They like me. They really like me!

It’s been four weeks now that I’ve been at my new job. What a difference finding a decent place to work makes in one’s life. Four weeks into this job I’ve been treated better, and with more trust then I ever found in the last decade of my professional career.

I know, I know, I know: ‘Don’t get too far ahead of yourself, Vee’.

I won’t, I promise.

I’m just grateful. Grateful for the opportunity. Grateful for something to look forward too. Grateful that they’ve put faith in me.

In four weeks I’ve taken part in presentations with companies from three different continents, had an article published on an international governing-body’s website, dove head first into a brand new industry and not drown, and… had my first performance review. Spoiler alert: they like me!

In my first performance review (I have to do them every three weeks until I pass the employee probationary period), my boss said that she thinks I am intelligent, articulate, talented and am fitting in really well with everyone on staff. That last one meant a lot to me because, coming in to the company in a ‘work from home’ situation posed a unique challenge for me to try and get to know my new coworkers.

My boss went on to say that she’s so thankful she hired me and that she’s so grateful I didn’t get swooped up for another position between February when I started the interview process and May when they officially hired me.

I’ve been taking a course in software development this week. As much as I hate ‘school’ this course has actually opened my eyes to a whole new subject matter that I think will really benefit me down the line. It’s made for some long days, but I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Here’s to hoping they continue to like me moving forward and that I’ve got a long, fruitful career ahead of me in tech!

68 thoughts on “They like me. They really like me!

    1. HAHA! Well I am my own worst critic so there’s a lot I could tell you that’s not too like. But for now, I’m just riding the wave. ❀ Thank you!

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  1. Congrats VπŸŽ‰ I knew good things would unfold for you eventually. You deserve nothing but the best and I’m so happy yo read that things are working out so nicely for you. YAY 😊

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  2. It is good to hear that you have found a great employer and I hope that you have a long and rewarding employment with them. Congratulations on your success.

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    1. Awe ❀ Such a nice little pep talk for me to read tonight. I know you didn't intend on it when you left this comment, but this means a lot. I've been beating myself up pretty hard tonight so this was nice for me to read. Thank you

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  3. Well done and it is so nice to get ongoing feedback during probation period. Keep up the good work.

    Learning to program is good. My programming skills are quite old . But it makes u think in a different way.

    Wish you ongoing success

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      1. … plus she got a total of FIVE months full-paid pregnancy + parental leave, after working there for five weeks only, and that’s unthinkable in the US.


    1. HAHA! Thank you for the offer!
      I think I’m going to leave the developing to the developers. I just don’t want to be the stupid girl in the corner going ‘what are they talking about?’ lol

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  4. This makes me really happy! It’s amazing how long your period of struggle with being at home, unemployed, then the bf thing, all of that lasted. And then all of a sudden things have changed for the better. A great list of achievements, that published article sounds amazing. Can we read it? πŸ˜„. Oh actually that’d give the game away wouldn’t it, identity-wise? Lol.

    Following your progress has been encouraging/inspiring to me, certainly helping me to keep going :D.

    “I’ve been taking a course in software development”

    Cool! That really interested me. Are you enjoying it?

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    1. I would love to share the article but it has my full name and company name on it and I don’t really want to give that out. Hope you understand.

      I certainly hope that you keep going. There’s goodness out there for you, I know it.

      As for the course, it was a little dry. But that’s probably because it’s so fresh and new to me that it was a lot to grasp in one week. Definitely worth it for working with my new coworkers though.

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      1. No worries πŸ˜„ Of course!
        Thank you! πŸ™‚
        Ah you did like a 1-week intense course? Somebody hired in by the company to teach people? Those usually are very dry and the person running them usually has a bit of an ego 😏. Well, that was my experience when that happened to me once in my research year at university.
        And yeah that’s a lot to take in when it’s new. I didn’t immediately enjoy programming stuff but ended up loving it lol. It’s something which really rewards self-teaching, though, because it’s so accessible. Takes a while for the concepts to sink in, too. Anyway I’m very impressed if you took it well enough to not be totally put off it! So many people just really struggle with programming.


  5. Good! I was just telling someone the other day how I feel more supported at my current job (since 2014) and I click better with that group of coworkers than anywhere else I’ve been, and that’s a major part of the reason that I’m not looking to move despite a lot of other things having deteriorated in that time.

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      1. Yes… now if only I actually could go to work one of these days, because my work is not the kind that translates well to working from home, and the next layer of people above my immediate supervisors don’t really seem to have a long term plan in place…


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