Drama in the neighbourhood

I live in a private neighbourhood. It’s nothing like those gated neighbourhoods you see in the USA that have guards at the front or anything, but it’s definitely a secluded neighbourhood. There’s a big sign at the front that says ‘Private Property’ and another that says ‘Residents only beyond this point’.

This place is… as far as Canadian neighbourhoods go, very secure, so to speak. The common areas have cameras in them. Even the mailboxes have a camera pointed at them. I rent this place, so the landlord forwards messages on from the Home Owners Association and the messages lead me to believe that they literally have eyes in the back of their heads. Honestly, nothing happens here without them finding out. They know everything.

The past couple of days there’s one particular house in this neighbourhood that has had vehicles parked at it from California and Nevada. This is obviously curious due to the fact that the Canadian/US border has been closed to non-essential travel since March. Furthermore, travellers coming into the country legally are required to isolate for 14 days upon getting here, and these people definitely have not been quarantined.

Late last night some police cars showed up at their house. I’m not really surprised. With the fact that the HOA knows everything and sees everything around here, I reckon they probably reported these people.

Since I love drama so darn much I decided to sit out on the stoop and listen to all the drama unfolding a few houses down.

Okay, so there’s a few points to note here:

  • As of June 9th immediate family members are allowed into Canada to reunite with their family. This is not for leisurely travel, this is specific to reuniting with your family members that you have not seen due to the pandemic
  • There is a stipulation that if you are coming into the country you are quarantined for a minimum of 14 days upon entry into Canada. It’s a mandate from the federal government
  • If you are visiting immediate family, you are required to be in Canada for a minimum of 14 days before travelling again. This stipulation being place so that, if someone comes to Canada and is sick, they can give themselves the necessary time to hopefully recover before they travel elsewhere and spread the virus there as well

The police showed up to ask these people where they’re from, why they’re here and how long they’re staying. Given that they drove here, and that there’s been a large influx of American tourists using the ‘driving to Alaska’ excuse as a means to skirt the border policy and come to Canada for a holiday, it’s kind of just them doing their due diligence to make sure these people are legally allowed to be here and following the Canadian requirements to limit transmission of the virus.

What I learned from listening to the screaming they were doing at the police officers last night:

  1. One of them called each of the police officers a pussy for caving to government control and wearing a mask
  2. They themselves refused to wear a mask when speaking to (more like yelling at) the police officers and refused to stay several feet back when the police officers asked them to step back because they weren’t willing to wear a mask
  3. They weren’t willing to provide identification to the police officers or acknowledge their relationship to the homeowner
  4. They’re not willing to quarantine for 14 days because, and I quote ‘Your stupid fucking government is far overreaching their rights in telling people to do so’.
  5. They weren’t willing to tell the police how long they intend on being here.

For reference, all they’d really have to do is acknowledge their relationship to the homeowner and provide identification. If they’re here legally, there shouldn’t really be an issue, right? On the other hand, if they told the border guards they were driving to Alaska and have decided to stop off here for a week to shop and eat and holiday then they could be in trouble.

Neither vehicle is parked outside today.

I don’t know if that means that they left, abruptly, or if they’ve just parked their vehicles elsewhere? The vehicles have been parked for a solid week and they’ve been driving around with the homeowner (I’m assuming because the homeowner has local license plates).

Could they be here legally? Totally. Could they be here illegally? Absolutely. I don’t know what’s what with them. They could be visiting immediate family members and just choosing to act hella suspicious as a means to be assholes. That being said, even if they are here legally, they have not quarantined since being in that house and told the police the 14 day quarantine period was stupid and a gross overreach of the government.

Literally, all they had to do was show their identification and acknowledge their relationship to the homeowner. Screaming at police officers on the street at 11:30 at night that the police have no right to question them and need to mind their own damn business… it was a drama filled evening, that’s for sure.

Point of note: no one is singling out Americans here. Canadians are subject to disclosing their reasons for travel when they go from province to province. It’s being done as a measure to try and stop the spread of the virus. I disclosed why I was coming here when I moved here.

