A little bit of peace.

After months of infighting my uncle(F) has provided notice to our family that he will no longer continue contesting my uncle’s(K) will. He has let us know that he’s called off his lawyers and will allow the process to proceed without their trying to intervene.

The move comes after my dad made a visit to see my uncle(F) this long weekend. I’m not too sure what happened, but whatever my dad said it seems to have worked.

Hopefully this means the arguing, the name calling, the nasty emails, the nasty phone calls, the everything can stop.

Hopefully, fingers crossed, the lawyers can continue fulfilling my uncle’s(K) final wishes. Hopefully the only lawyers to be involved from here on out are the one’s trusted with fullfilling my uncle’s(K) final wishes. Hopefully there’s no more fighting. Hopefully people choose to remember my uncle(K) for the incredible man he was, rather than how much money he made.

20 thoughts on “A little bit of peace.

  1. Good to hear that the drama has [hopefully] lifted. Did you ever get that sympathy card in the mail, or did it get lost lost?

    I lost my uncle in June…June 27, 2020. I wasn’t very close to him though, he was my mom’s older brother, but it’s still sad nonetheless. There was no funeral due to the pandemic, and they decided to spread his ashes across Canada… in lakes and rivers. Places where he liked to visit. He was a traveler and could never stay in one place for too long. 🦋

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    1. I think the card may have gotten lost? It never showed up. At least not before I moved.

      I’m so sorry for the loss of your Uncle. It’s so tough, even if you’re close to someone or not, not being able to provide them a funeral/memorial. That sounds like a really nice way to honour him, though. I bet that would make him very happy.

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      1. Ah man, that sucks. You try to do something nice only for it to get lost in the end…. so ironic isn’t it?

        Before my uncle died he requested that his ashes be spread around. And maybe plant a few trees as well. My aunt is planning to move because she doesn’t want to live in that house that the built. I honestly don’t blame her for wanting to move. I like the idea of using the ashes to plant trees.

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    1. Thank You ❤
      I'm really hoping that people can just simmer down and quit with the fighting. Money is not that important in the grand scheme of things!

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    1. They really, really do! I know my family isn’t the only to have to deal with this situation. It just seems like adding unnecessary pain to an already stressful situation. I wish people would just simmer down and let their loved ones rest in peace.


  2. Hallelujah V!!! This news makes my heart so happy for you and your family. Your uncle is smiling upon you all now. There’s something so intricately sad when family fights over money. Great news❤

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