Still feels like Monday

As of 9:00 this morning a total of seven people from my office have tested positive Corona Virus. This morning the building staff said that two of the security staff have tested positive. I’m speculating here but that’s likely how they got it? I mean… it’s not like any of the people from my office have been near one another. They all popped into the office at different points in time and their paths never crossed (we literally have a calendar dedicated to when someone needs to go to the office so we can ensure we’re not getting too many people there at once), but all of them had to pass the security desk/check in to get to the elevator to go to our office.

Anyone who’s been to the office in the past two weeks now has to go get a test as a precautionary measure. Glad I’m not one of those people who’s been to the office. Funny thing was, I was supposed to go for a tour because no one is/was around. I ended up making an excuse to cancel the tour because I had anxiety about going right downtown the city.

Stay safe, sane and healthy and be careful who you go near. Wash your hands and be diligent in looking after your health. You really don’t know who has or hasn’t caught this.

27 thoughts on “Still feels like Monday

    1. News reports yesterday said that there were 5,000 cases of covid in Texas alone. Im not in the states but i think as long as the states continues to ignore covid, this is never going to end

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      1. LOL hahaha. Two hilarious things there— ‘mega church’ sounds insane and ridiculous lol.


      2. Oh dear god, no…

        Cannot unsee…
        No no no no no!!!
        No 😭


  1. I think you made the right call on blowing off that tour!
    I feel bad for the security folks. You know they were deemed essential, and now they’re sick just for doing their jobs. 😿

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    1. If I were a security person I’d be getting tested every day. And you can do that here. If they knowingly come into contact with a lot of people every day (and there’s 28 floors to this building) why wouldn’t they get tested regularly? They can do that here. It seems silly to me. And now all these people are positive. The whole situation is odd.

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  2. Omg I’m so glad you’re safe! I flat out refuse to go back to work until every single person is tested and proper social distancing measures are taken. And if theres an outbreak in my office and i end up getting it, bet your bottom dollar I’m going to sue. Man, this covid stuff is unreal.

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    1. And I’m 100 percent certain its a lot worse where you are then where I am! I don’t blame you for not wanting to go anywhere. I’d move into a cave if I was living in the states.


      1. Well its definitely not good. No one is wearing masks and totally disregarding social distancing, just adding to the spread.

        I dont go out except to shop when I need to, and even then people give me looks for having a mask on.

        God, it makes me so angry that people are so careless and just making things worse.

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  3. So glad you cancelled the tour! I worked through the entire pandemic and was scared for my life, even when we were closed over night which is my entire shift. The state I live in is luckily the only state in the US that is not seeing too much of a spike in numbers. Masks, social disctancing etc is still manadory though, well at least for staff….not so much customers and that pisses me off to no end, especially because they have extended hours. I have to now deal with ignorant customers for the first couple hours of my shift and a bit before I leave work. The other night there was a customer not only not respecting social distancing, not wearing a mask, but he was walking around the store vaping….I reminded him politely that vaping is the same as smoking and is not allowed inside our store…he obeyed but seem irritated. I wanted to call him a bunch of wonderful names, but can’t cause customer service and all that. xD Our coworkers are breathing a little easier though now. Nobody ever got tested positive or showed symptoms throughout the pandemic, and we are trying to fight the mask rule since our hazardous pay ended. I am like DUDE…if any of us had it we would have known by now, why do I have to have this stupid mask that makes me sweat to death in humid ass weather with no airconditioning inside when they are not even paying me anymore for the cautionary of customers I honestly could care less for. If their ignorant ass comes in here passed 10 pm without social distancing etc which they often do then I will gladly tell them to get a life tbh. Like…the rules I get. but why is no one really following them? People be like COVID PANDEMIC…let’s go shopping at midnight because that totally makes sense. It’s hilarious too when people get mad cause we close at midnight still instead of being 24 hours. No matter how many announcements we make too about closing there are still people being ignorant and not making their way out the store by closing time. I am like you pretentious morons GET OUT. xD Yes I have been angry with humanity during this entire pandemic odeal…can you tell? lol


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