54 thoughts on “Drama in the neighbourhood

  1. Wow! That’s some fucked up shit! That means they had no business in Canada. What’s worse is they are making things much harder on others physically and mentally because all that unnecessary drama is stressful on others, especially when they aren’t willing to comply wearing face masks.

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    1. “What’s worse is they are making things much harder on others physically and mentally because all that unnecessary drama is stressful on others”

      This applies to sooo many damn people in general unfortunately! 🤦‍♂️

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    2. I just don’t understand the sheer audacity to go to another country during a global pandemic, refuse to adhere to guidelines and the scream at the cops in the middle of the street after 11:00 pm proclaiming the government is infringing on their rights. It’s so… what’s the point? Why? Why? Why?

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  2. I’m American so I can say it. We are the fucking worst! This virus has brought out the absolute worst in our society. Between this and Qanon (this election cycle’s Russian ploy to destabilize and divide our society) I seriously doubt we are going to make it to 2021 in one piece.

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    1. I agree that it’s brought out the worst in people. It has here too. I just don’t understand, like if these people were going to be so much of assholes about following the rules, why did they come here? Why didn’t they stay home?

      As for the state of the US, I’m beginning to think this’ll be election with the least votes ever collected if Donald Trump has his way.

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    2. I’m afraid you’re right, @futurepilgrim. I am afraid our fellow US citizens are trying to kill us one way or another. Qanon. What a crock. Trump worship. Insane. Help!


  3. Why why why…. sigh.

    You know through my blog I have gotten to know many Americans. The majority of them are simply not unreasonable or rude (at least not in my comments section). I just don’t get it why there are some that just can’t be reasonable, especially in another country.

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    1. There’s almost like a culture of people in the United States that are just… against acknowledging the legitimacy of the virus. I agree with you, most aren’t that way. It just seems like the ones who refuse to legitimize the virus are ruining life, making everything worse for everyone.

      I also agree, if people want to visit here, legally, they should be willing to follow the rules right now. If they’re not willing, they should stay home.

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    2. Thank you! I live in NYC and I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I see people just acting as if this pandemic doesn’t exist. It’s sad that people don’t take this seriously.

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    1. I know! The police officers literally had to keep stepping back from them because they refused to put masks on their faces and were intentionally stepping forward closer and closer to the police officers. They are lucky Canadians are subdued. Stepping back might not have been the reaction of the police officers in other places in this world…

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  4. I am so sick of fucking stupid Americans! There, I’ve said it. Of course it’s not everybody, you only hear about the idiots but they act so spoiled, so entitled. Do they no realize all of these restrictions are for their own good as well as everyone else? Even if they don’t believe in the virus (some people still don’t, I guess), what is the big goddamn deal about a few minor inconveniences? What the HELL would they have done in England in WW2? Oh they make me so fucking MAD! I am so sorry your police had to deal with it, Hope they got arrested. How dare they go to someone else’s country and tell them what to do. I could go on….you know…

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    1. I’m American and I agree with you. It’s sad that there are some indignant people that feel they can and will do whatever they want, wherever/whenever they want and think, “It’s not me, it’s THEM (rest of the world) that’s fucked up.” That’s the type of thinking that’ll kill us ALL!

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  5. Sounds like you got a couple of the poster children for the Trunt Party.
    Honestly, I miss the days American tourists were just ruining our reputations by being oblivious to local culture (seriously, did Cairo *need* a McD’s and a KFC when I visited in 1993?) and wearing matching outfits. It was almost quaintly American behavior.
    This, though…Equal Rights for all, but mine are more important. That’s a problem.
    Frankly, I blame it on how we’ve managed public education. We are – clearly – releasing adults into the world without competencies in basic things like math, science and critical thinking. And the little monsters we’ve created expect the world to bend to their will, because educated or not they are *entitled* damnit.

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    1. Case in point, BTW: the word literally. We used it incorrectly more often than correctly without repercussion so now “figuratively” is one of its definitions.
      No. Stop doing that, World. Toe the line. Put us in a time out/embargo until we can behave like good global citizens.

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  6. The sheer ignorance of Americans as a whole is astounding. I see it every day and it is why we are in such a tough bind, along with the federal government not stepping up.

