Welcome to corporate, kid

I went for a tour of my office on Thursday. I’d been putting it off for a while due to the fact that several of my coworkers and at least two of the building’s security guards tested positive for COVID. But, I was assured that professional cleaning and disinfecting was done and so I made arrangements with my boss to have a socially distant tour.

First stop on the tour? My office. That’s right, I have my own office.

It’s big. Real big. And it’s all mine. There’s a wrap-around desk, a wardrobe, cupboard storage and a table/seating area. There’s also a giant west-facing window with a view of the city skyline. Given that we’re on a high floor, I reckon the sunsets will be pretty spectacular as we head into fall and our staff actually goes back to working in the office.

It was a very surreal moment for me. I’ve never had an office before. In the decade I’ve been working, I’ve been had board-room tables, a reception desk, a desk-sized cubicle in the middle of the lobby. Never an office. Offices were always reserved for the men. And now, I have an office.I have four walls. A door. A cork board and a white board! It’s the small things but they mean so much. I wanted to cry when I sat down at my desk and spun around in my chair. I also wanted to take a bunch of pictures of every square inch of the office. Given that my boss was watching me, though, I chose to not do either.

The entire office is quite a maze. Lots of hallways, a maze of offices, a classroom for when we host professional development workshops (when there isn’t a global pandemic). There’s even a games room! A room with a pinball game and a Foosball table and a few other arcade games. The building even has a private gym for tenants… not that it’s open right now. But, it’s still a cool perk.

As I was leaving I told my boss that I was excited to get into my new office in September (COVID Permitting) and do a lot of great work in there. I said that I’d never had an office before and that I’d never worked in an office with this many amenities or luxuries before.

They smiled and said ‘Welcome to corporate, kid’.

It was a cool day for me. And, I guess I have a lot to look forward to (COVID permitting). I might like this corporate world after all…

62 thoughts on “Welcome to corporate, kid

  1. PTL! Congrats on your job, V! Congrats on an office of your own! πŸ™‚
    Praying for your days ahead, and or a hedge of protection for you and your coworkers!
    Looking forward to all of those awesome sunset/sunrise pics!
    God loves you! ❀

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  2. This is so cool, and I’m excited for you. Well done,and it’s hardly surprising, you work very hard, and deserve this office!
    Best wishes to you, the class ceiling gets another knock from a well deserving woman! Games room though, how ‘boyish’.
    Never mind, you’ll be there and you will rock your office, when the time comes!

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    1. There’s a lot of programmers in our office and, much like their stereotypical portrayal on TV, they love their games. And the fridges filled with energy drinks. I think the CEO keeps them happy because he knows he needs their happy genius for the company to be a success! lol

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  3. “They smiled and said β€˜Welcome to corporate, kid’.”

    Hahaha!! That’s amazing, like out of a movie.

    Indeed corporate places can bring big benefits. The drawbacks (if there are any) depend on how well it is managed and the company culture. But it can definitely be done well. Mercedes F1 team is a great example of this :).

    How incredible that you’re in your own office high up a city tower!! No wonder it’s surreal, after spending your winter in your small town family home πŸ˜†. Congratulations for everything!

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    1. It is quite a stark difference from spending the winter in a basement bedroom of a small town. Onward and upward! It is possible if you just keep going!

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      1. Basement bedroom, too! Jeez, no wonder you were depressed πŸ˜†. Yeah that really is! Wow. Tens of metres above ground now instead of beneath.

        And thanks for the encouragement, it really is :).


  4. Congratulations! This really made my weekend. I am so happy that good things can and do happen even during these challenging times. (Of course, you worked so, so hard to achieve this and no one deserves it more than you❀️) This also motivates me to “keep giving it my all” and keep hope πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing.

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  5. Great to hear! I love how the guy drops the line about joining corporate America. It must feel great to have things falling into place after so much hard work! You deserve the best!

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  6. Your post just made this ex-corporate kid, who had that kind of experience a time or two so happy for you! Enjoy all the fruits of your hard work because it was YOU that got you there! Have fun and be safe.

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  7. I’m smiling ear to ear while reading this! I’m so excited for you, what an amazing feeling of accomplishment!! You’ve arrived V and I couldn’t be happier for you. So much love and continued blessings for you!

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  8. How fabulous your own office, a games room, sounds like a wonderful company. How life has changed for the better, so very happy for you. Those 100 of 1000 of job applications paid off, you got the right one , and the right one got you.

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  9. So awesome you get your own office; that’s honestly the dream for a lot of employees, even in corporate! Hope you continue to enjoy your new jobs, and keep us updated on the journey. πŸ™‚

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