Feels like a Monday

I recently found out that I have a savings account that was opened in 2009 that has been sitting dormant since 2009… because I genuinely did not set it up and did not know it existed. There is $111.13 in the account.

Can I close the account (since I haven’t used it in 11 years because I didn’t know it existed) and take the money out of it?

Nope. Apparently the bank puts rules on savings accounts. That’s fine. I plan on switching banks next month anyway, so I guess they can keep this mysterious $111.

Its 9:10 am and I’m on my third cup of coffee. I’ve also done two video interviews and spent forty minutes waiting on hold with the city. Man oh man, I seriously hate when someone asks you to call them and they then proceed to make you wait on hold. “Just call whenever” would be so much easier if they could provide a time where they’d be near their phone and willing to answer.

Oh and two of my coworkers tested positive for Corona Virus on Friday. So… I’m in no rush to get to that office.

Why is it that Friday is so far away from Monday but Monday is so close to Friday?

27 thoughts on “Feels like a Monday

  1. I woke up today to get some work done… and realized that I’ve no coffee at home. I’m almost envious of your three cups, if I didn’t read the situation. Stay in there! Best of luck! Mondays just suck, as usual.

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  2. It’s only Monday and I’m already exhausted. The prof seems to have forgotten that class technically ended at 1100 and she’s still going through her slides….

    Do you have access to the money in the account? If yes, take the money…. unless there’s a fee involved or something. I’m with TD and had to close a grandfather account. I was only able to close it with a co-signer. It’s kinda weird how the bank has such strict rules on these things.

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    1. Apparently there’s a stipulation on the account that says I’m not allowed to withdraw the funds until 2024. I swear on my life, I never set up this account. If I really wanted a savings account, I probably would have saved more than 100 dollars, and I probably would have used that to help with my period of unemployment… stupid bank.

      Hope your class ended shortly after you left this comment today. It sucks when classes go too long. I know I get annoyed.

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  3. Annoying banks and stupid rules. Can you use either Monzo or Starling bank or something like those, in Canada?

    I’ve recently changed to Monzo bank and it’s changed my life. It’s such a cooool revolution for banking. Bye bye big slow stupid traditional fucking banks.

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    1. I’ve never heard of Monzo or Starling. I’ve been wanting to change banks for a while though. I just put it on hold when I became unemployed because it didn’t seem like a smart thing to do. Now that I’m working and moving I’m going to move to a bank with fewer stupid rules and less fees.

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      1. Oh yeah… in Canada/US you have bank fees. It’s a crazy concept to meβ€” we don’t have fees! Also the government forced banks to make switching as easy as pressing a button. So we can easily change as much as we like with no cost to ourselves :).

        Would be interesting to know how Monzo/Starling handle countries with feesβ€” to see if they charge there or not, if they’re even available. These online digital banks have so little startup cost compared to traditional banks, as they don’t have branches or anything like that. It’s all just an app and web servers :). I only heard of these banks cos a friend who was a big fan of tech started using Monzo a few years ago. They’re definitely the future.

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  4. I don’t understand why they are not letting you take this money out if it is in your name. I used to work in a bank in the USA and if a person called and said they wanted the account reactivated, then it was opened back up and the person could withdrawal the money. I’m not sure if it’s different in Canada. It’s Monday and I am so tired so I feel ya. Hoping your co-workers are going to be okay.

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    1. I wish I knew. Apparently I’m not allowed to withdraw any month from this account until 2024, I am only allowed to deposit into it. Which is so bizarre because I didn’t even know that it existed until yesterday. I swear on my life, I did not open a savings account. In 2009 I was in University and needed every dime I was making to survive. There was no way that I would have said ‘Hmmm, let’s take $111 and put it in a savings account for the next decade.’ It’s all so bizarre.


  5. People are so rude. And banks are my pet peeve. I got screwed over big time and it cost me a lot of money in tax which I particularly hated given the current government! But I decided I wasn’t going to get tied in knots because they were assholes. You stay away from that office!!!!

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    1. Banks are the worst! And people wonder why Millennials hate going into them anymore. I’m sorry you lost money! That being said, it’s good that you were able to not let it get to you. This bank is definitely getting my annoyance going…


  6. I got kinda excited for you as I do for myself when I find money I didn’t know I had! Too bad they’re being stingy about it. Yes please keep your distance from the office and I hope you have a wonderful week VπŸŒˆπŸŒ πŸŒžπŸ’–
    Good observation on Fridays and Mondays too🀣

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    1. I’m going to meet with them tomorrow to find out how much it costs to close the account. I wouldn’t be surprised if they told me that it’s $100. You know, banks and all…

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  7. Could be worse. Coffee gives me a stomachache, so I don’t drink it. Imagine doing without caffeine and doing all the same things. Actually, that’s probably why I don’t work in business (totally isn’t my dislike of people). Try not to get COVID, eh? Unless you’re worried about missing out. In which case, lemme know how it is? Thanks V! Have a better Tuesday!

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