    Those people should be ousted and sent back to where they came from if you ask me, if not simply for their horrendous attitude.

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    1. I hope they do go home. I have nothing against tourism when there’s not a global pandemic, but right now I really don’t want people coming here ‘just because’, you know what I mean?


      1. I totally understand. People are still relatively safe travelling locally. Why cant they just do that? That’s what I’ll be doing this fall. I’m not leaving Missouri but I can still have some R&R.


  7. I probably share some of their thoughts about government overreach in principle, although I’ve come to accept the need for safety precautions right now. HOWEVER, when you are in another country (as these people were assuming they were Americans), you respect their government and their culture. Period. Other countries aren’t necessarily built on the same political philosophy as yours. If you think your own government is overreaching, do something about it at home, but if you think another country’s government is overreaching, don’t go there. That’s what I think. These people are out of line.

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    1. That’s what I don’t understand, if they think our rules are stupid, why bother coming here? It’s a whole lot easier for Canadians to travel to the states right now, given the lack of restrictions there. If they actually were here to see immediate family, and they’re that against the rules, why wouldn’t they have the immediate family come see them?

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  8. Sometimes I hate being an American. Not because I’m unpatriotic or because I don’t want to acknowledge how lucky and privileged I really am. But because there are so many outspoken morons out there who are also labeled “American” who give the rest of us a bad name. I mean, I’d like to be optimistic and believe that the majority of the American people would be, at the very least, respectful of the regulations that have been put in place due to the global pandemic. But the respectful ones aren’t the ones who get caught on someone’s live Instagram. It’s just the ones who ignorantly refuse to adhere to any sort of safety precautions because it infringes on their “human rights.” People are the worst.

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    1. I understand. It’s tough to be categorized in the same manner as people who are so… arrogant and ignorant.

      I just want to point out that I do not believe in any way that all Americans are the same. I just believe these particular Americans went out of their way to be assholes in a situation where it wasn’t warranted or necessary.

      The ‘infringes on my rights’ argument is something that drives me crazy. It comes from a place of privilege and ignorance. It’s hard for me to believe anyone has a leg to stand on when their argument is ‘I deserve the right to get sick and make other people sick if I want to’.

      I also shudder thinking about the day this argument turns from ‘you can’t make me wear a mask’ to ‘you can’t make me get a vaccine’.

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  9. I remember getting really drunk and ending up in BC. Someone said there’s strip clubs. They also said that about Nova Scotia. There’s a different rationale while intoxicated. Anyways, I was in this trunk of this car. Haha. It alarmed them. They were very nice. Yeah. I had a wonderful time.

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      1. Yeah. It just reminded me of that. I’ve had like a dozen chances to go to Canada after. I turned them all down. More, out of embarrassment because I was—. I’d get a free pass a lot from your police because of my fancy job. I had a stressful job and when I had time off we’d get very wild.

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  10. I’m glad they’ve left (or seem to have left) but the fact remains that the rules apply to everyone. What is this world coming to when people are so disrespectful? It’s gives us (Americans) a bad name and I’m sorry. I am not this way, but I am American. We are not all the same as what you witnessed. Honest!

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    1. I know that all Americans aren’t like this. And I certainly hope you didn’t think I was singling you out. Because I definitely believe in and know of a lot of good hearted, really amazing people who are American. Sadly, the ones that command the attention are the arseholes.


  11. So as an American, I now feel like you have been introduced to America in a pandemic. Most people are fine, but there is that super vocal, out-there group of people who totally refuse to do anything they are asked. I just don’t get it and it is why we will never be virus free here?? It is so infuriating to those of us who are doing what we are asked. So sorry you had to witness the worst of the worst we have to offer…

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    1. I feel like people who act in that way are holding us back. They’re the reason this hasn’t been curbed yet. They’re the reason why the curve hasn’t been flattened. We were always going to need a vaccine. But, the fact of the matter is, we could be in a lot better of a position right now if people just simmered down and did their part. You know? People like you who do the right things. I feel for you when there’s people propagating the myth that this is all a hoax to gain government control.

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