Today things.

I gave myself a pep talk today. I told myself that I could move furniture on my own, that I don’t need help and that I am strong enough to do it. Then I proceeded to move furniture.

Now I sit here feeling sorry for myself. I sprained my wrist, dropped the corner of the night stand on the navicular bone of my foot and have developed a whole slew of brand new bruises.

Perhaps I overestimated my abilities.


40 thoughts on “Today things.

    1. Thank you. I guess maybe next time I should think about asking for help before I go ham on trying to move a fully together wooden bed with mattress. lol

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  1. I feel like the last line and hashtag are sending different messages. But you were right. You DID move the furniture. WITHOUT help. Badass.

    btw, I uh, sprained my wrist earlier this week getting out of bed. These things happen.

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    1. Oh man, it’s like the worst feeling having a sprained wrist. Am I wrong? It’s not overly painful but it’s like a gnawing pain that doesn’t go away. Also, it’s your wrist and since you use your hands a lot during a day, the gnawing pain is that much more annoying.

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      1. Yeah, I never noticed how many things I roll my wrists for. It’s like having a cracked rib, it hurts a little but ALL the time. I’ve been wearing a brace constantly because I can’t trust myself not to use it. Please tell me it wasn’t your dominant hand.

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      2. I’ve never had a cracked rib but I reckon it’s annoying as heck too. And yeah, it’s definitely my left hand. Oh well, I’ll survive. I might whine a lot, but I’ll survive.


  2. LOL, that first paragraph is wonderful.

    I had to do the same when I moved here, though we’re not talking furniture. I left my digital piano in my car for a week, thinking I needed help to take it out (as I’d had to put it in). Unable to find such help, I just did it myself and just about worked out OK without dropping it xD. Made me wish I’d just done it a week sooner, lol.

    Love the hashtag haha.

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    1. Use lots of ice on your wrist. Buy a shaped ice-pack if you need to, they are really really worth it. Make a huge difference to speed of healing. Eat lots of protein and vegetables.

      Something like this:

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      1. Funnily enough, I ordered a couple of things last night, one of which was an ice pack. They should get here at some point today. Living in the city has a lot of perks in that sense… 15 hour delivery.

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      2. Haha! Yeah I have to agree. Modern day delivery speeds are insane. Even since I’ve been in the South of England they’ve definitely been faster than in Scotland. I’m near to London and most people live down here, so makes sense.


  3. As an experienced amateur furniture mover with a spinal fusion, I can tell you that you are not over estimating yourself. It’s just that furniture moving is not what you usually do and it is very easy to hurt yourself. Believe me, I know. Even now I am so stupid and stubborn I move things that are way too heavy and pay for it. I think it’s what we independent types do. Take a moment, be good to yourself, warm bath, glass of wine, candles…,

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