTube channels and other sources online sharing this family’s home address in posts, on videos and in articles. DON’T DO THAT. It’s not okay. It’s not safe. You don’t know who’s going to read that address and possibly do something really fucking stupid and unsafe. Doxing people is not okay. And there are still four young children in that home. Don’t put their lives in danger because their parents are idiots.

If you missed the first time I spoke of this family, that post can be seen by clicking here. It’s a long one, but there’s a lot to this family and their poor decisions.

Also, there’s another YouTube mom who’s been clickbaiting adoption a lot lately. She’s actually a lot like Myka. Exploits her kids, posts a lot of questionable things online and tries to hide behind her religion. She also has two biological daughters and one biological son just like Myka had when her and her husband started clickbaiting adoption. I want to talk about it but I also don’t want to give her attention because I genuinely believe this could be a part of her plan to gain attention. I’m so torn…

There may be quite a few posts coming to this blog this weekend. I have a couple of days off from work and so much has happened and there’s soo much I want to talk about (BLM, Racism, JJ Vallow and Tylee Ryan, Corona Virus, my new house, my new job, life…). I am apologizing in advance for all of the notifications you could possibly be getting this weekend.

19 thoughts on “The Stauffer’s switch gears and decide to ignore their internet footprint

    1. I hadn’t thought about divorce. But, that could absolutely be a possibility. Their family has been through a lot in the past few years, and since you never really know what goes on behind the scenes, it’s a possibility.

      My thought about why he wanted to make his YouTube channel a separate legal entity was in case Myka’s YouTube channel might have gotten into any legal trouble for misrepresentation of herself and her family to sign sponsorships and collect money from companies, if a company tried legal action against her, the Stauffer Garage could be held on the hook too. If he incorporates separately, it’s a completely separate entity that cannot be touched in any legal battles.

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  1. I’m so concerned for the children caught up in this. Both the poor little abandoned boy and the other children. They all need protection. It makes me so angry that this couple care more about money than their children.

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      1. They definitely need professional help. I completely agree with you there!!!

        I don’t know that ripping their four other children from them would do anything more than traumatizing the children. They’re too young to understand what’s happening. I’m sure they know shit has hit the fan, because kids can sense that stuff. But, I don’t think they really know what their parents are capable of. And separating them from their parents could give them serious psychological issues.

        I hope the state slaps them with requirements to take parenting classes, or counselling of some sort. And hopefully, if the state does their job, they’ll subject them to regular family welfare checks as well…

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    1. I’m absolutely with you there. The fact that people can do this to children, make millions off it and seem to continue to not care… you have to be a pretty particular breed of awful.

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  2. Can this couple get even more shitty? Christ, this is just psychotic.

    I am also concerned about their children. This is a very sad and horrible situation for them. I sincerely hope the parents are being looked into by proper services. They are just abusive and evil to do this to their child.


    1. Exactly. I’m with you, I hope that the parents are being properly looked at by the State. I hope that their ‘unadopted’ son found/finds a better home with people that love them and I hope that Child Services act as an advocate for their remaining children to help ensure they’re looked after through this mess.

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  3. I really enjoyed your write on these. The topic is obviously awful, and I appreciate how informative you are while letting the facts speak for themselves. I wasn’t really aware of any of this, so I appreciate you breaking it all down. I look forward to your weekend notification blast – I really enjoy your writing

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  4. The Stauffer’s really dug themselves deep; I don’t see how they’ll get themselves out of the garbage they put upon themselves. Feel really bad for their kids, too. On another note, I can’t wait to read your posts this weekend; bring on the notifications!

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  5. Shaking my head V, absolutely smh!!!! It’s interesting and so terribly sad on many levels most of which are having me look at t bh e real issue for why these people are 100% ok with their behavior. The narcissism is outstandingly obvious and my heart really goes out for their 4 children who will feel the affects of this in a profound way in the long run. To treat human beings like $$ without any care for the real fall out or repercussions. Then hearing there are others. It’s like consumerism culture trickles into human trafficking for profit!! I just can’t stomach it. You know I’m a parent and the vile disregard for the well being of their biological children and the innocent boy who was “rehomed”, God the fact there is even a word like that is disgusting so the action I can’t wrap my head around. People who have their pets euthanized because they believe there are behavioral issues has always disturbed me. This kind of behavior completely trumps that.
    I’m glad you are posting about this to shed a light on this shameful and despicable behavior. Reality T.V. gone off the rails. Smh and bowing it☹

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    1. Unfortunately there are a lot f inherently selfish people in this world who will do anything they can to make money, including exploiting kids. Or, having kids specifically to exploit. It’s pathetic, and sad. And since I made this post the family has gotten worse. Ugh. They disappointment so much.


    1. You and me both. I feel like every time I turn around I’m learning about more skeletons from this family. Its bad. Real bad.


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