Dyson vacuum wall mount

If you’r reading this and you have Dyson, how the heck do the wall mounts work? My new rental has a vacuum mounted to the wall and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it off. I’d really like to vacuum. And before anyone says ‘Google It’, I have. Google explains how to install a wall mount or remove a wall mount but no one has yet to explain how to get the vacuum off the wall mount. Guess I’m the only idiot on earth who cannot figure this out…

Thanks for any tips/help!

39 thoughts on “Dyson vacuum wall mount

    1. I think it was just jammed and I was too scared to yank it out. Since it’s not mine and belongs to the landlord, I didn’t want to break it. It’s off the wall now! Thank you.

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      1. That’s great V 😊

        FYI –
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    1. Is this a joke? Lol.

      Possible she was still running an older version, updated to latest release with better housework skills.


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      1. Different versions have different wall mounts. When I originally posted this to ask for help, I didn’t include a photo. Then I thought ‘that might be helpful, you idiot. Duh’. So I took a picture and posted it to explain. Navin had commented before the photo was there.

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      2. Ahhh! Makes sense :). My joke was a bit more superficial/silly than that though, don’t worry. I just thought it was funny referring to V7/8/9 since it’s similar to your ‘name’ V. So then I started thinking of different versions of V operating system. V OS. πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈπŸ™„

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      3. 🀣. No honestly I just read it back imagining it from a fresh perspective and I definitely did this thing I do where I go so far along my thought track, I forget it’s no longer obvious πŸ˜†. Never mind lol

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      1. Dyson (the company) and it’s founder James Dyson is also excellent at tax and good citizenry avoidance. Google James Dyson and brexit and see what a rotten person that guy is. The products may me good but I wouldn’t in a million years put a nickel in that guy’s pocket.

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      2. Well I didn’t purchase this one. It was in the house when I moved in as a part of the deal. That being said, it sure is a pain in the arse to try and get off the wall!

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      3. I actually did email them and was told they’d get back to me in 24-48 hours. So probs… Monday. lol

        Thanks for the tip though!


    1. That’s what I’ve been trying I just think for some reason it’s jammed? I’m too scared I’ll break it if I pull too hard. Since it’s owned by the landlord and not me, and Dyson’s aren’t cheap, I might just have to get him to show me how to do it. Because I’m pretty sure it’s jammed…

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      1. I did manage to use it today. It was my first time every using a Dyson. It seems very finnicky. Not sure if that’s just me or…? Is it just something you have to get used to?

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  1. I can so relate, lol. This kind of thing always happened to me including with the damned irrelevant google results.

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      1. Haha exactly! And most people are… well, we well know what they are. πŸ™„

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    1. I ended up asking him, but I also got it off the wall before he had to come. He lives about an hour away so I didn’t want to make him drive all the way here to pull a vacuum off the wall to drive home. You know what I mean? Thankfully it got sorted.

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  2. 1. You grab the pole fairly high up with both hands
    2. Push firmly up, as though pushing it harder into the holder
    3. When you feel it move ever so slightly, you pull the pole towards you (think of it as trying to get the floor suction part to reach you and touch your knees!)
    4. Pull it down, and out of the holder

    The main part is stage 1, as that feels scarily wrong to push the machine deeper into the holder and counter-intuitive. But once you see how it slides ever so slightly you get confidence to do it. I’m brutal with mine!

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