The universe looking out for me

Last year I made a post about the best things that never happened to me. Throughout the entire post I shared some stories of my life centered around the premise that perhaps the best things in our lives are those that never actually happen to us, or for us.

The stories that I shared had finished with 2018, and at the point of writing, I genuinely hadn’t had an experience that led me to believe there was anything to share with respect to 2019.

Fast forward to today.

Today, I got an intriguing email to my work inbox. Being a relatively new employee, my inbox has been rather quiet the past few weeks, mainly serving as a means for coworkers to share files with me. Today, the email I received was from someone that I’ve met before. It was from someone that I interviewed with in 2019.

In May 2019 I had a job interview with a tech company that I was really excited about. This company was ‘on their way up’ in the business world. It was new and exciting software that was unlike anything else on the market and they were poised to make an integral mark in the industry because of investments from Silicon Valley.

I made it to the final round of interviews and was one of the last two candidates being considered. Nevertheless, I was devastated when I didn’t get the job. I was so excited for the opportunity and I genuinely thought that the job was mine. It took me months to get over the fact that I didn’t get that job. I really felt like I was to blame for the missed opportunity at really stepping up my career.

The email that I got today was from the woman who interviewed me, and inevitably, did not select me to fulfill that role.

She’s looking for a job and she wanted to know if I was hiring.

Ummm. What?

A year later, someone who didn’t select me for a job was now asking me for a job. Does she know that I am relatively new to the company? Does she remember that I was the candidate she rejected to do my very role at her company last year?

I sent her an email back, reintroduced myself as the individual who interviewed with her last year and asked her what was going on, why she was looking for a new job. She seemed to have it made at the company she was with, so I just… wanted to open a conversation and see what she had to say.

‘The company went under in December 2019.” She said. Of course she went on to explain exactly what happened and she let me know that she was looking for work in January and February and then the pandemic hit and she hasn’t been able to find work since.

She actually went on to mention that she applied for the position that I now have. (Which I did not ask her, it was information she volunteered)

It was a ‘holy shit’ kind of a moment. I feel bad for her for being in a position of being unemployed. I know the feeling all too well and I don’t wish it on anyone. But also running through my head was ‘Had I been selected for that job, I literally would have worked for six months and then had to start back at square one’. Then my mind went to ‘holy shit, the woman who thought I wasn’t good enough to have this job at her company now wants me to keep her application in mind for being my assistant’.

There’s so much to unfold there. The biggest thing that I can’t seem to get past though is… had I gotten that job, I would have worked for six months and been right back to square one.

Did I dodge a metaphorical bullet, or did I dodge a metaphorical bullet?

Holy crap.

As hard as my unemployment tenure was, and as much as I whined and complained to my friends, family and this blog, I’ve always maintained the belief that the universe guides us. And the universe clearly had better plans for me than a tech company that was soon to go belly-up.

I feel sorry for this woman. I really do. I wish I could say ‘sure I’ll keep your resume’ and give her hope. But, truthfully, I can’t give her any hope. My bosses won’t be hiring any more this year. I befriended her on LinkedIn and told her that if I hear of any similar positions that I’d pass along her name/contact information. I wish I could do more for her but dang, 2020 has been a hot mess and there’s really not much more I can do now.

Execept… I can savour the role that I have so much more today than I did yesterday. Does that make me a bad person? Her email just made me so much more thankful of the role I’m in now. I mean I’ve been appreciative of this position since they day they said ‘Will you accept our offer?’ But, today… it just seems so much sweeter…. like so much more of a win, finding a role in the industry in the middle of a pandemic.

2020 man… such a crazy year. The universe always has a plan.

64 thoughts on “The universe looking out for me

  1. It doesn’t make you a bad person at all. It makes you one that’s grateful that the Universe guided you in another direction. A better one. Life really does work in mysterious ways. 🙏

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    1. It’s hard to see how things are working in the moment, but I guess that’s the point… you just have to keep going and wait for the sun to shine again.

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    1. Thank you! I’ll try my best to remember there’s always an end goal for this. Next time I’m whining people better tell me to shut it. lol


  2. Honestly, sometimes rejections absolutely don’t make it feel like you’re going the right way but really they can be true blessings in disguise! My old lecturer who I used as a referee would just tell me she believed in ‘providence’ whenever I got rejected from a job interview (and there were a lot of rejections). I may not have believed it then, but I sure do now.

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  3. That is the truth sister, the Universe does sure have a plan. Yes, what an interesting turns of events. Good on you for befriending her on LinkedIn. Your life is moving in a positive direction V. I know what it’s like to finally be having things fall together after watching them all fall apart. The Universe has got you, happy for you my dear😊

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    1. I hope things are moving in a positive direction for me. I think only time will tell, but right now it seems like things are going okay. I’m keeping optimistic but also being cautious.

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      1. I use that phrase a lot when things are going in the right direction. Keep your thoughts positive. I believe it’s your time V😊 you deserve it my dear!


  4. I remember desperately praying to have a certain girl as a steady girlfriend when I was 20 after a few dates. Problem was, she was a major flirt. It didn’t work out, I was devastated, then went on to meet who would become my wife! Looking back I’m very thankful I ended up with who I did. Things we want so badly may be the absolute wrong thing for us. Sometimes no is the best answer

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    1. Ain’t that the truth! If she had’ve been your girlfriend it might have been harder to find your now wife. And she’s your wife so you were obviously meant to be with her! Glad you wound up happy in the end!

