I found a house

I found a house to move into.

I filled out a rental application and I was accepted.

I’m moving.

It’s surreal to say that. I’ve wanted this for what feels like a lifetime. Now that it’s finally happening, part of me is waiting for the shoe to drop. Part of me thinks it’s too good to be true and something has to go wrong.

I’m trying not to jinx it. But, big news… I FOUND A HOUSE! It’s a beautiful house in a really nice neighbourhood. It has air conditioning! (If anyone who’s reading this is from a country where air conditioning is normal, it’s really more of a luxury and a rarity in homes in Canada) It also has a really beautiful kitchen that’ll allow me to reclaim my love of cooking. And, something I’ve never had before in my life, it has a walk in closet. A walk in closet! I’ll have felt like I’ve officially arrived when I have a closet so large that I can change in my closet each day.

Could it be true? Could things be really falling into place? Could I really luck out and get everything I’ve ever seen for my future? My office is in the city, in a skyscraper, on the 20th floor. Now I’ve got a perfect place just outside of downtown and it’s gorgeous and it’s close enough to the office that I won’t get stuck in traffic, but far enough from downtown that rent is fucking amazing.

How did I get this lucky?

For so long now I’ve been really down-and-out, so to speak. I’ve felt as though there’s nothing left for me, there’s nowhere to go and I’d be stuck in mediocrity and hell for the rest of my days. It’s weird to have hope again. This isn’t a familiar feeling to me. Finding a job during a global pandemic? Four leaf clovers… Finding a gorgeous new build home with rent the same as any apartment and older home in the city? Freaking pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, it feels like.

Now I just need to pack.


For a new life in a new city.

I’m trying to do things right this time… take things slow… savour the victories. Since you can’t get these moments back, I want to remember the feeling I felt when things finally started turning around for me.

I’m beyond excited to move into this home and start making it mine. I’m also looking forward to what comes through this road ahead. I’m hoping it breeds a lot of contentment. Perhaps, if I’m really lucky, a little adventure.

Time to pack my bags…

122 thoughts on “I found a house

  1. Just discovered your blog and already I’m hooked. Congrats on the new house! YES TO A/C, KITCHEN, AND WALK-IN CLOSET!! I’m hoping to secure a house of my own (here in Virginia, USA) and those are on my “must-have” list lol. Best wishes on the packing and moving, that part is always the most tedious.

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    1. Well thank you Taylor! My advice, if you have time, is to hold out for the right place. Don’t just settle. I’ve settled before and was never happy. This time around I had time to make decisions and wait for the right place! The right place will come along and you will find it! Wishing you luck in your house hunting!

      And I totally agree, packing is very daunting.


  2. Aaaahhhh, so happy for you! It sounds absolutely incredible. If you’re up for it, I think it would be really cool to document your packing/moving process. Millennials move around A LOT and I think a lot of people would relate ❤ Congrats again!!!!

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    1. Thank you so much! This will be my third move in a year and a half. Hahaha! Thank you for the suggestion of a future story to share. I’ve pretty much slimmed my belongings down to the necessities at this point. I’ve got about two weeks left in this house I think. We shall see how it goes!


      1. That’s awesome! I mean, I’m sorry you’ve moved so much, but it’s awesome that you’ve got your possessions pared down to the necessities. Hopefully in this new place you’ll be able to put down roots and accumulate some “stuff”.

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  3. I love hearing all these wonderful things that are happening for you but remember – you put in the dreaming and striving and they trying – you did this – believe in yourself and enjoy every moment. You deserve this.


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