One of “those women”…

There’s a local car dealership that’s been giving me the gears for over a month now. I wanted a new(to me) car, I can afford the new(to me) car, I applied to purchase the new(to me) car.

I applied on June 27.

This dealer, something about him just made my spidey senses tingle. I was approved for an auto loan so I waited patiently. I was told that the car was mine. I was told that it would be delivered in a matter of days. I was told A LOT of things. And this man, always had an excuse as to why today wasn’t the day and tomorrow wouldn’t be either.

I asked for the Carfax. He wouldn’t provide it to me. I asked for pictures. He wouldn’t provide them to me. I asked for warranty information. He couldn’t provide it to me.

He was… I’m not too sure what he was doing. I can speculate, but I can’t speak for certain about why he kept giving me the run around.

Fed up with waiting, I decided to write him a very vexing email on my lunch break Monday. I will say, there’s a reason why I work in Marketing/PR. When I really stop to think about my words and piece them together carefully, they’re bulletproof. When you piss me off, I’m definitely not going to yell and scream. I’m going to be frank, to the point and I’m going to remind you just how low of a tolerance I have for idiocy and lack of transparency.

Anyways… I guess I scared him?

He waited all fucking day to write me back. And when he did write me back, he offered to have a driver come and pick me up so that I could come down to his dealership to ‘talk it through’.

Because I needed to be ‘handled’. Heaven forbid a woman stand up for herself.

I kindly told him that unless there was a vehicle there, ready for me to drive off in, there was no point in me coming down to his dealership because speaking to him would be a waste of time, like it had seemingly been for the last month.

I think that made him mad.

He uhhh, well he referred to me as one of ‘those women’. He said ‘I’d be nothing but trouble’. He said ‘there’s no pleasing women like that’.

Dang. I’m happy to be one of those women. Because if standing up for myself makes me one of those women, I will choose to be one of those women each and every time.

Furthermore, if I (yes, little ole’ me) possess the ability to make the earth quake beneath his feet with a single email… if I have the ability to make him that scared with a single message, then I’m pretty damn proud. I didn’t call him names. I didn’t say a single mean thing in the email. I spoke the truth. And clearly from his reaction to my email, his customers really don’t do that often. So yeah, I am proud to have put him in his place.

Do I think it’ll stop him from pulling this bullshit on other customers? No. People like that really don’t change in life. But, I do take great pride in how much discomfort I was able to provide him. And, I’m going to be even happier to purchase my car from elsewhere now. Elsewhere that’ll treat ‘those women’ as valuable customers. Elsewhere that’ll value my time. Elsewhere that’ll give me a better deal.

Until then, well… it’s a good thing that my office is working from home for the time being.

42 thoughts on “One of “those women”…

    1. I hope more people stand up to him for his BS! I’ve heard two other people say he’s done similar things to them. Somebody has to stand up to him eventually!

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  1. Hell yeah you said and did your thing!! Stand firmly in your power girlfriend. Don’t let anybody give you the run around. I’m from a family of car dealerships and it’s the guys like you dealt with who give the business a poor name. My Dad was and is a phenomenal and fair guy. I was in the service department because, I love helping people not selling them. He will have to live with his actions towards you and i’m sure countless others. Some people just move through life with blinders on. You don’t. Live in truth, decency and self proclaiming power🔥🔥🔥

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    1. Interesting to learn that about your dad! And that you worked in the service department! I’m sure that you know all the things that car dealers try to do to customers. I bet you and your dad have heard it all from customers over the years!

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      1. Oh boy have we 😆 my Dadis so old school 2 he’s almost 87. I really like the back end, after the sale part because I want to make sure folks can get what they need out of the car they purchased. My sister worked in accounting and payables. My Mom ran the office. We had a small dealership before the big highway ones ran tbe lil Mom and Pop places out. My entire life up until I was almost 30 was lived in and around a car dealership. I washed cars, worked summers and learned everything I know about people and how they tick😉

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    1. Amen to this. I could have been Bill Gates and it probably would have still been trying on my patience. That being said, a month? lol. It’s not like I’m buying a Bugatti and it’s hard to get imported. He just didn’t care about me or my business. lol

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  2. Nice. You’re really impressive when you’re… well, a lot of the time, really. But you bought a car without seeing the vehicle history or warranty? That… does not sound like you.

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    1. I didn’t buy the vehicle. I’m going elsewhere to purchase the vehicle now.
      I wouldn’t have signed the paperwork without inspecting the vehicle first. My father and brother’s would disown me if I were that stupid. lol

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    1. It was a favour to a friend that I purchase from this place. Their boss, this guy I wrote the email too, was the one screwing me around. I finally just said to my friend ‘You know what I’m not waiting anymore.’ That’s when I wrote his boss the nice email and decided I’m going elsewhere.


    1. The entire premise of being a difficult woman because you’re willing to stand up for yourself is so fucking crazy to me. It shouldn’t be an issue for a female to use her voice. I am, however, glad to hear there are more women who aren’t afraid of stupid assholes like this car dealership idiot. Thanks for sharing!

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  3. Depending on what it is, will depend if I will die on that hilltop. Or let my partner fight it.

    Car Dealerships, I will always die on that hill. I hate it when they try and deal with my partner. Especially because he can’t legally drive .

    On other occasions if they want to deal with the big strong man, they are welcome to. Works the other way as well. He mainly gets it when it comes to our son and he hates the term aren’t you good for looking after your son for a while. He dies on that hill

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    1. Oh, that is a good point that it happens to men too. That whole ‘oh you’re such a good dad for babysitting your child’. Like… it’s their child, they’re not babysitting, it’s called being a parent. It should not be denounced because they’re not a woman.

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  4. That’s incredible. I’m so freaking proud of you. Just reading this post somehow empowered me to stand up for myself. Yes, certain insecure men can’t deal with strong women who have the ability to fight back. I’m so thrilled that you gave him the taste of his own medicine. Keep going, girl boss!

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    1. I certainly hope that you use that voice of your sand you stand your ground and you don’t ever feel sorry for bad for it. The world needs us to stand up for ourselves. And people like this car dealership idiot fade farther an farther into the background each time we do.

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      1. I’m working on myself everyday and people like you inspire me to do better. The least we can do is stand up for ourselves, I’ll try my best to live up to it.


    1. I’m sorry that you got screwed over! I’m glad that you told them off anyway. Some people really deserve to be told. Satisfying or not, they still need to be told.


    1. Sadly there’s a lot of people like him in 2020. Maybe one day they’ll learn. I’ll probably be a grandma by then, but I have high hopes for this world!

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  5. I understand your reaction but what the hell was he doing? Surely – customer wants a car, you sell the car, you get commission. What does he get for stuffing you around apart from some little feeling of power perhaps. Little power for a little man it seems. I hope you get a great car with great service at the next place.


  6. I’m the easiest sell in the world. My husband works for Ford, so I’m going to buy one. I have had 6 Tauruses in a row, so I’m going to buy one. Yet, in this day and age I am asked if “my husband will be joining me”, or the sales person will try to talk me into a different vehicle…. What should be an exciting experience, spoiled by men. 🙂


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