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  5. Good things happen to good people and you are a good person. You had some wins coming your way, and you got a few recently. This is one of those small wins. Ya you probably did dodge a bullet, and the fact the person reaching out to you is someone who didnt select you in the past is nice. Of course it sucks if someone is out of work, but still its a nice feeling. When you are out of work, you tap into any resource you can to get income. I’m glad things are moving in a good direction for you.

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    1. It definitely does help knowing that my life could’ve lead a very different path. One that probably would’ve been a lot harder on my psyche than it was! lol


  6. I had a very similar moment of “I dodged a bullet” when the pandemic started. Every interview I did in the 6 months I was unemployed prior to the pandemic would have left me working face-to-face with people in a healthcare setting or unemployed again when stay-at-home orders were issued. That is all except the job I got that allowed me to work from home with not reduction in hours or benefits. Thanks, Universe.

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  7. Great story. My mother was a big believer in fate – that things happen because they are meant to happen, that there is a good reason why we sometimes get dealt a shitty hand. If she were alive today she’d purr with pleasure at your story, which illustrates her theory perfectly.

    And you should be congratulated for your magnanimous and caring response to the poor woman’s plight. In the circumstances you’ve written about many people would have been a lot less charitable when her email popped up. Well done, you.

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    1. Having just been through what she’s going through now… literally up to last month, I can feel for her. I really know what she’s going through and it’s not something I wish on anyone. The pandemic makes it even harder. I hope she finds a soft landing. I’m sure the universe has a plan.

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  8. So first off, thanks for that link to your previous story. Because you tell the best stories! This one though… you might be reaching. I mean, it would’ve sucked to be unemployed again and have to start over, but you might’ve made a bit of money in the process. And had something more to do than let anxiety constantly wail on your self-esteem. I guess I’m just asking if the loss of that job would’ve been worse than the long grind of not having one? Either way I hope this woman finds something. I’ll be in the same boat soon, I believe. And I do hope the universe will provide.

    On a less serious note, you should be really glad you didn’t go for a career robbing banks. You seem to be always getting there too late.

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    1. And perhaps I very well could be. I guess I’m thinking of it from the perspective of what my resume would look like to recruiters if I lost my job twice in one year.

      Money wasn’t really a huge worry of mine until november/December of last year. I was living off a sizeable severance due to being wrongfully terminated and sicking a lawyer on their stupid asses.

      But, the aspect of being fired and trying to hide that because people judge you if they hear that, that definitely stuck with me the whole year and a lot of times talked me into a “youre never going to get a job because you have a black mark on your working career” type of mentality. When i wrote this last night I was thinking about what two metaphorical black marks on my name in less than 12 months would’ve done to my insecurity. Guess it just came from a place of weakness. You’re right though, there could’ve been benefits to them hiring me for their marketing and my having more money and six months more experience!

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      1. But like, being fired and being laid off aren’t the same. You wouldn’t really have a black mark on your record if the company went under, right? I mean, unless it was YOUR fault. And I don’t feel quite as embarrassed and judged for being laid off, although I still feel awful about it. And I always seem to worry about money. Gotta worry about something! Worrying helps everything!

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    1. Life can be so weird at times! And when you’re going through the thick of it, it can be really hard to see your way out. But, hopefully there’s bigger and better for everyone

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  9. This is an incredible story. I can just imagine how devastating it is to not be accepted in a job you wanted. But, oh the wheels have turned! Glad that you have a job in the middle of the pandemic! However, I’m going to pray for her. I know she’ll find hers too ☝🏽

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    1. I too hope that she finds a safe landing at a business that’ll appreciate her talents. She was pretty high up at the company that I interviewed with her at, so hopefully she lands somewhere soon.

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  10. I once got an email encouraging me to apply for a position with the same people who let me go on bad terms four years earlier. Most likely it was a form letter because they saw my name applying for similar positions in the area rather than a human consciously crawling back to me, though. I ignored it.

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      1. Definitely.

        Like I said, I’m pretty sure the person who sent that email somehow just got my name from the site where job openings in that field and that geographical area are posted, and that it was not someone who ever knew me. The email probably came from a central location, not from the specific group I worked with. (It’s hard to explain that statement since you don’t know what kind of work I do. I tend not to say that on here, because that would give away spoilers for future installments of my story.)


  11. I think I told you something to the effect, that jobs which didn’t happen maybe for good! Do not recall that job or another, but anyway :). Yep, count your blessings!

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  12. My friends daughter is an Oxford educated biochemist who tried to get a position at Theranos and never even got an interview call. She thought it was her resume, or something she did. Turns out they didn’t want anyone too qualified 🙂 Glad you got a job during a pandemic!! The Bay Area is finally opening up, outside seating @ restaurants and the stores just the other day. Seems like we’ve been in this the longest?

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    1. Damn! What a story that is to tell. Hiring someone with an Oxford education would’ve ended that scam real quick.

      Also, I feel like as a city/state you probably have been in corona-quarantine longest. From what I’ve seen of American media that, California seemed to actually take it seriously where us much/most of the countey did not.

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      1. Just NorCal, SoCal is already sitting inside of restaurants & bars. A little more entitled down there 🙂 Haha. I’m from there, go back & forth all the time.

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  13. That is absolutely wild. And although the Universe may not always show you the blessing right in that moment, it never fails to prove it later on. This post proved the saying I always hear, it goes something like this: you may not have everything you want right now, but did it occur to you that the Universe may have something even bigger planned for you?
    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful post 🙂

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