Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

I was probably thirteen years old when I finally learned there was a ‘dne’ in Wednesday. I always thought it was ‘Wensday’ and I was so stubborn, I refused to acknowledge anyone telling me that I was wrong.

Long story short, it’s Wednesday. Wednesday is off to a greeeeeeeat start.

My company’s network is down. I’ve got nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch. Zero. I’m frustrated that I can’t work at the moment. On the other hand, I’m grateful that I’m not a programmer, or IT right now. Because we’re a tech company, if our network is down, none of the customers have access to our products. Their phones are probably ringing like crazy. Me… I just get to sit here and patiently wait. I guess their are worse things in life than laying on the couch, devouring sugar and waiting for the network to reconnect on a Wednesday morning.

29 thoughts on “Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday

  1. yikes! My brother is one of those IT guys you’re talking about and he was facing a weird crisis moment a few days ago… I know because he got called to work (he’d been WFH) in the middle of lunch and my mom threw a fit (cause she likes the family to eat together) and he came back some time in the middle of the night and slept through the day after.
    Quite a spectacle in the house.

    Wednesday is super fun actually… I remember my school days when I’d be counting for the weekend and that means it’s just two days more! (not that it matters anymore now)

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    1. Your brother must be a very patient soul. IT guys/gals always get beat up on when something goes wrong.

      And you’re right about Wednesday being equidistant from the weekend. Almost there, now!

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    1. Back in ancient times?
      Actually, internet was just really becoming a ‘thing’ when I was in Elementary. I remember we had our first computer class in grade five and that seemed so weird to me at the time. Now my nieces and nephews are 2 and 3 and 4 and they can use technology better than I can! What a world we’ve gotten to.

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      1. I think children of the future will be born “wired” to the internet which will eventually develop into a true connective single mind – which we all can tap into now but it just takes meditation and hard work. There’s a book there…

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  2. Well, I feel better that I wasn’t the only one that believe Wednesday was spelt that way! Even now I have to think about it because I spelt it wrong for so long. Thanks for making me feel less like a weirdo…LOL
    My husband doesn’t get it!

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  3. Isn’t the English language fascinating? “Wednesday” is a crazy one; it also blew my mind that it was spelled the way it was when I was younger! Hope you get over the mid-week hump at work!

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  4. It just occurred to me – that since we pushed all of the services we are dependent on into the cloud, we are a lot safer than we once were – when we ran servers in the offices. Now the office is completely gone it’s probably even better – because the staff are distributed as well. Of course if Office365 goes down, we’re dead in the water 🙂

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  5. I love this admission! I too had my own language and pronunciations for certain words that I was very stubborn about correcting! Long story short, I have suffered a hearing loss and only hear certain tones. Even today I have trouble with some people. Working at the drive thru for Starbucks was a real challenge wearing that headset😜
    In the meantime, sit back and relax my friend! Sounds nice😎

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  6. I’m one of those I.T. ‘guys’ that used to get into long calls and/or work nonstop for ‘the fix’. Just enjoy the break 😉 I remember some clients/customers before would have that look in their face as if to say, ‘don’t fix it right away’ lol

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    1. I thought about it. But, my boss kept phoning me and I definitely had to answer. I don’t think he’d have been too impressed if I didn’t. I’d be like ‘Sorry! Time of crisis, I decided it best if I just remove myself from the situation and go back to bed.’

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      1. It’s 5am and I haven’t gone to bed yet. This has been my sleep schedule all week…. I need to join video game anonymous if one exists. Cannot stop playing Animal Crossing it’s bad man. Ever since I’ve unlocked the terraforming tool I was like whoa, there’s options now! Things haven’t been the same since.

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