39 thoughts on “2:00 PM

      1. Nah, I’m still furloughed. Plus, it seems like you could use it more anyway.

        And why would I be grumpy with you? I’M not the one who hates hugs

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  1. Awww my darling, I can feel your throbbing head and aching body through these words. I don’t eat much meat at all but when you’re so overtired you just want something greasy and junky😉

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      1. Yup. It really is. Your world closes down to the pain and fatigue you’re suffering and you become so dysfunctional. You can act in ways that people (who can’t understand) resent, making the situation even worse. That’s unbearably painful.


    1. She talked about how melatonin doesn’t do jack squat for her in a previous post. My understanding is after a while it just kind of stops working. But you just reminded me I have some melatonin gummies *I* should eat so thank you.

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      1. No worries, dude. Or dudette. Not everyone can be someone who has been following this gal since like June of last year. And I have a memory like a steel trap, so. I remember a lot of dumb ass details. I didn’t meant to convey a douchebag arrogant quality on that, though I can see how it may have come across that way.

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